Why Success isn't a One Size Fits All

Why Success isn't a One Size Fits All

I once knew a person where everything they did was a competition. They got good grades to compete with others in their class, they bought social media followers to have more than the Twitter fan club but something was missing; happiness. They stalked the girls they competed with on social media like they were prey and cheered inside anytime they stumbled or had a setback and it made them feel good, but only for a while. Truth be told it came down to their own personal unhappiness because they were successful but not in the ways which lit a fire in their soul, they successful conventionally but for all the wrong reasons and because of that they lost sight of what they wanted to succeed at. Succeeding in the conventional lifestyle wasn't what they wanted and that's okay, success is not a one size fits all. 

If you looked down my list of accomplishments you'd say I have been successful in a conventional way: bachelors degree - check, masters degree - check, ran a blog for four years - check, but to some people, my accomplishment list sounds boring and bland. Other people's accomplishment list reads more like "Climbed a mountain - check, visited 12 countries - check" or "bought a house - check, had two kids - check, a successful marriage - check." The thing is we all have different ideas of what we want from life and who we want to be, so why is it constantly made out that we have to be A students who never make a mistake and do well academically and have a successful career? That may be the dream for some of us but it's not the dream for all of us. I know people who believe success is having a happy family and a successful relationship with their other half, does that make them any less successful than those of us who are conventionally successful? No, but they are made to feel like they are.

Why Success isn't a One Size Fits All

Sometimes success is a day-to-day lifestyle, being able to wake up each morning and take the day on is the success story of some. I feel like we are always succeeding in the little and big things we do, as years go by we have succeeded in a lot of ways we may not even be fully aware of. Our successes are the little and big things we do that make us happy and isn't that how everyone wants to succeed? In being happy and living their life the way that makes them happy to be alive and wake up every day. Over the graduation period I have been witness to a lot of "I graduated with a first class honours degree", "I got a 2:1 in my honours and I am so pleased with myself" and these tweets and Instagram captions although are amazing, you should celebrate your successes and shout your achievements from the rooftop, but these comments can leave others feeling unaccomplished and like they failed. Just the other day I read a tweet by someone who never graduated university but they accomplished a happy lifestyle where they beat cancer, had a beautiful family and are now starting their own business from home and I'd say that is a greater success story than most.

I'd say the one factor making people feel even more guilty about their lack of conventional success is the Kylie Jenner story. You're not a 21 year old billionaire but you also didn't get a foot in the door from your famous family. You didn't have the money to start a company that Kylie did and you didn't get to hire all the top players in the game. Yes, Kylie is successful, she took that foot in the door and instead of getting timid and scared she broke the damn door down and I am not discrediting her success, but your story is different. Your story is unique and your story is your story so succeeding in whatever you want to and screw what other people have to say about it.

We have to stop living in this bubble where conventional success is the only success. Not everyone wants to go to university, not everyone wants a 9-5 job, not everyone wants a job, some people want to wake up happy in the morning. So if you didn't go to university or you didn't start a company at 19, remember that your success story is just as great as those who did because you lived by your own rules of what it means to succeed and your success made you happy so what does it matter?

So, what is your biggest success story? Do you have any unconventional success stories that people should know you are proud of. Comment and tell me or catch me over on social media: 

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