How to be Productive When You're not Feeling it

How to be Productive When You're not Feeling it

There are some people out there in the world who will tell you being productive all the time is easy, it's a breeze and not something you have to work at. Those people are liars and they are the worst kind of liar because they're only lying to you so you feel bad about your unproductive days and so they can look like they're better than you aka the worst. Being productive all the time is literally impossible, we all have to take days off, blow off steam, take a step back and relax and let our brains switch off, no one is productive every second of every day, if they are, they're a robot and the revolution is on its way. Sometimes you're unproductive for a reason, a very good reason, you need rest, when this happens, take the weekend off, relax, chill out, let yourself take a breather. There are other times when we are unproductive just because of it easy and you should never be that person, instead, you could...

Here me out on this one, it's not your typical to-do list, write all your tasks on the left side of the sheet and on the right side name one reason you should get this task done. Will it free up your weekend? Will it get you in the good graces with your boss to have it done early? Will it let you get an early night? Pick the top reason you should get the task done, by writing it down you are almost allowing your brain to believe it will be rewarded for doing the task and thus you'll feel more motivated to do it because you have a reason for doing it and it's written down as cold hard fact not just something you've told yourself in your head a million and one times but never took seriously. 

So you have to write a three thousand word piece, split that into four 750s. Start the first 750 words and once you've finished take a break. This break may be a break for food, for coffee or simply to deviate to another task that you find more enjoyable or that is just different in general. Doing this not only makes the workload seem smaller and more manageable but regular breaks will allow you to clear your mind and stop you thinking about the task for a long enough time that when you return to it you will be seeing it with fresh eyes and not be an overstressed mess who can't read anything on the topic without having flashbacks of that time you stress ate 12 chocolate bars because you forgot how to spell your name for a second. 

How to be Productive When You're not Feeling it

If you are able to do this one it always helps. If it is sunny outside try sitting in the sunshine for added motivation or move from your typical desk to a cafe. If you can't change your scenery due to y'know a 9 to 5 with strictly assigned work areas then play about with the layout of your desk just make some changes that mean you're not sat looking at the same area you have been every other time you've stressed out and wanted to cry. Sometimes our past experiences make us see a particular area as the area in which we freaked out or cried or failed at something, so we continue this association and it puts us off wanting to try again within that area in case it happens again. I interned at a place that regularly changed the assigned desks of the staff to increase productivity, I looked into it and it actually works for this exact reason.

Say you have five tasks to complete in a day, start with those tasks that will take the smallest amount of time. Doing this gives you the feeling of succeeding and success further motivates you. So once you're on the ball you will want to continue knocking your tasks out the park and by the time the almighty big task that you've been scared of tackling comes up you will have succeeded so much by doing the small tasks you will no longer be afraid of it. It will seem like a breeze because I mean look how quickly you completed the other four, you're a master of all trades, no one can stop you. 

I know, I know, putting your phone away in 2018? It's a crime against humanity, right? Well when you're constantly getting texts, Instagram likes and Facebook comments through to your phone then you are constantly taking your eye off the ball to see what Bethany said about meme your tagged her in or what Alan said about having dinner at the new Italian and suddenly an hour has passed and you've done absolutely no work because that meme led you to scroll through the profile and that text made you check the ratings of the website online which led you to read an article about why pasta isn't as healthy as you may think. This is a hard task to do for some, those who work in social media are at the top of the list but you can turn off notifications so you don't deviate from your tasks as much as you could have. 

What are your biggest tips for being productive even when you're not feeling it? Tell me below and don't forget you can also interact with me on my social media profiles:

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