Leaving My Shoe Comfort Zone

Leaving My Shoe Comfort Zone

Do you know I have a huge weakness for shoes? Probably not unless you know me in real life. I can't go anywhere without picking myself up a new pair of shoes, a good 90% of the time these shoes are boots, ankle boots to be precise. I just cannot help myself, shoes are an essential item, we need them to be able to go outside, without them we would be cold and have sore feet, so my obsession isn't that bad, it is actually helpful really. The only problem is, I have found myself constricted to a comfort zone when it comes to shoes, they tend to be black, block heeled ankle boots or pointed toe flats, I stay away from trainers because I don't feel like I can wear them, but maybe I was wrong all this time. 

When Ego got in touch with me to work on a collab I was so excited, I have admired their shoes for a long time now and thought it was absolutely perfect that they had just introduced their summer trainer line. Their trainers come in such natural colours and designs that I was sure a pair could be injected into my wardrobe without too much problem. I opted for their Horton oversized trainer with white heel tab in a white faux leather. They are simple white trainers with a bit more of a platform on them than a conventional trainer, it gives them a little more edge and me a little more height, which I love. They were sent over to me the very next day which is absolutely insane since I live up in Scotland, I have had parcels take weeks, even months to get here from brands. 

Leaving My Shoe Comfort Zone

The first thing I noticed once I got the shoes out of the package was how little the packaging resembled what I had seen on their Instagram. My trainers came in a simple, small brown wood effect cardboard box as opposed to the white 'Ego' branded boxes they have all over their Instagram. I am not sure why this is, but I found it slightly odd, but not that big deal, I normally just recycle the boxes for my shoes either way. I pulled the trainers out and was happy to see they looked exactly as they did on the website and easy enough to style with their plain exterior, the sole of the shoe, however, was a giveaway that the shoes are not expensively made, the insole had frayed edges and there was no branding here either. This isn't that big a deal to most of us especially for a shoe where the insole will barely be seen, I think if I had opted for a mule style heel or a pair of sandals wherein the insole was more visible when the shoes weren't being worn I'd probably have wanted a branded insole, but it's not that huge of a deal since the branding almost always wears away on a shoe no matter how high the price tag. 

I couldn't wait to try them on so I got my secret socks on and slide my foot in, I knew from looking at them an ankle sock would still be visible, so secret socks are the way to go with this style of trainer. Even on the first go my feet slipped into the trainers with no issue and they felt comfortable right away, almost like I wasn't wearing any shoes at all. I buy a lot of shoes so I am used to having busted, blistered heels so the fact these shoes had no wear-in time is a real big seller to me, it was a breath of fresh air not to have plasters lining my ankles and be limping around the house trying to wear them in. I tried them on with jeans and was surprised at how effortless yet chic the look was, so simple, so comfortable yet still looking put together, it was the perfect look and one I am currently sporting constantly now. I have worn these trainers with jeans, with shorts, with skirts and they go with everything. They are so simple and easy to style because they can be the statement piece or just a pair of shoes you chuck on for a dog walk. 

Leaving My Shoe Comfort Zone

They look great, despite the insole of the shoe is a little frayed the exterior of the shoe is gorgeous, very simple detailing, not too close to the Adidas Superstar trainer to look like a dupe but close enough (especially with coloured heel tab) to look as expensive. I never thought I'd be a trainer fan, but I barely take these ones off right now, taking the dog a walk, going for a shop, going into town with friends, even going to events I can wear these shoes. They do get dirty easily because of the white, especially if like me you have to chase your bunny through the flower patch in the garden. Despite this they are so easy to clean, a little damp cloth to wipe the dirt off and they look good as new. They also don't scuff as easily as I thought when I first felt the material, I have a habit of not picking my foot up high enough when taking the stairs (I have no idea why) and despite hitting the stop a few dozen times the toes still look good as new. They do bend out of shape more easily than say the Adidas Superstars if you hit something or use the toe of your shoe to lift something but after seconds they go straight back into shape. 

They're not the most expensively made trainer in the world, but their also not the most expensive trainer in the world, you get what you pay for and to be honest, for me, you actually get more than you paid for with these trainers. They go with absolutely everything, they work as a statement piece to an outfit, they can be worn for fashion or to kick a ball around with your nephew or dog but they also seem to be very long lasting. I've had mine for three weeks, have worn them religiously and they still look good as new. I am so glad I chose them instead of sticking to an ankle boot or the mules I was eyeing up because they have really shown me that trainers aren't just for kids. men and the gym. They give every outfit a look of ease, a laid-back feel like "I know I look good, but I'm totally not trying to". I definitely think I might even order myself the pink tabbed version of the trainers just so I have another pair to rotate and not look like I haven't worn different shoes in two months. 

Do you own any Ego shoes? What is your footwear obsession? Tell me in the comments below. 

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