Hopes for The Future

Hopes for The Future

The world has truly gone to crap, hasn't it? I never really thought I'd be written a blog post about the world being on lockdown, our country on the verge of quartering all of us in our homes and me working from home and socially distancing myself from friends and family. It's quite a scary place out there right now and I among most people have had my fair share of moments of doubt, over-thinking, freaking out and well, crying, I'm not going to lie, but I am a pretty positive person. Whenever I am going through something scary, sad or upsetting I try to find the silver lining, I know, most people would say it's cliche and being a positive person in times like this just isn't feasible, or is naive, but I think it's important. We need to be reminded that there is still good out there in the world, there is brightness ahead, there are good times still to come. I've been trying to think of what society can take from this, the positives I hope we as a world take into the future with us, here is my hopes for the future, post-COVID-19. 

- People are more grateful for life
- People continue to be efficiently hygienic 
- People have a new lease for life
- People continue to take care of those more vulnerable than them
- People appreciate the time they have with loved ones more
- Fast fashion ends
- People travel with much more caution 
- People appreciate the places they travel to rather than sit in hotels and experience through phone screens
- The NHS does not go private
- The appreciation for our health care system and those who keep it running continues
- Over-consumption becomes a thing of the past
- WFH becomes a regular thing that employers allow for disabled, pregnant and other people who need it 
- People continue to indulge in new found hobbies and interests 
- We appreciate our health and wellbeing more than ever
- People continue to run, walk, hike and do things that isn't sitting on a phone or laptop (ironic ikr?) 
- Children go back to school happy and filled with stories of their time off
- People are happy to go back to work and find love in their jobs
- Restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs open and we celebrate life once again
- Everyone gives the loved ones they couldn't see the biggest hug and kiss

There are a million more I am sure, but right now I am tired and I still have to be up early tomorrow for work... even if it's from the comfort of my make-shift office in my bedroom. I want to enjoy the rest of my night disconnecting from the real world and the chaos that's happening by watching some tv with my mum on Mother's Day, something I can do that many can't right now and that I am endlessly grateful for. Before you worry, I live with my parents and have no choice but continue to stay here and both my parents are quite young and perfectly healthy, so don't fall into the category of vulnerable and I could not be more happy about that and grateful for it. I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. 


  1. Lovely blog post. It's definitely a really weird time and I know for sure that I will not be taking certain things like being able to get out and about for granted. Love your jacket by the way!!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  2. You have a lot of very beautiful hopes for the future!
    Best wishes and hopes for your wishes and hopes to come true!
    P.S.: you look fabulous in your photo above.



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