Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy serves the purpose of letting you know how your personal and private data will be collected by heythererobyn.com and how it will be used and secured. 

Here on heythererobyn.com (and most other websites across the web) cookies are used to collect data on your browsing and internet-ing behaviours. These cookies do not collect any personal information like names, addresses, phone numbers. Instead, they collect your traffic to this website, browsing habits and demographics. In doing this the cookies allow me to keep on top of the traffic to my website using Google Analytics and allows me to continue to provide content that is enjoyed by my target demographic and those who are regularly visiting my blog. You are reminded of the use of cookies by heythererobyn when you access this blog, but you also may be able to disable cookies depending on the browser you are using.

Further, heythererobyn.com has a number of widgets available from third-party hosts such as Instagram and Bloglovin. Although the hosts of these widgets are currently abiding by the GDPR rules and regulations and have their own privacy policy available on their website it is important to note that heythererobyn has nothing to do with any privacy issues which may come up in the future on behalf of these third-party hosts. 

Lastly, as mentioned above heythererobyn.com uses Google Analytics a major third-party service which collects data as mentioned above in the cookies section. Just as the information collected by cookies is used, I am able to use the information collected by Google Analytics to make sure I am publishing the very best content that is of interest to my viewers. Further by collecting traffic patterns to create a media kit which gives figures of traffic, but does not mention any personal information of anyone who chooses to look on heythererobyn.com. 

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