Why You've Lost Your Blogging Mojo

Why You've Lost Your Blogging Mojo

I was lying in bed earlier this week when I found myself thinking about my blog, the future of my blog and of course other bloggers. Blog awards have made a return this year, so many bloggers are being successful left, right and centre and then there is me. I am missing blog posts all the time, university is taking over my life, I have found myself posting blogs I am not proud of, I rush so many posts and I just feel like a complete failure. I lay there for a half hour, overthinking everything there was to think about in regards to my blog, am I good enough? Will I ever grow a larger following? Are my posts even good? Should I quit blogging? From that moment on I was in a rut, I hated my blog, I didn't want to look at it, I didn't want to write for it and I didn't want to think about it. My mojo was well and truly lost and the worst part of it all was that it was my fault, I didn't just lose my mojo, I was the one who threw it out the window. That's the worst part of losing your mojo, nine out of ten times you do it yourself. 

The number one way a blogger falls into a rut and loses their mojo is because they compare their blog to the blogs of others. It is something I find myself doing a lot, we are all doing the same thing, we are all blogging and Instagramming, so why are other bloggers gaining followers faster than I am? Why are other bloggers getting the attention of brands that I am not? Why are companies sending products to brands and not me? Questions like this lead us to believe our blog is not quite as good as the other blogs out there, we doubt our abilities, we start to question why we blog in the first place, we wonder if we should just give up on blogging for good and who wants to blog when your abilities as a blogger are just not up to scratch? This kind of rut tends to be the most common because as humans we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, but it should never be why you stop blogging. Everyone moves at their own pace, just because you aren't winning awards and working with 10 brands a week it doesn't mean you aren't succeeding, your time will come. The next time you find yourself comparing yourselves to others take a step back from the blogging community for a few days, clear your head and remind yourself of the reasons you blog.

Why You've Lost Your Blogging Mojo

I definitely believe that this is part of the reason I have been in a major rut lately, my blog has taken a back seat to my university work. This is something that most of us go through when blogging is our part-time gig or a hobby, we have other things going on in our life that just seem more important. We spend most of our free time working on other things such as university work or our careers and then suddenly we realise we haven't written a blog post in three days and when we sit down to write our minds go blank. This can be caused by stress, being tired or just because our brains are already overthinking a thousand other things. This leads to a lack of creativity, we end up in a creative rut and we just have no ideas for our blogs. The main way of dealing with this is to just figure out the best way to split your time, but before that, the main thing to do is to figure out whether the thing taking up all of your time is actually that important. If it isn't you should definitely reassess whether it should be your main focus. If it is super important you should take some time off blogging and figure out how to split your time effectively between both your blog and whatever else is going on in your life. Right now, I am trying to figure out the best way to balance university and my blog. 

Something I hate to see is someone who has fallen out of love with blogging but has continued to blog because they don't want to give it up because of the perks that come with blogging. This is the worst because not only can readers tell 100% that the writer no longer cares for their blog quite as much as they once did, but it is also terrible for the blogger because they are completely wasting their own time. Sometimes people fall out of love with something they once enjoyed, sometimes they fall back in love with blogging, but chances are if you've fallen out of love with blogging pushing yourself will just end up with you resenting it and never finding that passion again. The best way to deal with this is to take some time off, step back and enjoy life, stop forcing it and one day you might go back to blogging, or maybe you won't, but at least you won't be wasting your time by doing something you no longer enjoy. 

Why You've Lost Your Blogging Mojo

The worst thing you can do is force your content; whether you are doing it because you think the content will be enjoyed by readers more or maybe you are posting content that you once loved, but that you've lost interest in. Doing this will just lead you to hate your blog and then what is the point in doing it in the first place if you aren't writing about the content you enjoy? I've tried to write content just because other popular bloggers write that style of post, I've forced myself to write blog posts that I find myself zoning out of while writing nevermind reading just because I think they will gain more attention, but at the end of the day it just led me to disconnect with my blog. Forcing content is another major way to lose your mojo because you aren't connecting with your blog in a way that you once did. You find yourself losing interest and not feeling confident in the content you post. The best way to prevent this time of burn out is to question who you are posting your content for, and alongside readers, you should be thinking of yourself. What you enjoy writing is just as important as what readers enjoy reading. 

The thing with blogging is that it can be hard at times, people don't always realise how much pressure you can put on yourself as a blogger. We all want to be the best, put out the best content, be complimented for the content we are providing, but sometimes our constant pressure to be at the top leads us to disconnect. Losing your blogging mojo is something every blogger goes through at some point, but what you have to remember is that the main reason you are in a rut is yourself and your mindset. By changing how you approach your blog and the way you think about it you can prevent yourself from going down that path and publish some of the best content you have ever created.


Have you lost your blogging mojo? What way do you prevent yourself from losing it? Tell me in the comments below. 

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