22 Lessons from My 22 Years

22 Lessons from My 22 Years

So, today is my birthday, I am officially twenty-two years old and I that feels weird, I have been on this planet for twenty-two years as of today and that's kind of crazy. It doesn't feel like it has been that long, I'm not even sure I remember half of it, but it has officially been twenty-two years. For many, I am young, naive, just a baby, a kid, I haven't lived enough to know anything. For others I am old, my niece often asks me why I still live with my parents if I am so old and when I will get married, move out and have a family. It's funny, isn't it? Being in your twenties is like being 100 when you're a kid, but when you're in your 40s it was half a lifetime ago. I am often told I'm an old soul, that I think too much, that I'm always in my head, but I guess it's who I am, it's something I have grown to like over the past twenty-two years and it has the ability to make me recognise the lessons like is giving me. I've been planning this post for a good six months now and ironically enough one of my favourite bloggers just posted the exact same post over on her blog and you really have to check it out, Pinja K's 22 Things in 22 Years

So here are twenty-two life lessons I have learned in my twenty-two years of life;

1. No one, but you, can make you happy,
2. No one knows what they're doing, don't worry about it too much,
3. Being number one isn't always important, 
4. If you don't think you fit in with your friends, change the friend group, not yourself, 
5. Change is scary, but most of the time, it's worth it, 
6. Don't judge people who don't like coffee, they only act that way because they haven't had their coffee yet, 
7. Stepping out of your comfort zone is usually the first step towards success, 
8. Dealing with grief isn't about moving on, it's about getting through it and you shouldn't feel guilty about it, 
9. The fight for success should never come before health, family and happiness,
10. You're probably always going to touch the hot plate straight after the waiter tells you not to, 
11. Life doesn't come with an itinerary, don't worry about keeping up with other people, things will happen at their own pace,
22 Lessons from My 22 Years

12. Judging people by their taste in music is wrong but also very accurate, so do with that what you wish, 
13. Always judge your gut instinct, unless you're on The Chase, then pick the smart option, 
14. It's okay to be a dreamer and have big ambitions, as long as you're willing to do the hard work that will get you there, 
15. Your version of success may be different to other peoples, let people live their lives and don't be judgemental of their choices, 
16. Those who constantly try to bring you down are reflecting their own insecurities onto you, don't let it affect you, 
17. No one looks good running for the train, no one,
18. Trying to be perfect is a waste of time and never works out, 
19. Having a nap can solve any problem, it may not be practical, but it works, 
20. Life won't stop for you, sometimes you just have to brush yourself off an get on with it,
21. Sometimes people just aren't going to like you, no matter how hard you try,
22. Instagram sucks.

22 Lessons from My 22 Years

What is one of your biggest life lessons to date? Tell me in the comments below. 

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