How to Find The Perfect Autumnal Lipstick

How to Find The Perfect Autumnal Lipstick

Autumn is almost upon us, the leaves are beginning to change colour, the weather is cooling down, it is becoming more acceptable to wear layers and jumpers. Everyone is getting their wardrobe autumn ready by buying jackets, jumpers, boots and hats, but what about our makeup bags? We also need to get our makeup bags ready for autumn by adding our autumn shades into our bag. We all love to change it up in autumn, some of us love berry shades, others plumps, some of us will be rocking a red right through until December, others play it safe with a deeper brown then we have the daring divas rocking a burned orange throughout autumn. We all love different shades and we all have different colours that suit us based on our skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. Some people just grab a shade they think it pretty and hope it works well for them, but if you like to play it a little more safe with your autumnal lipsticks you're in the right place. It is so important to make sure we are picking up shades that are going to work for us and a lot of people forget the factors that we must think of when buying lipsticks. 

Are you cool, neutral or warm toned? This is super important when figuring out the right lipstick shade for your skin tone. We don't want to buy a lipstick and have it make us look unwell and that is exactly what picking the wrong undertoned lipstick can do to you. The easiest way to figure out your undertones is to check the veins on your wrist. Are your veins green and purple? Congrats, you're neutral toned. If they are more of a green then you have warm undertones and if they are bluey purple then you are cool toned. If you are cool toned you should try to go for cool toned lipsticks with blue or purple undertones as they compliment your skin tone the best. If you are warm toned you should be picking out the warmer shades, think red and pink undertones, even brown undertones work well with your skin type. Finally, if you are a lucky neutral skin tone individual then you suit anything and should be very grateful for your skin.   

How to Find The Perfect Autumnal Lipstick

Your skin tone although often defined by your undertones can also be taken into account especially when looking for your favourite autumnal shade. If you have a cool undertone with pale skin try going a little vampy with a blue toned red or a burned orange shade, even a plum would look incredible on you, but try to avoid the warmer shaded red burgundies. If you are cool toned but with a deeper skin tone then a beautiful blue toned brown would be an amazing daytime look for you while a beautiful deep purple toned red lipstick will show your features off perfectly. If you're warm toned but paler skinned maybe a beauty pinkish brown would be perfect for your daytime look while a bright firetruck red would make you look incredibly for nights out. If you are warm toned with a deeper skin tone you should definitely try a brighter or muted pink for during the day as it will make you look perfect while a red or pink toned berry for night will leave you looking like an autumnal princess. Our neutral guys, gals and non-binary pals look good in anything most of the time but brown shades always work great for neutral undertones whether you're on the paler or deeper side of the spectrum a natural brown for day and a deep even grey toned brown for night will have you look fabulous. 

We all have different opinions on what shades suit which people, but in my personal opinion your eye colour can make all the difference for what shades suit your lips. Our lips and our eyes tend to be the two main features of our face where most peoples eyes are drawn to when we converse so trying to find a lip shade that makes our eyes pop is perfect. For me, I have always loved how an orange or red plays against brown eyes well hazel eyes and green eyes look fantastic with a brown or nude lip. My best friend has the brightest blue eyes and although she doesn't like pink lipsticks I think a gorgeous pink would really make her eyes pop as does the more deep plum shades. For me, I think if you have a muted eye colour such as brown then it is always fun to go bright on the lips, bright eye colours like blue and green always work well with deeper shaded lips as the brightness is complemented by a darker and moodier lip. Maybe you're not so sure, but these are just my opinions. 

How to Find The Perfect Autumnal Lipstick

We always feel quite pressured to go out of our comfort zones in the autumn time by throwing on a moody and dark lipstick because everyone else is doing it but don't do what you don't feel comfortable with (and that goes for all walks of life). If you are much more confident in a muted berry go for a lighter shade or apply your moody plum shades with a brush and control how much is applied. You can tiptoe your way into any trend so don't worry if you're not going to go all out and have the darkest lipstick of your collection on every day of autumn, makeup is fun because it is experimental and you can try anything you want. If you don't feel confident, you don't look confident, so don't push yourself too hard. 

Like I said, makeup is fun, it is a way of expressing yourself and when you experiment you get to find shades that work for you. There are so many rules and restrictions of what is supposed to suit different skin tones, eye colours and undertones, but sometimes we just like what we try and it may not be within the rule book, but if you are happy then who cares? So many brands in House of Fraser or Debenhams will allow you to try out the lipsticks and experiment in store using cotton buds or throw away brushes to test the lipsticks. Talk to a girl in the store and try out different shades, find what you enjoy and own it no matter what the rule book says. 

So what is your favourite autumnal lipstick look? Tell me below or find me on social media for a chat: 

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