Does Being Jealous have to be a Bad Thing?

Does Being Jealous have to be a Bad Thing?

Just last week I was sat on the train, on my way home from my last day of university, about to take my book out my bag when I decided I might have a little flick through Instagram first. I scrolled down my feed seeing celebrities, bloggers, friends and so on, double-clicking almost every photo there is, my thumb hovered above one. A blogger, working with a brand I adore, a brand I would cry with happiness if I got the chance to work with, do I like it? Why should I? I bet she's bought her following, her content isn't even that great. I found phrases like these circling my mind and decided no, lets put the phone down. Trying to read was useless, I was too busy thinking of how guilty I felt for thinking those things and feeling sorry for myself for not being good enough to work with the same brands my peers are. It took a couple of hours, I was home and with my family before I realised, what am I doing? I could be as good as her! I could work with the brands she works with! This isn't me! 

It's normal to feel jealous sometimes, make little snippy comments inwards and outwards about people who we otherwise have no issues with, just because we think they are doing better than us. What I don't want is to let that control me, to become someone who is bitter and petty, who doesn't like someone's Instagrams because I am jealous, who rolls my eyes at the thought of someone doing well because I want that to be me. That's not who I am and it never has been, I have witnessed people becoming horrible, nasty people because they are jealous and it's just not how I want to react. What if I take that jealousy and channel it into being better? She gets to work with that brand because she works hard, her content is written with passion and her photography planned days maybe weeks in advance because she's always thinking of her blog. Maybe, I should look at her as a source of inspiration. 

Does Being Jealous have to be a Bad Thing?

I want to be where she is one day, have the success she has, work with the brands she has worked with so instead of closing myself off and taking a few days to feel sorry for myself, debate deleting my blog and moving on with life, I will work harder. These bloggers didn't get to where they are today through pulling the cover over their heads and crying about what a failure they are, they took their failures and picked themselves back up and got on with it. That's what I want to do, I want to channel that energy into motivation, I can go out there and be that blogger who has it all, who does it all and who cheers others on, not that blogger I was on the verge of becoming who doesn't like others Instagram posts and whispers about bots and buying followers under her breath. 

I found a whole new, surge of motivation and energy when it came to my blog, I want to work hard and love my blog the way I should be doing because I can be those bloggers one day if I just do what I am doing, work hard and enjoy what I am doing. That's what I found myself most jealous of, how happy these bloggers were, they didn't see blogging as a chore, which if you read my previous posts, you can see it was becoming for me. I wanted to find my mojo because look at them, they're happy and successful and they love what they're doing and here I am, writing content I enjoy writing, being creative with my photography, enjoying blogging and social media and everything that comes with it, just like they are. To think that the jealousy that washed over me could have totally control my thought process and I could now be sat not blogging all because I saw a post that made me compare my successes to someone else is ridiculous. 

Does Being Jealous have to be a Bad Thing?

I'm not just applying this thought process to blogging, I want to be that girl that doesn't get jealous, but gets motivated. I wish I knew I could change this energy back in high school when I was jealous of the cool girls bragging about their fantastic lives or when I was in university and my friend got a better grade than I did and I found the green-eyed monster make an appearance. It is time to take control of that negative energy and not let it affect me so dramatically anymore, I want to be motivated by those I am jealous of. Of course, I still will feel jealous now and then, it's natural, it's human, but I am done letting it control me, I don't want to lose out on days of creativity and working hard on something I enjoy because I got a little jealous of someone else's success. Their success is what will be in the back of my mind, egging me to do better, to get that little bit closer to where they are.


How do you deal with that green-eyed monster? Do you let it take over or do you control it? Tell me in the comments below. 

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