7 Days of Bad Gal BANG!

7 Days of Bad Gal BANG!

So, you may have seen on my Instagram and Twitter that one of my absolute favourite brands Benefit Cosmetics sent me a PR package with their new release, the Bad Gal BANG! mascara. First of all, let's think of how big a deal this is to a tiny little blogger like me, I'm still grinning away. Anyway, I know this mascara is a hugely anticipated release with almost every makeup fan in the world wanting to try it out, test it and read dozens of reviews to see if it might be their new holy grail, so I wanted to do just that. I wanted to test out the mascara and write the one review you'd have to read to prevent you from having to look through another dozen more. I am a little tired myself, of reading review after review of products, the same structure, the same sub-titles and so on, so I wanted to approach this review from a whole new angle, so here is my week with Bad Gal BANG!

The product itself is very Benefit, a sleek black packaging with gorgeous, bright pink and grey text with a rubber studded lid. The product itself feels very rubbery, so I definitely think it could be stained in a makeup bag if products leak or explode. The packaging itself is quite clunky and thick, definitely not the best mascara for carrying in a makeup bag daily, but if you're used to the likes of Benefit's They're Real or Too Faced's Better Than Sex, then you're fine as it is around the same size as them. Once you open the product you can see the extremely flexible, sleek, tapered wand. The wand itself may be very sleek, but the bristles are quite thick which usually makes lashes very dense, but does this one? Let's try it.

As soon as I applied the product it was clear that an eyelash curler was needed when using this mascara, but this doesn't bother me, barely any mascaras can be used without an eyelash curler. What I did notice was how wet the product appears to be, it definitely has the potential to give that spider look that mascaras can cause if you apply to many coats, but very little coats are needed, I brush it through my lashes 2-3 times and my lashes looked dark, elongated and dense. If you prefer a more spread out look for your lashes I don't think this is the guy for you, he likes to keep his lashes close and touching. 

7 Days of Bad Gal BANG!

Today I decided I wanted to try out this product all day long and check how long it lasts. Today, I opted to put my mascara on after I had curled my lashes, thus giving my lashes a curlier edge for when I could apply the mascara. The mascara applied much less goopy than it had yesterday which implied that the first use may have a sort of "wear in" period to it. I like how the brush is bendy because I don't have to get my arms in weird positions to get those little lashes in the corner of my eye, the brush does the bending for me, these little eyelashes were also grateful for the tapered wand as the smaller side of the brush could apply mascara to the lashes without getting it all over my face. 

While wearing the product I happened to get an itchy eye and trying to strategically rub my eye while not rubbing the product all over my face was quite hard. The product seems to move very easily, it is almost like it doesn't want to stay put, I'm not really someone to touch my eyes a lot unless my contact is sitting weird or I get an itchy eye, but for anyone who touches their eyelashes regularly you will have trouble with this product, it smudges quite easily. This does, however, mean it is incredibly easy to take off at the end of the day. Today I used my Magnitone Wipe Out makeup remover wipes with water and it completely clears my lashes of any product, thus it can be a bonus. 

I don't normally wear makeup on a Sunday, but I thought, to hell with it, let's apply some mascara and continue test riding this little guy. I did, however, opt to test the mascara out again today, after a little nourishment was given to my lashes. On days where I haven't got any makeup on I like to apply a little vaseline to my lashes, get some nourishment back into them, I usually only do this at night but since it was a no makeup day I opted to do it for the whole day too. Since many people like to use Vaseline as a mascara primer I thought it wouldn't really make a difference but oh how I was wrong, it made a lot of difference when using this mascara. 

The Bad Gal BANG! does not work well with Vaseline underneath, the product just refuses to dry at all and continues to be quite wet and smudges even easier, I mean, putting on my glasses managed to make it smudge? About four hours after I had applied it to my lashes I looked back in the mirror and I had some black dots under my eyes where the product had actually had fall out? I definitely think this was due to the Vaseline as I hadn't experienced this both other days I had worn the mascara, but it was not pretty. I haven't tried the product out with a proper eyelash primer, but if you use Vaseline as a lash primer, I definitely recommend you do not use this mascara or do not prim your lashes with Vaseline when you do use this mascara. 

