5 Tips for Better Brows

5 Tips for Better Brows

When people say eyebrows can completely change a face they aren't joking, for me, it is one of the first things I spot about a person. One of the facial features my eyes draw towards and sometimes I find myself thinking of the ways in which different people could make their brows even better. I'm not a brow expert, just a brow obsessive and over my brow obsessed years I feel like I have learnt many tips and tricks for perfecting the brows that suit your face and your style. Right now, big brows are in, long gone are the days of having three eyebrow hairs, goodbye to the over plucked, over waxed looks of the early 2000s and in 2018 natural, almost bushy looking grows are taking centre stage among celebrities, models and runways. Lucky for me I inherited my dad and my grandad's overly bushy, dark brows and so I don't have to do much to make this trend work for me, but it hasn't always been that way, I too, overdid the plucking and left myself with a single strip of hair above my eyes. 

Getting from that point to this point wasn't hard though as I had never had my brows waxed, I only ever plucked them myself resulting in no weird bald patches or growth problems that can be a result of a bad wax. I spent about 6 months growing out my brows and from that point, I have embraced the more natural look, but I do enhance them just as everyone else does to make them look the way I want them to; natural, dark and shaped. I often get questions surrounding my brows, the products I use, the shape and so on, so hopefully, this post will help anyone suffering from bad brows or just wanting to take their brows to the next level. 

5 Tips for Better Brows

The problem with brows is that there is no walkthrough for everyone, each person has different brows, each person has a different shade, a different preference and a different style. Picking the style of brow that you want can be beneficial in finding the perfect product to give you that style. For me, someone with thick, very naturally dark and hairy brows a pencil is perfect for filling my brows us, filling sparse spaces and continuing that natural look. For others, a pomade is more beneficial because they have light, sparse, thin brows and a pomade can create a much deeper, darker and thicker look. Thick, but light brows might be best suited to a powder in order to achieve a natural, yet deeper look. It is all about finding the style you prefer and trialling different product types to find what works best for you. For me, Benefit's Goof Proof and Gimme Brow will forever be my go-to duo. 

If you are scared of going too deep, applying too much product or making your brows look like you've drawn them in with a nice little Crayola colouring pen then the best way to prevent this is to step back from your mirror. A simple, yet effective step (literally), taking a step back and filling your brows in from a full face profile view opposed to a zoomed in, brows only view can prevent you from going too dark as you can see how your brows look in proportion to the rest of your face. Doing this can also help with the shaping of your brow if you are using your pencil to add to the shape, sometimes a close up can result in just following the lining of your brow whereas a further away glance can help you to reshape and reangle your brows in a way that can make them pop. 

5 Tips for Better Brows

Sounds like an incredibly tedious task but by filling in your brows before you pluck them you prevent any overplucking from happening, even just by drawing the outline of the brow shape you are aiming for and avoiding within the outline. It is the perfect way to help anyone who has a habit of overplucking or is new to the DIY style of brow maintenance. I have been doing this since I just began my brow journey and it makes the task so much more simple and quicker, no worrying, no having to stop and reexamine if you're taking away as much as you should be. 

Filling your brows from the outside in or the inside out is a big no-no, often leading to darker brows than anticipated and the overdone look no one pulls off. If you start just before your arch with small strokes continuing to your arch and down to the outside before going back to the inside and stroking upwards and outwards to create a more natural look. Strokes inwards at the inside may look good on Cara Delevigne but most of us can't pull it off so focus on small strokes bother upwards and towards the rest of your brow to cover all sparse areas and create a more natural look. 

5 Tips for Better Brows

With big brows being in right now growing them out won't have a major effect on how you look. Often we get scared to not pluck out brows in case we look messy and unkept but right now is the perfect time to experiment while the messy, unkept brow look is in. It can take a total of three months for your brows to properly thicken up, so give your brows time and rock the messy look while you wait for your bushy brows to make an appearance. 

What tips have you got for anyone wanting to have better brows? Tell me in the comments below. 

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