The Concealer to Help you Fake 8hrs of Sleep

The Concealer to Help you Fake 8hrs of Sleep

Hi, I am Robyn and I don't get pale, I get jaundice. I am, of course, completely kidding, actually, I am mocking myself to be completely honest, I have olive skin, on the paler side of the spectrum for 90% of the year, but still, I have olive skin. The problem with having olive skin is that my undertones are yellow, not blue, not red, yellow thus I find it hard to find concealers and foundations that actually match my skin tone. They are either the wrong undertone or too yellow and thus I look like I walked right off an episode of The Simpsons. I often find myself dwelling on whether or not to purchase a new foundation for days, sometimes weeks. So of course when I find a new foundation or concealer that I adore I religiously use it for months, not even daring to look at another unless I know for sure there is a match for me that will work perfectly for my unique skin tone. Thus, for the longest time I have been using the NYX HD concealer, but alas, I may have found another to add to my collection and even better, maybe, the matching foundation, Too Faced Born This Way.

I pondered over the purchasing of this product for quite some time, I read so many wonderful reviews, but the Too Faced counters close to me had just a handful of shades and if I picked up the wrong shade I ran the risk of putting myself off the product altogether. It was a narrow line I was walking, but I went to the counter and asked to be matched. When it comes to my holy grail NYX HD concealer I almost always purchase my perfect match aka CW04, but after reading so many reviews complimenting the brightening effect of the Too Faced Born This Way concealer I took the workers advice to go for a shade that would brighten the area under my eyes, thus I was matched to light-medium. This shade is described as a light shade with neutral undertones, I am not 100% sure I agree with that, the undertones look almost peachy to me when I got it home and swatched it I panicked, had this worker allowed me to walk around all day with the wrong shade of concealer on? How had I not noticed it myself? But a quick look in the mirror showed actually no, she hadn't, my face looked fine, in fact, the area under my eyes looked brighter, almost like I actually got a good night's sleep last night. 

The Concealer to Help you Fake 8hrs of Sleep

So let's talk about what you are here for, how good is the product? Well, I use this product only under my eyes as I use it as a brightening tool, so I still apply my trusty NYX HD concealer to any blemishes so to hide them, so the only spot covering I can vouch for is the under the skin spot that peaked through last month just below my eye. If I wanted to use this product to actually hide blemishes, I would definitely have to buy the medium one and mix it with this one, as I don't think they have the best range of shades available as they do only have 16 shades in total, so I would 100% advice you get matched if you are thinking of purchasing this product yourself.  

Like I said, I can only vouch for the spot covering of an under the skin spot with no head on it as I am using this as an under the eye concealer alone. It covered the spot well and kept it covered all day, I didn't have to reapply because the spot was beginning to make an entrance at all throughout the day and this was without primer. Due to my inabilities to review how well this concealer covers whiteheads, blackheads or spots in general here are a few links to lovely bloggers who did review this while reviewing the wonderful concealer. I can, however, vouch for the brightening of this concealer, it works wonders when it comes to brightening, I had never really tried the whole theory of using a lighter shade to lighten the area beneath your eyes but this one definitely works that hack. The concealer is advertised as a naturally radiant concealer so of course, it makes me look like I have had a full 8 hours of sleep and that I am wide-eyed and bushy-tailed even before 9am. 

The Concealer to Help you Fake 8hrs of Sleep
I was a little apprehensive about posting this one, for some unknown reason my hair looks greasy af, I promise it is not. 

I don't know if it is something that comes with the olive skin tone, but every member of my family that inherited the olive tone has the same darkened, discoloured skin around our eyes. This is one of the reasons concealer is such a huge deal to me, because sometimes even foundations aren't able to mask my natural panda eye look and if I haven't had a good night's sleep, the dark circles add to it giving me that "been punched in both eyes" look that is just perfect for a day at university or a job interview. This concealer covers them perfectly however, I audibly gasped the first time I tested it. I wanted to test it completely so I took all my makeup off and applied the concealer to the freshly moisturised skin in a triangle just below my eyes and slightly to the outer corners where a lot of the darkness seems to be. I buffed it in on one eye using my trusty beauty blender and on the other eye, I used my handy Magnitone Blend Up vibrating foundation brush. The finished look was insane, the skin around my eyes no longer darker, in fact, it was lighter than that of the skin on the rest of my face. It was brighter, looked more refreshed and definitely glowy. 

Judging by the amazing job the concealer does, I am now debating purchasing the matching foundation, although their lack of shade options does make me a little apprehensive. I definitely think if I could have a shade that matched perfectly with my skin tone for blemishes that my trusty NYX HD one would be having trouble, but for now, they both live in harmony working together to make my face look good. 

The Concealer to Help you Fake 8hrs of Sleep


So, let me know what you think, is this concealer for you? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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