Summer Skincare Must-Haves

Summer Skincare Must-Haves

Y'know that annoying person who feels like they have the right to lecture people on things that do not affect them? The start "you do realise drinking too much coffee is bad for you, right?" before listing the health risks you already knew about but chose to reject because you're a grown adult who can make their own decisions in life. Well, I hate those people but there are three topics that turn me into that kind of person; people who don't drink coffee, people who are bad people and need to stop and skincare. Tell me you don't have a skincare regime you go through religiously every night of your life and my inner voice lets a scream out that you could probably hear. Tell me "I don't know, I just like wash my face with water in the morning haha" and I'm crying for you and your poor, dehydrated, sad skin. I mean this body I am in is hopefully going to last me a good while, I want to treat it with respect and not let it dehydrate, wrinkle, sag and go dull before its time. 

Skincare is so important that's why I am constantly switching up my skincare regime whether it be to adjust to my current skincare issues or to adjust to the weather and climate or just because I want to try some new products and see what else is out there. Right now I am using all cruelty-free products and trying to stick to natural products because 1) animal testing sucks and 2) natural products have always worked best for my skin, that's why Botanics is my number one brand for skincare, everything they create just works perfectly with my skin and that includes the four new products that I have added to my skincare regime for this humid, sunny and dehydrating summer weather. I have added Botanics All Bright with hibiscus eye makeup remover, Radiant Youth with ginkgo day and night creams as well as their Radiant Youth with ginkgo eye cream. 

Summer Skincare Must-Haves

For the most part, I use my Magnitone Wipeoff cloths to take my makeup, they are hassle-free and eco-friendly, but sometimes if I have a lot of eye makeup on or a waterproof mascara on they're just not enough. That's where the Botanics All Bright eye makeup remover comes in. It is perfect for soaking into your lashes and eyelids to easily slide off any makeup that just isn't for budging. It takes the tiniest drop of product on a cotton pad, a second to soak in and then you can wipe it off, with mascara you should just give them a little rub with the dampened cotton pad. It takes two minutes and saves you a lot of rubbing and pain when micellar waters and wipeoff cloths just aren't doing the job. The consistency, like most makeup removers, is quite greasy which isn't a feeling I love to have on my skin, but I usually cleanse straight afterwards and it easily removes the feeling. The bottle, just like all of Botanics products is really minimalistic and pretty which I love, definitely one for sitting on the bathroom sink. 

When it comes to day cream or daily moisturiser I love to find one with an SPF in it, I am terrible at forgetting to put suncream on my face. My olive skin means I rarely burn so I often forget and don't even notice, but as I've begun to read about the damage the skin can do to your skin it's really shaken me. I want to be covered from head to toe in suncream at all times. That is why Botanics Radiant Youth day cream with SPF 15 has become my staple moisturiser for this summer. Not only does it protect my skin from the sun's harmful rays but it also hydrates my skin making it feel supple and bouncy and gives a glow from within look. I have pretty average skin, a little dryness when I'm unwell, a little oily when I am stressed, a little spot here or there during that TOM but this product seems to keep both the dryness and oiliness at bay and instead leaves my skin smooth, supple and glowing. 

Summer Skincare Must-Haves

The matching night cream has also made its way into my collection and I am just as obsessed, not only do I go to bed every night smelling like I am among freshly cut flowers but I don't have to wait hours on it absorbing into my skin. We've all been there, a night cream that promises to absorb in minutes and you're still sat there willing it to dry in an hour later. Using both of these products has definitely brought out the youthfulness in my skin that lack of sleep and a whole load of dissertation stress took away. My skin is luminous, bouncy, hydrated and smoother than a baby's bottom. I don't know if it is the gorgeous smell of these products or whether it is the products themselves but I feel super fresh every time I use them. 

Matching them, I have also been using the eye cream from the same collection. I was never an eye cream fan until I tried Botanic's 100% organic with rosehip eye cream and I can say the same for this one. When you've been up all night doing work for your dissertation and you're feeling stressed 24 hours a day your eyes are the giveaway. No matter how much concealer you pack on, the skin of the under eye area sags, it deepens in colour and puffs showing everyone who can see you that you're tired af. This eye cream helps you keep that secret, it hydrates your under eyes taking away the darkness of the area, it brings back the soft and supple skin texture to remove the puffiness and awaken the elasticity to take away that saggy look leaving you with eyes that say "I can do it all and still manage to sleep 8 hours a night, don't be too jealous" exactly what we are all looking for, right? 


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