The Skincare Brand That Transformed My Skin

The Skincare Brand That Transformed My Skin

If you know me you probably know I have a massive love for skincare, I adore trying new skincare and trying out different brands. I have pretty sensitive skin so I have been on the look for new, more natural skincare brands to use on a daily basis so when a few products from Boot's Botanics Organic range appeared at my doorstep I was beyond excited to crack the products open and get to work. The lovely team sent me over two products from the range, both of which I had never tried before recently and which made great additions to my skincare collection. They sent over the 100% organic with rosehip nourishing facial oil and the 80% organic with rosehip hydrating eye cream. 

You might already be aware that I love a good facial oil, they are my favourite products to use especially in cold, winter weather when my skin is feeling dry and dehydrated. Eye cream has never really been a product I have used actually, probably because before now I've really really understood where you apply the cream or what it does for your undereye area, but this product has slowly become an everyday must have as it has completely changed the way I think of my undereye area. What I love most about these products is that they are both organic and infused with rosehip which is rich in omega and fatty acids which are essential in producing the skin's natural oil barrier. Thus, the rosehip within these products help to hydrate your skin while leaving it to look youthful and plump. 

The Skincare Brand That Transformed My Skin

I received these products on January 31st and have been using them both daily for just over 3 weeks now and can truly see the positive influence they have had on my skin. In the morning after breakfast and coffee, I start on my skincare regime where these products have become main stars; I drop some of the facial oil onto my fingertips, rub it together to heat it up before rubbing it in circular motions all over my face. Doing this after I tone is the perfect time as it allows my skin to completely soak up all the omegas, fatty acids and goodness. Once the oil has sunken into my skin I am then able to apply the eye cream before my moisturiser, I pop a tiny amount on my fingertip and then rub it onto the bone under my eye, going to the corner out almost onto the cheekbone and back a few times just to make sure it is soaked up. I then repeat this in the evening once my makeup has been removed, my face is cleansed and toned I apply both products before my sleeping mask/moisturiser and pop between the sheets letting it sink into my skin throughout the night. 

Both products are pretty good in size, both containing a hefty amount of product while being travel-friendly. When I first applied the oil I applied too much product, a tiny amount of the oil is needed otherwise you will completely drench your face and be waiting a good 15 minutes for the product to soak up. The same could be said for the eye cream, but it really depends on how you apply your eye creams and how much you need to cover the area. I pop a tiny rice sized amount on my fingertip and it tends to do one undereye area before I squeeze out the same amount for the other eye. What I do love is how quickly both products seem to sink into the skin, I have tried facial oils which have been on my face a good 20 minutes before I feel I can apply my moisturiser but this one takes about 1 to 2 minutes before you can apply your moisturiser. This means that no matter how late I am running I always have time to go through my complete skin care regime and won't have to skip out the facial oil and eye cream. 

The Skincare Brand That Transformed My Skin

So, you are probably wondering how these products worked for me, right? I have been using them for just over 3 weeks now and have seen my skin go from looking dry, tired and almost grey to being hydrated, plump and brighter than ever. I wish I had taken some makeup-free photos before I began using these products just to show you the incredible change that has happened during the past 3 weeks, but sadly I am a terrible blogger, who didn't think ahead. For a good one and a half to two months before I began using these products I was stressed, tired, constantly feeling unwell and I actually let go when it came to skincare, I just didn't have products I wanted to use anymore. I would cleanse, tone and moisturise but I wasn't face masking, I wasn't using a facial oil or an eye cream, I had found myself in a skincare slump where my Magnitone was the length of my skincare regime, but Botanics got me out of that slump. 

My skin needed some good TLC and love, it needed these products, products that worked with it in ways no others had for a long time. I think these products were sent out at the perfect time and my skin could not be more grateful. I am not as embarrassed to go outside makeup free as I was for a few weeks. What I have noticed the most is how awake I look, the eye cream has completely hydrated my undereye area, it now looks plump and I can definitely fake a good 8 hours of sleep a lot easier. Before I began using this eye cream I hadn't used one before, I guess I was confused by them, how would they help? Where do I apply them? How can it possibly make me look any better, if I have bags, I have bags? Turns out eye creams are not a gimmick and it fact can completely change how you see your undereye area. Mine are looking plump, hydrated and the skin is feeling smoother, less dry and I feel like I could probably go without concealer on top of my foundation if I wanted to. 

I cannot wait to try out some more Botanics products and thankfully I can, I am officially a Botanics ambassador and will be sharing my experience with the brand and their wonderful products on here and social media. I cannot wait to tell you some more success stories. I never expected to love these products quite as much as I do, they have completely transformed how I see my skin and how I treat it. Botanics is a drugstore brand created by Boots, so just like many, I assumed the small price tag equalled small results, but no, I am happy to say that these amazing results come from products that definitely do not break the bank. 

The Skincare Brand That Transformed My Skin

So what is your favourite skincare brand? Have you tried Botanics? Do you think that only pricey products give good results? Tell me in the comments below.

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