August Aspirations

August Aspirations

It's August. It is official. I can be excited about the colder months coming their way. I can talk about autumn and winter, I can even maybe, just maybe, bring up the C word without getting the side eye. If you know me, you know that from August until February is my time. I am someone who enjoys each season as it comes, but I do have a soft spot for the colder months. N-O-T-H-I-N-G in this world beats December and the months that lead to December are wonderful too. August to me, always means a time for goal setting, a time for a change, a time for aspirations and finding new inspirations. I think it is because as a child it's ingrained into you that August and September are the starting back school months. This year actually is the first year in 17 years where I won't be going back to education and it feels both terrifying and wonderful all at once. I feel like an adult, but also like a toddler who is learning to walk.

It's like all my life I have been following this straight and narrow path and now it's not opened up onto a cross-road but actually, a motorway, straight onto a motorway with cars driving full speed ahead and I have to figure out where to go from here. I can continue across the motorway, risk being knocked down, risk having some setbacks, or I can continue down the grass at the side of the motorway waiting around for someone to offer me a ride to where I want to go or wait about by the grassy side until I become comfortable enough to just set up camp and stay on this side of the road forever. For me, two of these options are not for me, I am way too ambitious for my own good, trust me, when I put my mind to something, it happens. So, the option I am left with is to cross the road, to take my future into my hands and see what's across the road. Yes, I will have setbacks, yes, I may cry, throw tantrums, I may even regret stepping my foot into the road, but I'll never know unless I try. Since I am taking this step, I want to put some goals down on the table for myself, goals I want to complete by the end of August. 

GOAL ONE: Own My Skills
I find it hard to be like "Hi, I am Robyn and I am good at..." I don't know if it's from growing up with three older sisters where I always felt intimidated so say I was good at anything because one of them was always better, or maybe it's because I have a fear of coming across overconfident and cocky. I struggle when it comes to being my own hype man and I want to change this, I want to be able to turn to someone and say "Yeah, I am skilled at running social media accounts" or "I adore writing, I am really quite skilled in the area". I even struggle to tell people that I'm ambitious and hard-working because it sounds too cliche even though I am both those things. This month I want to be able to network with people and say "Well my skills in that area are quite extensive" without cringing into my hand. 

August Aspirations

GOAL TWO: Compare Less
Lately, I have been finding it rather difficult to not compare myself to others. I don't know what has gotten into me as I'm usually not so quick to compare, but lately, I do it all the time. It could be my blog, my looks, my skillset, my goals, my aspirations, even silly things like my favourite things I am suddenly comparing to others and wondering if I am smart enough, pretty enough, sensible enough, ambitious enough, good enough. It is such a silly thing to do because every single person is different. No two people are the same and so our stories will be different, our likes, dislikes, our careers, our faces, everything will be different and we can co-exist without one of us feeling bad about it. 

GOAL THREE: More weekend movies
I majorly struggle with turning it off. I am always on, always thinking, working, blogging, doing something and I find it hard to actually switch it off. The best way I have found myself being able to switch off, even for a couple of hours is through watching a movie. Last weekend I watched You've Got Mail and Pretty Women, the weekend before it was Notting Hill and When Harry Met Sally. Each Saturday I want to switch off for a couple hours and watch a movie then repeat with a different movie on Sunday. Even just a couple of stress-free hours where I don't think about anything but the movie will help my overly anxious brain. 

GOAL FOUR: Stress less
I recently wrote a blog post all about my learning process when it comes to accepting everything cannot be perfect. It's been going well but sometimes I do still find myself on the floor crying and stressed over something that either 1) I have no control over or 2) that does not deserve the stress. I am trying to accept that my best is good enough and stop myself from stressing constantly about the smallest and most unremarkable things in life. Throughout August I want my stress levels to reduce even further and for me to just be happy and accepting of my best.

GOAL FIVE: Say Yes More
I definitely think I say no to new opportunities far too often. Especially over the past year, I seem to have become a little hermit who stays home all too often. It began around the time my nephew passed away. I seem to be uninterested in being sociable and trying new things, but I know it is something I have to power through. I want to try new things and be open to new opportunities, expand my horizons a little more because doesn't that make life a thousand times more interesting? 

So, what are your aspirations for August? Do you have any goals for the month that motivates us the most? Tell me below or chat with me over on social media

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