7 Days of Bad Gal BANG!

Today, I opted back to my usual regime, I had applied Vaseline to my lashes last night, so it washed off while washing my face and my lashes were bare and ready to be curled before applying Bad Gal BANG! This seemed to work out best as my lashes took to the mascara best today of all four days I had used it. I felt like I had finally found my way around the brush, I hadn't applied too much, but I wasn't applying too little, plus applying a coat to the right eye, then a coat to the left and rotating back was a much better system than slapping 2-3 coats on one eye at a time. It allowed the coats to dry a little before the next was applied and this definitely helped with the wet feel, which many bloggers have mentioned in their posts about this mascara. 

Today I probably wore the mascara the longest, I applied it around 11am and took my makeup off again around 9pm, so 10 hours approx. Today my lashes weren't feeling wet like they were on Sunday, nor did I have any fallout. Not only did the mascara stay in place perfectly all day, but they also stayed curled all day long, which is surprising since the mascara has quite a thick consistency. 

Today I have awoken with a cold, which means watery eyes and since I am in university until 6pm, wearing Bad Gal BANG! is a bold move, but it's a bold move I am willing to take on the behalf of this test. I already know the formula is not a waterproof one and in fact is pretty bad with water of the touching of eyes so it was a risky move, but it worked out okay in the end as the product didn't run or smudge despite my watery eyes and frequent tissue use. The only problem I found throughout the day was the fall out was pretty bad again and I had little black specks under my eyes. This probably happened as the tissues rub the product off the lashes and they fell, but brushing my cheek with my hand sent the fallout on its way without leaving black smudges around my face, so it all worked out in the end.

I wasn't able to take my makeup off until it had already gone 11pm today and my lashes were still intact, despite the fallout and over 12 hours of wear, however, the curl had drooped a little, but I don't think that was anything to do with the mascara. Today I took my makeup off with my trusty L'Oreal Micellar Water and some cotton pads to test how well the mascara can be removed using them. It took a few little gentle rubs and it was all gone, which I was very pleased with as I hate spending ages faffing about taking my makeup off at night, I just want to get into bed. 

7 Days of Bad Gal BANG!

Today I woke up feeling ridiculously bad, so I took the day off university, but not off this test run and so I still applied the mascara to my lashes to make sure no new issues could appear today. Since the watery eye situation had settled down today I didn't have the fall out issue I had yesterday. I actually found today's trial run to be one of the most smooth running ones of the week, the product applied with easy, it left my lashes looking dark, long and beautiful and they stayed that way the entire 8-10 hours I had the product on them. Today I even went for a nap with the product on since I was feeling very run down and I woke up with my pillow clean, no fall out, no black smudges and it was the same with my face, the product stayed put the whole time.

Despite still being absolutely loaded with the cold and fighting a major allergic reaction I decided to go to university and not miss the lecture that was scheduled for today. Thus, I applied my mascara and got on with the day. Today my lashes received a compliment for possibly the first time ever all thanks to Bad Gal BANG!, a lovely girl I go to university with commented that I had lovely, long lashes and asked which mascara I was using and where she could buy it, which of course I answered. Today was a really terrible day for me after an allergic reaction which made my nose double in size started to cause me severe pain for hours, because of this reaction and the gross blisters which came with it I had to remove my makeup earlier, but because I am a team player I took off all my makeup except my mascara which I continued to wear until 10pm. 

The mascara once again stayed in place and kept my lashes looking long and dark all day long. It's definitely not a product you have to reapply, actually, I think reapplying it could make your lashes look clumped and spider-like which no one wants. I also find the formula to be slightly heavier than other mascaras I have used, but I have quite sturdy lashes and a lot of them at that so my curl stays in place most of the time, but if your lashes are less dense and can't take a heavy mascara then this one is definitely not for you. If I were to think of a dupe or a similar mascara the first one that comes to mind is the L'Oreal Manga mascara.

So have you tried this mascara? Are you going to? What do you look for in a mascara?

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