Innovative Face Mask Powder?!

Innovative Face Mask Powder?!

Face masks are wonderful creations. They relax you, they set you up for the week ahead, they purify, they hydrate, they cleanse. They may as well do your taxes because once you've done a face mask you feel like a whole new person ready to take the world by storm. I adore face masks, I try to do them twice a week and love to multi-task and switch up my mask depending on the needs of my skin that day. I don't think I have ever come across a face mask I have not completely fallen head over heels in love with and what I love even more than a good face mask is innovative products. I adore when brands step outside the confined square of "this is what a product looks like, this is what it should include and this is how you use it". So, when Nask got in touch with me to try out their innovative powder masks you bet your bottom dollar I was like "yes please and thank you." 

You may be aware of my move towards being a more conscious consumer and when it comes to skincare I feel it is where we should all start. Skincare should be packed full of natural products and a good organic or cruelty-free/vegan drop in the description usually just leaves me wanting more. So when I read into Nask and their brand I was very pleased to discover that they are a purely natural brand who do not test on animals, include parabens in their products and definitely do not use chemicals when creating their gorgeous masks. They are a very new brand which I adore collaborating with, I love working with new, unknown and niche brands because they tend to need that little bit more of a boost, especially when their products are incredible. 

Innovative Face Mask Powder?!

Nask does three gorgeous masks; Chocolate Honey Radiance, Black Lava Charcoal Cleansing and Hydrating Milk. What makes these masks different from your traditional Origins or The Body Shop mask is that they come as a powder, yes powder. So what you do is drop a little powder into a bowl, a Tupperware dish, whatever and then add equal amounts water, swirl and mix, leave for a minute and then apply. What is amazing about this is that they don't age, the one negative about face masks is that sometimes you own too many and before you know it your mask is stiff as a rock and out of date. With these powders they age a thousand times better, not toughness, no roughness, you make the amount you need and leave the rest of the powder until next time. I love that as I couldn't tell you the last time I actually finished a face mask and half a tub didn't end up in the bin because it got tough and went out of date before I finished it. Nask were kind enough to give me a set of all three products in luxury sample jars, but I am almost certain these will last me another month despite the constant usage. 

I have been using these masks twice a week now for almost a month rotating between the masks in order to fully reap the benefits of each. The first one I sampled was the Black Lava Charcoal Cleansing Mask. I used this one around the time of my period, my pores were clogged and my skin was feeling the brunt of my hormones. The first time I tried the mixing shindig I definitely added too much water then too much product then too much water again and it resulted in far too much product by the time I got the balance perfect. This mask is a black powder, it can be pretty messy and once it is on your face it is of course very visible, I accidentally terrified by niece while wearing it. It has a very clean scent to it which for a cleansing mask is always a good sign. After the first use, my skin didn't have a dramatic change, it felt cleaner, I felt a little less oily in my t-zone and my pores looked a little less inflamed. 

Throughout my time using this mask I have seen a decrease in spots and impurities particularly around my chin area where I get the majority of my spots, my pores have become close to invisible and I have barely seen a blackhead on my nose. I really adore this mask, it reminds me a lot of The Body Shop's Himylian Charcoal mask must without the exfoliant element. The next masks of the three I opted to try out was the Chocolate Honey Radiant mask, this was the mask I was most excited for. I was feeling stressed and my skin had lost all its glow, I was definitely not radiant. So I mixed up some of the product and slathered it onto my face, it is a brown shade which when drying looks almost like a really bad fake tan job but it smells like actual chocolate. After the first use, I really didn't see a difference.
Innovative Face Mask Powder?!

It wasn't until I had tried this product about 4 times that I really started to see a bit more of an inner glow coming from my face. It could best be described as a glow from within that just makes you look like you are winning in life. The last mask I checked out was their Hydrating Milk Mask, the mask I was most interested in and the one I had the most difficulty with. I had a lot of trouble mixing this mask, no matter how much powder I added it was much more runny and watery than the other two and looked clear on the face. I honestly thought I wasn't doing it right but each and every time it was the same, a sheer gleam on the skin that if I stood up it felt might drip off. Over time I did begin to see a little difference, I don't really have dry skin during summer so I can't comment on the effect it has on that but my skin was feeling much more supple and soft, it felt like I had been sticking to my water target each day (probably didn't most days). I was quite shocked it seemed to still benefit my skin considering how much I assumed it was not applying properly. 

Overall, I did use all of these masks during the four-month period so there may be some overlapping on which masks did what to my skin, but I continued to take photos after each mask to keep a record and I am almost certain I correctly identified the benefits my skin received from each. I didn't use any other face masks but continued with my current skincare regime (read here) so all benefits most likely came from the masks as I have been using the same skincare products for around two months now so they've already shown their benefits to me. I have loved testing these products, I feel like they are amazingly innovative and quirky and I would definitely purchase full-size products once my minis run out.

So, what do you think? Are these masks a gimmick or are they innovative and different? Tell me in the comments or come chat with me on social media: 

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