The End of my Postgraduate is Coming, what's Next?

The End of my Postgraduate is Coming, what's Next?

Finishing my masters is something I've tried my hardest not to think about. Whenever I do, I get a rush of emotions, sadness, happiness, excitement, fear, anxiety, I could name 50 emotions that I feel all at one point. This chapter of my book is drawing to an end, I have my dissertation to do and then July will fade into August and I'll submit my dissertation and the chapter will end. The postgraduate chapter of my life will draw to a close and when that happens, what is next? I know I want to work in marketing, take on a role where I can work in a job I find interesting, maybe even enjoy getting up each morning to head there, but what if it doesn't happen? What if nowhere wants to take me? Despite being a sunny, positive person, these questions still flash through my mind. making me worry, making me anxious. What if I leave my postgraduate degree and then I don't do well in life? Will it have all been a waste of time? 

I guess it is why I don't like to think about August and the end of my postgraduate because that negative side of me starts to show and take control, I forget that I'm not a negative person and I begin to worry about all the ways life could go wrong. It's a question I have to begin thinking about though, it may only be May and August is months away, but it takes time to apply for jobs, it takes time to figure out that next step, especially when my brain is filled with dissertation titles and survey responses. I have to start pinpointing where I want to work, where I don't, do I want to go back and do a PhD? Do I want to continue blogging once I get into a career? Do I move out of my parent's house? Do I research job roles or just jump into the deep end and let fate decide what is next for me? 

The End of my Postgraduate is Coming, what's Next?

I researched PhDs for a while, wondering if it would be the right move, would I be able to cope with the stress? Do I want to do a three year PhD? Or do I want to go out into the world? If you had asked me this last year chances are I would have said I'm not ready for the real world and a PhD is on the cards but it's changed. Maybe one day I will return to university and become Dr Robyn Murray, but it's not on the cards right now. Maybe my mind will change come August and I'll decide that a PhD is for me, but right now I want to live in the real world. I've been in education for 17 years, I am kind of ready to go out there and be in the adult world, have a career. I think there will come a time when I do a PhD, but not right now. It's not for me. 

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I want to have a career in marketing, maybe I will go into a job and love it, adore it, stay at it forever. Maybe, I will start my first marketing role and hate it, want to rip out my own hair every day, maybe I'll move to another within months, but that all kind of excites me. I want to find what is right for me, I want to figure out where I want to be and what I want to be doing and what better way to figure that out than jumping in and trying? I know the field I want to go into, I know what type of companies I want to work for and I know the positions and roles I am able to take on, so I am hoping to be on here writing about my fabulous job at the end of the year and how happy I am, but I also know that not everything runs smoothly and I am willing to make a few mistakes and stumble a little before I find that one job I love waking up to every day. 

The End of my Postgraduate is Coming, what's Next?

I used to say I would never go full time but as time has gone on I don't know if it's an opportunity I would pass up, maybe one day, but not right now and not any time soon. I want to continue to blog throughout my dissertation period, into my new career, take my blog with me on the journey, but it will consistently stay as a part-time gig, I'm not big enough to go full-time and I won't be blowing up any time soon, trust me. Blogging may be shaky for a while, when I get into my career and have a weird schedule I am not used to and I may take a period of time away from the blog, but I don't want to. I love my corner of the internet and I will be grasping it tightly with both hands for as long as humanly possible. 

1. Worry less - I want to be less of a worrier, I worry far too much about everything in life and I'm fed up with being like that. 
2. Be less type A - This year what used to be a slight type A personality that I had has moved into crazy town and I have become one of the most type A people you will ever meet and I don't have to be like that.
3. Be more spontaneous - I used to love just waking up and deciding, this is happening today, I never used to plan down to the very last millisecond, so I want to be more spontaneous again, more adventurous. 
4. Live in the moment - I feel like I am constantly assessing what needs to be done now to make the next thing happen, it's stupid, I want to be someone who can let go and just be in the now. 
5. Be as happy as can be - Above all, I want the next chapter of my life to make me happy. 

The next chapter of my life may look scary now, but I hope it is filled with a lot of joy, laughter and happy memories. I am so ready to move on from university for a while. Just this pesky dissertation to get out the way. 

What do you see happening in your next chapter? Do you have something big coming up? Tell me below in the comments. 

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