Is There a Blogger Mould and Should I Try to Fit It?

Is There a Blogger Mould and Should I Try to Fit It?

So, I took a day off posting on Wednesday, I wasn't feeling the post I had set to go up, I love it and want to get it up, but it just didn't feel ready yet. Deciding not to post sent me into a frenzy, my stomach cramped, I over thought the idea for about an hour: do I post it when it's not exactly what I want it to be and leave it at that or do I take a day off and continue to only post content that makes me proud and feels perfect to me? I questioned if I would lose followers if my blog would begin to go downhill again, if people would take me seriously as a blogger, since Wednesdays are usually my days for beauty content, I wondered if missing a beauty post would put people off my blog. It wasn't until later that night when I sat down and looked at my stats only to see them still at the same traffic levels as they always have been that I realised, does it really matter if I miss days? Should I be in that state of panic anytime I miss a posting day? I mean, do schedules even matter? 

It all got me thinking about this mould that the blogging community has somewhat created of what a blogger looks like and what a blogger does and how blogs look etc and I began to think, "jeez, I really don't fit the mould, do I?" That then got me worrying some more, maybe that is why I'm finding it hard to get past my current follower figures on Twitter, Instagram etc, maybe that's why I don't get the opportunities other bloggers get, maybe my lack of mould fitting means I don't look like a real blogger, maybe it makes me look like a bad blogger... maybe I am a bad blogger. Can you tell I get a little dramatic from time to time? Sometimes I question why I'm not an actress with my ability to create drama from nothing. It's a valid question though... should I try to fit the mould? Will it bring me new found blog popularity? Will it result in a boost in followers and readers? Will all the brands want to work with me? 

Is There a Blogger Mould and Should I Try to Fit It?

The thing is I don't actually know if I want to fit the so-called blogger mould. My mum always told me to embrace my unique characteristics and be happy to be me even if I am a pear in a world full of apples. I mean, should my content look exactly like the next bloggers? Should I pay £40+ for my template like everyone else does just so I am like everyone else instead of sticking to my love of £10 Etsy templates that I actually prefer? Should I force myself into doing street style photographs when I'm not 100% comfortable with it just yet because everyone else is doing it? Should I buy the 'it' bag I don't like just so I can post it on my Instagram, do the Instagram feed theme everyone is doing even though it makes my skin look like I have jaundice just because everyone else is doing it? My parents would always say to us as kids "would you jump off a cliff if everyone else was doing it?" and it is something I remind myself of when I fall into these frenzies. I shouldn't do things I am not comfortable with, ready for, or just don't like because everyone else is doing it, I should embrace being me and maybe one day it will become my USP. 

I mean, I am not saying I am unique as a blogger, but for the most part, I try not to compare myself to others, I do my own thing, post content I am proud of, post on my scheduled days because they are my best traffic days and just do what suits me. I mean, each and every single blogger out there has their own USP, their own characteristic allowing them to stand out from the crowd, some have found it, some are yet to discover it and many use it to propel their blog into the mainstream. It's something I truly admire, but when I am sat here in Scotland, not doing street style posts, sticking to the content I enjoy, not buying new luxury bags or having a never-ending PR basket, sometimes I wonder, is there a mould and would it be easier if I just fit it? If I lived in London, did street style posts, had 10 Chanel bags, bought everything the minute it was released, would I be more popular? I have to remind myself that this mould probably doesn't even exist and I am making it up myself based on my insecurities about my blog. I am sure living in London probably does give bloggers an edge, all the cool events are there, they are close to a billion other bloggers who they can befriend and swap photography duties with, but maybe everything else is just things I have decided equal a good blogger, myself. What if the blogger mould only exists within my own mind? 

I have written a lot about comparisons on here lately and my journey to stop comparing myself to others, so what if I've created this idea of a blogger mould to compare myself to other bloggers without admitting it? I want to write my blog because I love the content I am publishing because I am passionate about writing and all things lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Since I came back from my blogger break I have found a love and a passion for blogging that I never had before, I have found that I enjoy writing the content more than I have before, my views have gone up, my comments have increased, my followers, although feel a little dormant right now are slowly rising, so doesn't this give me enough proof I am doing something right? I am happy with my journey and whether there is a blogger mould or not really doesn't matter because I am happy, right? 

Do you think there is a blogger mould or do you think our insecurities create an unreachable version that only we see? Tell me in the comments or message me on social media: 

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