Getting Picture Perfect with NYX

Getting Picture Perfect with NYX

We are living in the internet decade, the one that has everyone doing full on photoshoots for Instagram in the middle of busy London streets and editing birds into the background of photos of them at the Effiel tower because aesthetic is the key to a happy life, right? Well maybe it isn't but let's face it having a cohesive Instagram account can make us happy, just like reaching 200 likes on that selfie makes us grin from ear to ear. Some people are cynical and call us materialistic, silly, superficial, but who can fault a simple bit of happiness, even if it is superficial and meaningless in life's bigger picture? Isn't all happiness big and small meaningful in life? Well, I think so, so that's why I just can't wait to gush all about the best products I have found for getting that perfect Instagram picture. Not only have NYX got one of the most beautiful, subtle and picture-perfect highlights out there, but they just released new lipsticks that make your lips look airbrushed (sorry Facetune, you are not necessary here). 

A few weeks ago I was invited over to Glasgow Fort to watch a NYX masterclass where I was introduced to these wonderful products that give you that Facetuned look (blurred fingers not included). At the masterclass, the wonderful NYX counter staff showed us how to get the perfect base look with their products and the perfect summertime eye and lip look. As soon as I saw Away We Glow being used on the model I knew I just had to add it to my ever-expanding highlight collection. It took me a bit longer to fall for the Powder Puff Lippie however, it wasn't until after the masterclass when I swatched and played with the samples that I realised I just had to have one in every shade, which I narrowed down to just one to test before I buy the entire collection. Maybe you've heard of the highlight, but if you're confused about the lipstick it might be because they are brand new to NYX. 

Getting Picture Perfect with NYX

I picked Away We Glow up in Crystal Glare, a white champagne pearlescent shade, a lot lighter than I would usually go for. Due to having neutral undertones, I am lucky that I can pick up both cool and warm toned highlights, but because this highlight is a soft, muted, glow from within look I opted to go for a cool toned shade as it compliments my skin better than a warm tone when it is soft and subtle. They also have seven more shades ranging from a white sheen to a deep rose toned copper-toned shade thus a shade for everyone and every season. 

The highlight is a liquid in a tube similar to that of a liquid lipstick with a doe foot applicator perfect for getting the inner corners of eyes and getting a little line down the nose. The applicator scoops up a pretty hefty amount of product so be careful if you're applying to the inner corners or brow bone first. The product can be blended with ease with a beauty blender, a brush or your fingers and can be built upon both with another layer of the same product or by securing it in place with a powder highlight. My favourite way to apply this product is to just go in with my fingers to blend on the cheekbones as I find it can look streaky and not blend properly with a beauty blender or brush. It leaves a gleaming, glow from within look that radiates your face perfectly and looks incredible in photographs with no flashback and gleams perfectly when reflected with natural light to show it off on your Instagram feed. 

Getting Picture Perfect with NYX

Which is exactly what the NYX Powder Puff lippie is perfect for too, showing off those gorgeous puckered lips on Instagram. The innovative lipstick can sound a little scary, I mean, the words powder puff definitely give us all flashbacks to the Claire's days, am I right? Have no fear, this lipstick doesn't actually come with a fluffy, purple glittered powder puff, instead, it comes with a soft, puffed applicator wherein the product is squeezed into for application. I picked this gorgeous lipstick up in Moody, a cool-toned raspberry, plum-y shade, a much more autumn shade than a summer, but I'm in love with it anyway. This gorgeous lipstick has the ability to make your lips look completely airbrushed, no bleeding, no cracks, just pure gorgeous, blended lipstick. 

I can only fault this gorgeous lipstick in one way, it is hard to get used to and navigate. When I first used this applicator I probably looked like a child with her mum's lipstick, I didn't just overline my lips, I missed areas completely. It is a rounded, large applicator so getting used to holding it properly to get your cupids bow perfectly is a mission, but you get used to it after one or two uses. Other than that the lipstick is perfect for creating a flawless looking lip look, it isn't drying, you barely even notice it is there despite it lasting up to 4 hours without a problem even if you are eating and drinking. The product comes in a total of eight colours ranging from hot pink to a mauve, but I cannot wait for the line to be extended, I hope they add a few more nude tones as that's my go to lip look. Right now I am just loving how perfect my lips look on camera without any editing tools thanks to this gorgeous little product. 

So have you tried these lovely items or are you still to give them a go? What other NYX products do you think I should check it out. 
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