Five Ways to Use Fix+ in Your Daily Routine

Five Ways to Use Fix+ in Your Daily Routine

In my time as a blogger and a blog reader, I have always found one thing pretty consistent with beauty bloggers, everyone owns Fix+, another consistency is how few bloggers actually know how to use Fix+ to its full advantage. Many believe it is a setting spray, others only use it as a hydrating mist, but the truth is Fix+ is one of the best multi-purpose products out there and it is so under appreciated for all its wonderful uses. Fix+ has always been one of those products everyone owns, it was one of MAC's most famous products on the internet for a while, especially in the 2014/2015 period when MAC was absolutely everyone's favourite store for a while. Just like everyone else, I bought into the hype but then it just sat there on my beauty shelf like a prop, I never used it, I never knew how to, so I began experimenting and I found five of the best ways you can use fix+ in your daily routine. 

One of the easiest and most obvious ways you can use fix+ is to dampen your beauty blender before using it. I always find I have all my makeup set out, I just want to get started and I let the biggest sigh out at the idea of having to get back up and take that sponge to the sink. Instead, I get my fix+ and give the beauty blender a good old soak, holding it a lot closer to the bottle than I would my face to really get it covered. There are a few reasons I like to do this; I am lazy and don't like having to drag my butt to the bathroom, I feel like my beauty blender always feels a little too soaked after putting it under the tap and it hydrates the skin as it applies foundation which gives a nice finish. For me, it takes roughly three or four sprays of fix+ to dampen my beauty blender and doesn't use much of the product at all. 

Five Ways to Use Fix+ in Your Daily Routine

Another pretty simple one, but so overlooked, I was reading a blog post on how a blogger likes to slightly dampen her brushes a half hour before she applies her eyeshadow, she said in doing so it intensifies the pigmentation of the eyeshadow. I'd only ever tried this with wet and dry eyeshadows, but I was playing around one day and decided I'd give my brush a quick spritz of fix+ holding it a good few inches away so as to not completely soak the brush. I then used this brush to apply my eyeshadow and was shocked at how intense the colour pay off was. A few weeks later I tried it with my powder highlight and once again it was much more intense than it would be without fix+ and from there on in I have used this little trick to intensify my powder products. Beware, however, with some powder products touching the powder with a wet brush can ruin the powder, so make sure you're brush is just slightly dampened. 

A few years ago when winged eyeliner was all the rage and I had it on every single day of my life I accidentally left my gel eyeliner open, yup, big mistake. It dried out, but of course, I couldn't buy one until I was out and I had to do my makeup to go out so I came up with a DIY solution. I sprayed some fix+ into the little container and did some mixing. In under two minutes, the product had been resurrected and was useable. Since then I have used this trick with mascara, we have all been there, out favourite mascara starts to clump, my spraying it on the wand and dipping and repeating under the wand looks usable. Another trick is to fix cracked eyeshadows, dropped my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, cracked a line right down the centre of one of the shades, dampened an eyeshadow brush and went over the crack until it was gone. One of the best tricks for a time of trouble. 

Five Ways to Use Fix+ in Your Daily Routine

Y'know when you're doing your makeup and someone distracts you and the next minute "oh my god!" your face looks dirty, how did you manage to put that much bronzer on? Well, I discovered that if I dampen a buffing brush with fix+ almost always I can undo any overdone makeup looks by just buffing the product gently with the dampened brush. Or maybe you accidentally drew a line right across your face with your eyeliner, just dampen a cotton bud/swab with a little fix plus and gently dab it on the area and done, you'd never know you even made a mistake. So simple, but so overlooked. 

There have been foundations I have purchased that are just too full for everyday wear, but the colour match is so perfect I really want to wear it every day. To sort this out my best move is to thin the foundation down using fix+. I usually spray some foundation on the back of my hand, then pop some fix+ on there and mix them together before applying to the skin. This can transform a high coverage foundation to a low to medium coverage depending on how much fix+ you add. Perfect for the days where you want a perfect colour match but just aren't up for wearing a lot on your face. Doing this also adds a natural glow from within look to your foundation as it adds a little more hydration to the skin. 

Have I missed any? What is your favourite way to use fix+? Should we all start using it again? 

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