Everything's Peachy: Too Faced Foundation Review

Everything's Peachy: Too Faced Foundation Review

For most makeup fans, like myself, foundation is important. Foundation is the base for the rest of your look, if your foundation doesn't look good you can't disguise it with a good eye look or a red lip, a bad foundation is a bad look. Whether it oxidises, goes patchy, isn't the right shade, looks thick, doesn't blend, whatever, foundation covers your face and when it goes bad your entire face looks bad. That is why it is so important we find the perfect foundation, one that you know is a go-to for any occasion, works well over different skincare and under different product to provide an all-around perfect daily base to any makeup look. So, is Too Faced's Peach Perfect foundation that perfect foundation or is it another dud waiting to sit in your makeup collection for the next year before you build up the courage to chuck that £30 in the bin once and for all? 

It's not hard to see that Too Faced have some of the most gorgeous packaging around. Not only are they always so beautifully photogenic, but they are so convenient, this foundation is no different. A gorgeous pale pink and white tube with gold accents, perfect for sitting with the rest of your makeup on your makeup stand. The 48ml bottle has a gorgeous golden pump at the bottom making it super convenient to get the product out and ready for application. The pump itself releases a pretty good amount of product, pictured below which usually gives good coverage over two-thirds of the face with an extra half a pump needed to provide good, smooth and even coverage all over the face. It is quite a bulky packaging so not one to carry in the makeup bag but 48ml for £27 is something you cannot say no to. The easy to use pump does make it extremely easy to put some product in a carry tub if you felt you had to take some with you in your makeup bag. 

Everything's Peachy: Too Faced Foundation Review

As mentioned above, I use roughly a pump and a half in order to get a good, even coverage across my entire face. I have used this foundation with both a damp beauty blender and my Magnitone BlendUp electronic makeup brush and both times it has given an even, smooth and medium coverage. The foundation is very easy to work with giving a soft subtle peachy scent as it sinks into the skin. It has a traditional foundation feel to it, nothing special and doesn't dry too quickly or look cakey. Instead, it provides a semi-matte finish, I say semi instead of entirely matte as it does have a slight sheen to it, more of a natural glow than a greasy look, however, so if you aren't into an entirely matte finish this foundation shouldn't be a problem. I don't necessarily feel like I have to use powder, but I also don't feel like I would have to add definition to my face with highlight. It covers small blemishes, however more red toned spots could do with concealer well light purple toned eye bags cover pretty well. 

I have tried some foundations (Urban Decay All Nighter) that after a couple of hours wear oxidise and leave me looking like an orange, I have tried other foundation (Maybelline Fit Me) that have gone very patchy after an hour or so wear. This foundation, however, has none of these issues. After a few hours wear, I feel like it still looks exactly as it did when I first put it on, a sign of a good foundation. I have worn this foundation on countless occasions and it always seems to stay put whether I have added my All Nighter setting spray on top or not. With All Nighter, it has lasted perfect four around 8 hours, without it lasts around 6 before my chin starts to look a little bare. My chin is my telltale sign for a good foundation, it is a problem area for me and holds a lot of grease despite a good diet and skincare regime. It is the area I look to straight away while testing products. 

Everything's Peachy: Too Faced Foundation Review

On top of this, the foundation doesn't separate or sink into lines. My go-to drugstore foundation will always be L'Oreal's True Match but after a few hours, it begins to sink into lines whereas this product doesn't even after a full days wear. It seems to stay smooth and soft all day while I sometimes forget I have foundation on because of how light it feels on the skin, in fact, my skin feels very close to naked with this foundation on despite its medium coverage. I wear natural beige and it seems to suit my post-summer tanned skin perfectly making me look perfectly natural and sunkissed even after a few hours wear. I don't feel like I have to top up my foundation at all throughout the day unless it is an extremely long day and my chin has decided to get slippy and ruin my makeup. 

The only problem I have with this product is the online store, the shades do not match the shades pictured in the slightest. I am shade natural beige and if you looked at the shade pictured you would not think it suited someone with olive skin. I would definitely recommend you pop to your local counter and get colour matched before you buy. Plus, I do think they could do with a wide range of shades, there seem to be a lot of pale, pasty white shades available. 

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think? Also, let me know if you like this categorised style review, I want to try out a new way of reviewing products. Comment below or catch me on social media: 

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