The Best Drugstore Foundation on the Market

The Best Drugstore Foundation on the Market

When it comes to my makeup collection, I have a habit of going for more high-end brands when I am looking for specific products and I opt for drugstore brands when looking to others. I always thought my system was perfect, for the most part, I would go for high-end brands for eyeshadow, foundation and mascara and most of the time I would go for drug-store concealers, highlighters and eyeliners. If there was a high-end concealer I wanted to try I would still pick it up and if I was intrigued by a drug-store mascara I'd add it to my basket, but for the most part, my system ran smoothly. That was until I found a drugstore foundation that almost makes me not want to return to the high-end realm of foundations. I found the perfect foundation and it doesn't even cost £10; L'Oreal True Match.

With 28 shades, this foundation range is definitely one of the most inclusive ranges among drugstore foundations which of course makes it much easier to find your shade. They split the shades into 3 small sub-ranges; cool, neutral and warm. This makes it much easier again to find your shade, all you have to do is narrow your shade down using your undertones; if you're pink you go for cool, neutral is self-explanatory and golden you go for warm. Among these sub-categories, there are a bunch of shades for you to find your perfect shade and with most of the shades available to test out in Boots, you will have no problems finding the shade that suits you perfectly, for me, my perfect match in 3N, also known as creamy beige. A new formula was recently released which also has 3 shade enhancers, which means that the foundation adapts to match your skin tone perfectly, even if the match wasn't 100% at first, however, you obviously have to find your closest match for this to work.

The Best Drugstore Foundation on the Market

This amazing foundation has a medium coverage which looks very natural when applied evenly to the face, it is the perfect everyday foundation that does not oxidise at all and looks like a second skin. It is my go-to foundation for days at university, going out with friends and it has really amazing coverage for such a lightweight foundation. I am not someone who gets a lot of spots or blemishes so I wouldn't be too sure how this foundation would look for much more acne prone skin. Not only does my skin look amazing when this foundation is applied but it feels it too, wearing this foundation is very effortless, it feels like my skin is bare and I often forget I am even wearing makeup. I have used this foundation for months now and couldn't imagine trying any other foundation especially since my last few high-end foundations have oxidised insanely and left me looking like an orange.

I often wear this foundation alone with no concealer and it completely hides all blemishes whether it be a little spot or dark circles, further I very rarely use a setting spray when I have this foundation on for university and it lasts all day long. I only ever find it separates on my chin during times when my skin is much more oily and this usually starts to happen about 6 hours after application. If I do where a setting spray like I would upon going out with friends this doesn't happen as quickly and would take up to about 8 hours to begin separating. My favourite thing about this foundation is there is no sinking into dry areas or fine lines, unlike my MAC or Urban Decay foundations which often sink into smile lines; which by the way are not deep at all, so I find that to be very off-putting. This is perfect as I often get dry areas on my face during the colder months of the year, but this year I have been able to wear this foundation with no issues, no sinking, no dry, flaky areas visible on the skin.

The Best Drugstore Foundation on the Market
Wear after 4 hours
My skin always looks silky smooth, fresh and vibrant when wearing this foundation, it has a tiny shine to it, not too much that it leaves you looking greasy but not too little that it looks matte and unnatural. It has the perfect amount of glow to it to leave your skin looking natural and bright. I find this foundation can be applied with any kind of application and always looks perfect; beauty blender, vibrating foundation brush or normal foundation brush my skin always looks fresh, even and natural. Further, very little product is actually needed to cover the full face evenly and naturally, I usually put one and a half pumps on the back of my hand when using a beauty blender or makeup brush and just one when using my vibrating makeup brush and it always looks natural and even, covering the full face. Upon taking the foundation off it is very easy to remove the full face of foundation either using just one cotton pad and micellar water or my Magnitone WipeOff cloths with some warm water. It doesn't get hard or clog the pores as other foundations have done, it is the perfect foundation for day-to-day life.

Have you tried the foundation? What is your current favourite foundation? Do you opt for drugstore or high-end when looking for a new foundation? 

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