Is Blogging Dying? My Take on the Future of Blogging

Is Blogging Dying? My Take on the Future of Blogging

We've all heard it, we've read it, we've all thought it. I was looking at my stats the other day and I noticed I have been getting the highest level of views I've ever received but somehow my blog posts just aren't getting comments. I checked some of my favourite blogs and I noticed the same thing. I scrolled down Instagram and each post has over 20 comments, it got me thinking... is blogging dying? I sat with this thought, I thought carefully through my experience as a blogger over the past few years and I've got to admit, everything is so different compared to how it used to be. Everything is much more curated, our blogs are planned months in advance, our Instagram pictures are taken in bulk, our social media feeds consist of scheduled tweet, there isn't as much interaction, everyone is moving to Youtube and it just seems like the blogging world is crumbling beneath our feet... but is it or am I being dramatic?

The answer is, I really don't know, I don't want blogging to die, most of us don't. Writing has always been something I have found so much happiness in, being sat at my laptop writing out blog posts makes me happy, it relaxes me, it allows me to feel content. I've always loved to write, from the age of eight I have been sure that one day I will write my very own book. So, of course, I don't want blogging to die, Instagram is not the same, Youtube is not the same, Twitter is not the same. A blog can be a ramble, it can be a rant, it can be 100 words long or 10,000 words long and neither is right but neither is wrong. Social media is restrictive, it doesn't capture viewers attention as much and not all of us are confident enough for the whole Youtube get up, so of course, we don't want blogging to die, but we have to revive it. 

I began blogging in the midst of Twitter chats when the blogosphere was actually a community, we interacted, we chatted, we shared one another's content, we read blog posts and left comments, we cared more for what was written than the photo attached to it. It's 2018 and no one wants to read blog posts nevermind leave a comment on the post, everyone's attention spans last 6 seconds and then we are yawning and scrolling down our Instagram feed looking for the next photo to get green eyes over. There is a level of competition among bloggers that was never there before, bloggers are no longer a loving, sharing, helpful community but a never-ending moan fest with subtweets and eye rolling gifs. People don't want to draw attention to other people's content anymore, a like is enough, no sharing because then the attention won't be on me and I want to be the next big blogger, it cannot be her! Bloggers are killing blogging for us all and that's what is so sad. 

Is Blogging Dying? My Take on the Future of Blogging

We are all blogging because we all enjoy sharing our thoughts, our tips and tricks and our content online with other people, but we just don't want other people to share theirs quite as well. In a time when brands are taken notice of bloggers much more than ever before we find ourselves competing with the bloggers beside us to have the best blog who the best brands want to work with. Instead of cheering our fellow bloggers on for getting that dream collab with Urban Decay we are subtweeting about how they bought their following or we are texting our friends angry that we aren't there yet. I am so grateful to brands for taking notice of how hard-working bloggers are and willing to work with us, but I'm disappointed in what it has turned bloggers into. Not all bloggers are like this, but the overarching community is no longer a community like it used to be. I remember logging onto Twitter and every night a bunch of bloggers would be having a chat and sharing advice and you'd join in, gain 30 followers and find 100 new blogs to read now you're lucky to log on and not see 5 blog posts promotion tweets in a row. 

In other ways blogging has become better, we are no longer just bloggers typing away some blog posts every now and then, we are photographers, social media managers, we work in PR and marketing, we are public speakers and some of us are even public figures. Blogging has opened up to include our Instagrams where we can share our daily going ons and chat on a much more friendly and relaxed manner to those who follow us, we get to know bloggers better now than we ever could before. We see them daily on our Instagram feeds, we get to follow them on their day-to-day life on Instagram stories. The blogging world has opened up to include a whole new way of seeing our favourite bloggers and allowing bloggers to collaborate and have fun. It's exciting, it's fun and it may be hard work but it is so worth it. 

As Twitter becomes less common and we find ourselves having real conversations less we also find ourselves knowing the blogger behind the blog better than we ever did before. Blogging has evolved and as much as I want the  2015 blogging community back I just don't think we will ever get there again, but this new era can still be just as exciting and fun if we just stop to see we are not in competition with every other blogger. Blogs are still being read but commenting is becoming so much easier on social media and although social media has become a major blogging tool, I don't think the blog will ever die out. People love to read blogs, find advice, look at reviews, it's much more personal and as much as it is less interactive than Instagram people love blogs for the detail, the chatty posts, the learning and connection. Personally, I don't think blogging is dead, I don't think it will ever die but I do this it has to be resuscitated, it is nothing like it used to be and the only people who can change that is us, the bloggers.

What are your thoughts? Is blogging dying? Tell me in the comments. 

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