A Day in Edinburgh

A Day in Edinburgh

I recently took a trip to Edinburgh's Fort Kinnard to see the new Tomb Raider movie at the Odeon and had the best time. I have been so stressed over university these past few months so having a day off to relax and hang out with my best friend was so incredibly lovely. Edinburgh is somewhere I do not get to see enough, it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited and if I lived just a little bit closer I would definitely head there a lot more often than I do now. My best friend, Ashley (check her blog out here) studies in Edinburgh so she's there quite a lot and I have to admit I am incredibly jealous of her for that. 

A Day in Edinburgh

We made our way up to Edinburgh and took a taxi from Waverly to Fort Kinnard, it is not too far from the centre and is in such a lovely area of Edinburgh, just beside some housing estates with a view of gorgeous hills I'd love to hike up. It was my first time visiting Fort Kinnard and I was amazed by how large the outdoor shopping mall was, not only is there a massive cinema, there are about 10 different places to grab a bite to eat, a New Look, a Primark, a Waterstones and so much more, have a look here to see just how many shops there are. After a little scan around the shops, we both decided Chiquito is where we wanted to grab lunch, one of our favourite Mexican restaurants.&nbspI adore the atmosphere in Chiquito, so laid back and relaxed, the wait staff are always delightful and the food never fails. We ordered their little 6 dish street food option and split them 3 each, I got chicken fajitas, chicken, chorizo and sweetcorn quesadilla and pan-fried chorizo, and we shared a side of sweet potato fries. I swear, if my body and bank account were up for it I could definitely eat at Chiquito every day, their food is absolutely delicious and always cooked to perfection. My favourite was the fajitas, I always get them when I am in, they are the perfect mild dish for anyone scared of spice, whereas the pan-fried chorizo could definitely be too much for someone not as big a lover of spicy food as I am, it left my lips warm and in urgent need of a good coat of lip balm. Our waiter, whose name has slipped my mind, was absolutely wonderful, he was so sweet and talkative and spoke to us about everything and anything, something I adore in wait staff.

We sat in Chiquito chatting, gossiping and complaining about all the annoying people in our lives as friends do and not once were we ushered to leave or quicken our past despite how busy the restaurant was. That is something to love about any restaurant, coffee shop or store when they allow you to just hang out and feel at home, pick at your food for a while well you chat. Once we left Chiquito we made our way just two doors over to the Odeon, I haven't ever been in an Odeon as far as I can remember, but I was thrown by the layout of this cinema. Once you walk through the front doors there is a massive Costa to your left and where to by your tickets and your snacks to the left. As someone who is so used to being in a Cineworld where you buy your snacks on the floor I quite like the layout of the Odeon. It is so convenient, especially in a group as one person can grab the tickets while another grabs the snacks and on your way out a coffee can be picked up and took to go. 

A Day in Edinburgh
So now, I could probably tell you all about the movie, a typical review of it, tell you how much I loved it, but instead I want to tell you five reasons you should watch the new Lara Croft, a new take on a review, so here are the five reasons you need to watch Tomb Raider with Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.&nbsp

If you are like me and were a little apprehensive about watching the new Tomb Raider because Angelina Jolie is the only Lara Croft you can think of then you have nothing to worry about. The new Tomb Raider is not a remake of the Angelina Jolie versions, it is based on the newest reboot of the games or as you may know it if you are a Tomb Raider gamer 'The Definitive Edition one'. It follows the storyline of Lara's dad Richard Croft who has gone missing and although he is thought to be dead by everyone else, Lara doesn't believe it is true and instead makes her way to his last known location to find out what exactly happened to her adventurous dad. There are a few key changes between the game and the movie's storylines, none which I will mention as they are key parts of the storyline, but it is a completely different storyline from the first version.

Relentless, adventurous, loyal, badass, strong, these are just a few of the words that can be used to describe Miss Lara Croft. For women and girls alike she is a strong role model, always following her gut instinct, taking on opportunities that others tell her not to, never giving up on herself or those she loves. Lara is a perfect role model and I strongly advise you get your daughters, nieces and sisters to watch this movie (although maybe wait until they're a little older, it is a PG 13). After watching the movie I felt so empowered to just follow my ambitions, take no one's crap and just go out there and be unapologetically me, even when I am annoying, just as Lara does.

If you, like me, love a good action-packed and suspenseful movie (my love goes further than movies, my bookcase is filled with thrillers) then you will love this movie. Not only is the action and graphics amazing, but it's always nice to see a fellow woman leading the action-filled scenes a la Wonder Woman. Tomb Raider is no different, Lara is amazing at beating down the baddies, from a chase with bikers to a chase with thieves to falling from a broken plane. Every few scenes you are perched at the end of your seat (I was) waiting for the next thing to happen, fearing Lara would be caught/fall to her death/touch the wrong person. It is a movie for those adrenaline lovers who love to feel their heartbeat out their chest at the thought of it all going wrong, well also knowing it never will (it is Hollywood after all). 

Maybe, just maybe, this is me showing my true geeky self to you all, but when playing Tomb Raider (I have had every single one that's ever been out and have pre-ordered the next) my favourite part is always the puzzles. "If I pull this lever will the door open?", "So I have to move this wall to get behind the next area, but I need a key..." just a couple of my inner monologues while playing Tomb Raider. The movie has these puzzles and games throughout it, making any Tomb Raider fan certain it is a true reincarnation of the games. Even if you are not a Tomb Raider fan but love a good puzzle, you'll love trying to solve them before Lara and crew do. 

The end of the movie steps onto the toes of the end of the second game; Rise of The Tomb Raider, bringing the true bad guy (or gal) to the surface and hinting at a sequel. I won't tell you too much, but that ending is suspense-filled and should shock those not aware of the storyline. Watch it now!! 

So are you a Tomb Raider fan? What is your favourite movie at the moment? Tell me in the comments below. 

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