'New Year, New Wardrobe' Wishlist

'New Year, New Wardrobe' Wishlist

I don't know about you, but something about the new year really makes me want to switch up my wardrobe. It's a new year, it's a fresh start and a chance to reinvent yourself, whether that's changing up your style completely or just adding some new items to your wardrobe to shake things up. For me, I want to bring my style to life, I've always been a little scared when it came to fashion, never stepping outside my comfort zone, never taking the next step to show my true style. I feel like I'm always worrying about how people would see me if I wore this, or second-guessing what people would say about me if I wore that. I think it is something we all go through, fashion is something that everyone sees, it's not something you hide away from the public, it is the first thing people see of you and when you're trying to find your individual style it can be hard, you don't want to stand out too much, be saw too much, but looking to those whose style you admire is always the first stepping stone in becoming confident in your style. 

I love to follow fashion Instagrams and often find inspiration in them, the way people just style themselves so effortlessly and don't worry about how others see them, I admire it. Today I have decided to give you a little insight into how I want to change up my style this year, how I want to bring my ideal style into existence. I'm not a fashion blogger, I'd love to be, but I haven't taken that step yet, so instead today's post is a wishlist of the items I am lusting after, the items I hope to add to my wardrobe to portray my style.

'New Year, New Wardrobe' Wishlist


So, the most prominent trend among the clothes I am lusting after is a lot of them are checkered and this is the smaller version so let me tell you, I didn't put in 5 other checkered items I am lusting after. Item number 4 is a gorgeous skirt from a suit set that is on ASOS, I have had my eyes on this entire suit for a few weeks now, I don't think I am quite cool enough to pull off the whole skirt suit thing, but y'know,  maybe one day. So instead I'll just add the skirt to my list and pair it with other pieces. I love that the checkered style is black, white and grey so it doesn't look too much, especially considering how small the checkered pattern is. Number 6 is all over Instagram right now, every fashion blogger and her mum has this pinafore and I totally want to jump on that trend. It is absolutely gorgeous, the pattern is so beautiful with the slight girly tone of pink going through the pattern. Plus, it would look amazing with a turtleneck underneath. 

If you know me, you know red is one of my all-time favourite colours and I just don't think I don't wear enough of it. It is a bright colour that draws attention to you, but like I said, I want to become more daring with what I wear. Piece 1 is an item that adds a little red to your wardrobe while staying quite tame, it is a white shirt with red writing, so it can be paired with many different outfit combinations to create a gorgeous outfit. I adore the French vibes and since this top includes the French word for love, obviously I adore it. Number 5 is a much more daring piece, it is a huge, over-sized, red knit that would definitely draw attention to you. I adore it though, it could be dressed up or dressed down and will the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Number 12 is another way to add this trend to your wardrobe without going overboard, it is a gorgeous red handbag with the most beautiful silver accents, I love that this opening is so unique with the bow going through the big circle. 

I want to stop wearing jeans so much, I would love to branch out and try some proper trousers, but once again, I am incredibly intimidated. Number 15 is some spotty trousers, they almost seem a little too summery to be added to this January wishlist, but I couldn't help it, wouldn't they look amazing with a turtleneck? I am in love with these gorgeous trousers and they would definitely take me out of my comfort zone by forcing me to not only wear trousers but wear patterned trousers. 

Could I do a wishlist without adding anything pink? I am a huge fan of millennial pink, pale and pastel pinks, they are my favourite shades. Number 2 is a pair of gorgeous pale pink heels, I think these would look amazing with jeans, a skirt, trousers and even a one piece, they are just so cute. They are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe without going overboard plus that little heel is perfect, not quite a kitten but definitely not stiletto. Number 3 is another pink piece, although a much paler tone that 2, number 3 is exactly my style, fancy sleeves with a cute knit, that is exactly my style. 

Sheer is such a subtle way to make the simplest top and blouse look incredibly fancy and cute. Both 10 and 11 have polka dot sheer sleeves and look very similar but I couldn't choose which one I wanted more, so I added both. 10 is a long-sleeved top with gorgeous puffy shoulder detailing and a plain front and back, wouldn't it look great under the pinafore in 6? 11 is a little fancier with a sheer part on the chest, I absolutely adore this one and definitely think it's the perfect "jeans and a nice top" addition for the wardrobe which can be dressed up or down. 

I am trying to move away from wearing too much black, I know you're literally thinking "Robyn, this wishlist is filled with black items" I know, I know, but I am trying I promise. Since it is a colour I feel comfortable in, I have to wear it somehow and what's a better way to wear it than in accessories? Number 7 is a beautiful pair of ankle boots with oversized buckles, I mean, could they be more be? number 8 is a beautiful bag with an oversized circle handle, I love this whole circle detailing on bags that Chloe started, it just makes a bag less boring, doesn't it? Number 9 is a black fedora styled hat, I love hats like this, I have like 5 but of course, I need a new one. They just make outfits less boring. Number 13 is a pair of fancy flat black shoes, which will make any outfit look classy and stylish. 

Do you own any of these items? Which is your favourite? Tell me below in the comments. 

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