5 Reasons to Have a Social Media Clear Out

5 Reasons to Have a Social Media Clear Out

Social media is a wonderful thing, it brings people together, it has the power to bring tv shows back (thanks NBC), it can promote charity and raising awareness, it educates and promotes personal and societal growth. Basically, I could go on forever telling you all the wonderful things social media can do from increasing someone's confidence in helping to save a life. Social media affects lives on a daily basis and although I like to focus on the positives impacts it has we must also note the negative effects it has on the lives of many. Just recently I sat scrolling through someone's Instagram page feeling sorry for myself and wondering why I didn't have as fabulous a lifestyle as this other person. Social media, particularly Instagram has the ability to eradicate our self-esteem so it is important that we keep our feeds clean and we follow people who make us feel good about ourselves or who inspire us. This weekend I decided it was time to have a social media clearout and the process was so cathartic and I now feel like my social media life is much simpler and positive. I want you to feel the same way so here are five of the main reasons you need to have a social media clear out. 

Like I said, social media has the ability to completely destroy any self-esteem we have which is why it is important for us to follow those who don't make us feel terrible about ourselves. Everyone on social media likes to reveal nothing but the good memories and times in their lives, sometimes it can feel like everyone else in the world has perfect lives and yours just doesn't compare. If you are feeling this way you have to take control, remember everyone's Instagram feed is a highlights reel, no one's life is perfect and then take a breath. Are there people whose constant luxurious posts make you feel worthless? Unfollow them. Is there a blogger who brings a damp cloud above your head because you feel they are just much more successful than you and you cannot take it anymore? Unfollow them. Jealousy can be an ugly trait but we all feel it from time to time and if you feel like taking the account off your feed is much easier than a visit from the green-eyed monster daily then do it. 

5 Reasons to Have a Social Media Clear Out

Sometimes people change what they blog or post about, sometimes you no longer feel interested in the topics you once were. There is nothing wrong with a change of interest on either side, but if someone's content isn't of interest to you don't continue to follow them just because you feel bad. At the end of the day, Instagram's algorithm is hiding posts we love from us enough without us blocking up our own feeds with accounts we barely ever take a second look at. If you're like me you will feel riddled with guilt but it's okay, things change. 

Have you ever scrolled down your Instagram feed only to find someone has grown in followers overnight by over 5,000? Trust me, it happens. Don't feel ashamed about unfollowing those who are buying themselves, followers, they're cheating a system that you're working hard to beat. I often find that I unfollow these people as and when I notice it but if you've been putting off unfollowing that person with the sneaky expanding follower list for a while use a clear out as your excuse. It's okay to want to unfollow people who are inauthentic, after all, what else are they lying about if they're willing to cheat the system. 

Ex best friends, ex boyfriends, ex-boyfriend's dogs, enemies, frenemies and everything in between. Everyone has someone they secretly keep tabs on. Maybe you want to know if he's moving on faster than you are, maybe you want to know if that girl who bullied you in high school got her comeuppance or maybe you're just plain nosey. Whatever your reason is, stop it. We never grow if we are always looking back, delete those people from your social media so you cannot be tempted to scroll their feed and soon you'll forget all about them. All you are doing is making yourself feel bad, so what's the point?

5 Reasons to Have a Social Media Clear Out

I like to have a little social media clear out anytime I am entering a new chapter of my life. Leaving high school, done, leaving college, done, graduating my undergrad, done and so on. It allows more space for the new people and new interests in your life. None of us are who we were a year ago or two years ago, we change, who and what we are interested in changes so strip yourself of those old interests and open yourself up to new people and new opportunities. Social media is a great way to stay in touch with people from your past, but sometimes you just have to let go of those people, most likely because you didn't want them in your life to begin.

Have you had a social media clear out? What were your reasons? Tell me below in the comments. 

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