Finding my Jewellery Style

Finding my Jewellery Style

Typically, I don't tend to wear jewellery, a necklace here, a bracelet there, basically, the only pieces I wear more than on special occasions is my Swatch watch and earrings. That is until I found jewellerybox. You see, the reason I don't typically wear jewellery is that I find it hard to find jewellery that I like, that suits my style. Jewellery items tend to be large, oversized, for a period of time they were also colourful and they just didn't fit in with the aesthetic I was looking for. I am quite petite myself, 5"2 and 100 pounds, so oversized jewellery wouldn't look good on me, even if I liked it. I am girly and I prefer dainty, delicate pieces, but I just didn't know where to begin. I didn't want to buy jewellery from stores like Topshop and H&M for fear it would die my skin green, but I also find it hard to shop online for fear it will not look as it does online, but jewellerybox is totally different and changed my whole vision of jewellery.

Finding my Jewellery Style

Jewellerybox or jewellerybox.co.uk is an online store based in London, their vision is to provide real jewellery at a costume jewellery price. As a student, this is incredibly beneficial as I don't have to splurge out on pieces and I can grow my collection at a steady pace by ordering a handful of items at once and not just one or two pieces here and there. Even more, they have the most gorgeous, yet completely sustainable packaging that definitely doesn't increase your carbon footprint, which is always great, right? Well, I personally think so. 

Finding my Jewellery Style

The lovely people over at jewellerybox got in touch with me and asked if I would like to pick some items and have them send them over to me. As soon as I clicked through on the link to their website I was deeply, deeply in love. Every single item on their website is so beautiful, completely gold or silver and incredibly delicate and dainty, just the type of jewellery a girl like me wants. The first item I fell for was the gorgeous belcher bracelet, I have been on the lookout for a simplistic but beautiful bracelet for a while. When I was young you would have found me sporting a charm bracelet filled with oversized charms, but as I've matured I have found that bigger isn't always better, especially when it comes to the items I wear on my tiny, child-like wrists. I then found myself eyeing up the silver karma circles pendant, it wasn't until I saw the gold version being sported by a fellow blogger on the brand's social media that I truly realised I needed this necklace in my life. After this came the earrings, I was a big fan of the jacket earrings brought out by the likes of Thomas Sabo and Dior, so when I saw the gorgeous pearl jacket studs I knew I needed them in my life. The final item on my list is the square geometric stacking rings set. My fingers are something I try to draw as little attention to as possible, they are crooked and too long and skinny, my niece calls them my skeleton fingers, but I want to get over this hate as it is an incredibly silly one and the best place to start is by placing items I love on them, right? 

Each item came in the most beautiful packaging, completely made of cardboard each part of the box can be completely recycled and continue its life cycle, that is if you can throw them out because I can't. They're just so beautiful, I don't want to throw them in the bin, even if its the recycle one. After taking each item out their box I realised how beautiful they all look together, although I may look a little overdone wearing all of the items out at once, they definitely could all be paired together despite the miss matched pendants and pearls. I tried out each item, the necklace is on a 19-inch chain, the perfect length if you want your necklace to sit around mid-decolletage. The pendant is petite and not oversized so it looks lovely layered with other pieces or by itself, right now I am loving wearing it alone over my oversized knits and cosy jumpers, but during the warmer weather I will definitely be layering this piece up while I wear my cami tops. 

Finding my Jewellery Style
I got my rings in a size small as my ring size is an L on most of my fingers. I love the look of these rings all stacked on one finger with just a slight gap between each, but I love it, even more, to wear two on one finger with a wider gap and the other on the finger beside that one. They are very simplistic, especially the plain silver band and by themselves, they may not look as beautiful, but these pieces paired together are beautiful and even a little daring for someone like me who has a very girly style. The earrings may actually be my favourite item in the entire collection which I got. They give me Chanel vibes but at an extremely lower price tag. Not only can you wear these gorgeous earrings as jackets with the second pearl danging down under your ear but you can wear them as simple pearls in your ears making them the best item for a day to night quick change. The bracelet is also absolutely stunning and I have had many compliments on it since I began wearing it, the only problem is how loose it seems to be on me, which is through no fault of the company, but rather the fact I literally have child-like wrists. It hangs over my hand a little if I wear it, but that style isn't really what I am looking for, so I plan on getting a few little loops taken out to allow it to fit my wrist how I would like it. Although it could come with more larger hoops in order for you to change the size, I think having the dangling piece of jewellery hanging would take away from the look and would much prefer to just have the bracelet altered to fit me perfectly. 

Jewellerybox allowed me to fall in love with jewellery in a way I never imagined I would be able to. I have even gone back to their site to have a look at any other items I hope to buy when payday comes. I already have my eyes on some more earrings and a few necklaces, I am even thinking of ways I can layer some of the pieces and I haven't even purchased them yet. I decided to go for silver for all of these pieces as I was feeling silver, but I may also pick some gold items up too, as I have a neutral skin tone and suit either so I think it would be fun to play with both as all the items in both gold and silver are beautiful on their website.

Do you have a Jewellery style? What is your favourite style of jewellery? Tell me below in the comments. 

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