5 Simple Ways to Make The World a Better Place

5 Simple Ways to Make The World a Better Place

I've always believed that people can change and have always been an advocate for striving to be the very best version of yourself. I wouldn't say I am always the best version of myself, just as I wouldn't expect you to be on the top of your game 24/7, but there are changes we can make to our everyday life that can bring us closer to being the best version of ourselves. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how my actions affect society and the world around me and how simple changes could make such an incredible change in the world. We often get caught up in the idea that one person cannot save the planet or make a huge difference to the reality of society, but small changes to daily life can be all that is needed to create a domino effect and encourage others to follow suit. 

This is a bandwagon I am very happy to jump on, as an avid coffee drinker I would probably use three to four different to go cups a day, and what a waste that is. With a reusable coffee cup, I won't be throwing these plastic and cardboard cups in the bin daily. Although I would normally chuck my coffee cup in the recycle bin it is not quite as great a move to make as having a reusable cup, after all, most of us have probably heard the rumours surrounding whether recycle bins are actually sent to a recycling plant. Plus, if that didn't sell you on the reusable cup thing then maybe saving some extra cash on your daily coffee will. Most coffee places have always given a discount on your coffee when you use a reusable cup and that discount has been increased due to the latte levy in certain areas. I have also always been a big fan of reusing water bottles, but with the recent news that reusing plastic bottles can actually lead to illnesses, I have to talk myself into carrying my BKR bottle with me. The problem is that my reusable water bottle is a big, bulky, glass bottle and it weighs down my bag, but then again I just have to weigh up the benefits of reusing it and the cons of carrying it around to see it will be worth it to shrink my carbon footprint. 

5 Simple Ways to Make The World a Better Place

This one is one I have always been a big advocate for, it is so easy to just be a kindhearted person and more often than not it costs you absolutely nothing. It is simple to just smile at strangers, hold open doors for those walking behind you, say please, thank you and you're welcome. Chances are if you make a nice gesture and go out of your way to be kind to someone not only will it make them happy, but it will encourage them to do the same for someone else they meet that day. Whether you are giving up your seat on public transport for that older women, buying a coffee for that homeless man you walk past daily or opt to cheer on your peers instead of mocking them and belittling them it will cause a domino effect. One thing I have noticed definitely causes an effect is when I pile up the plates in a restaurant to make it easier for the waiters to clear the table, almost every time I do it I spot someone watching me before doing it themselves. It is the simplest and smallest gestures that take up the shortest amount of time that usually has the largest effect on other people. 

Our generation, generation Y or millennials as we are often referred to are thought of as being the most selfish generation of people around. I will be the first to admit that sometimes it can be very true, we often forget that other people are affected by things just as much as we are. Whether we are forgetting about those in need, we are forgetting other people have feelings or we are forgetting that the world does not revolve around us, we are often guilty of being very self-centred. I'm not saying we are all selfish all the time, of course we are not, much to the dismay of the baby boomer generation, but just like every other generation before us we have flaws and sometimes we are likely to forget about those around us from time to time. Give to charity, volunteer, participate in a fundraiser, clear the snow off the path of the old lady who lives across from you. There are such simple things we can do that can encourage better behaviour and unlike the older generation I totally think you should brag about it all over the web. You gave that homeless man a sandwich and paid for his night in a hostel, tweet it, you gave a random man your all-day train ticket because you no longer needed it, Snapchat it. If we share our good deeds it encourages others to do them too, it's not always because you want praised for it, you might just want other people to do the same. 

5 Simple Ways to Make The World a Better Place

We often get caught up in the trend to buy all the products from the big, famous and popular brands whether we are shopping in Zara, buying from Chanel or find ourselves in Space NK on a daily basis, we often forget that there are smaller brands who need our support. This one is something I have been thinking of since Charlotte from Colours and Carousels did her shop local Christmas gift guides. There are so many smaller and more local stores who are much more reliant on people buying from them than the likes of Too Faced, Topshop and Starbucks. Instead of heading to Paperchase for your mother's day card, why not search through Etsy and make someone's day with your single purchase? Or hop into that new, local coffee shop instead of heading to Starbucks daily? Of course you don't have to only buy from small or local brands and stores, but by shopping with them you are most likely making a huge difference to their day and income and if you then share your purchases with friends or online you can encourage others to do the same. 

I know what you're thinking; "didn't you just say that there are rumours about recycling?" Well yeah, but it doesn't mean that you should still try to be eco-friendly, plus recycling doesn't necessarily mean putting things in the correct bins, you can recycle old clothes by donating them to charity, you can recycle plastic bags by reusing them, you can recycle cardboard, paper and so on by putting them into art supplies for kids, I mean, who here didn't make something out of a toilet roll tube in school as a kid? A lot of schools take in recycled supplies that can be used in art class. Recycling can mean refilling the glass water bottle with water and putting it in the fridge, recycling could mean buying shop for life bags that you keep in your car for trips to Morrison's. There are many ways you can recycle and decrease your carbon footprint without breaking the bank or taking too much time out of your day. Whether you separate your rubbish, donate to charity or reuse your plastics simple alterations to your daily life can encourage more people to do the same. I mean, we have all felt that guilt when we forget our bag for life and have to buy a plastic one while we are in Tesco or Morrison's, and although it is a terrible feeling, if we encourage the use of bags for life more people will use them, right? 

If you are looking for more ways to save the planet and be eco-friendly I recommend you read this incredible post by Victoria from inthefrow - click here to read it. 

Are there any other ways we can make the world a better place? Tell me below in the comments and lets discuss. 

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