I Got Over My Blogger Block, Let Me Tell You How

I Got Over My Blogger Block, Let Me Tell You How

Bloggers are like authors in a sense, we write our own content that comes from a place within, we aren't given the headlines and told to write about specific topics, we are different from journalists. Our topics are chosen and created by us, our content is chosen and created by us, our minds are always on overdrive thinking about that next blog post or what we will be writing about a month from now. It's all us, there is no middleman, no boss, no editor, we write from our brains and our hearts. So what does it mean when our brains are tired? When we are overworked or busy elsewhere in life and our brain hasn't had time to process content? Well, just like authors, we often get writer's block. We feel like we have run dry of content, we have no idea what's next on the agenda. It happens to the best of us and recently it happened to me, aka one of the mediocre ones, I think, or rather I hope I'm at least mediocre. 

I started my masters degree, I focused most of my attention on getting good grades, learning and doing well in university. My brain was almost always focused on an essay, a project, a class, notes, a reading or y'know when I had the chance, food. This meant there was no room for blog planning, no room for writing up content, no room for visualising angles to take on subjects or even subjects at all. I found myself sitting at the computer on days I was free and just staring at it wondering why I'm even bothering, I have no content to write, but I'd force it. I would try to write about the content I hoped people would read, I forced content, it was wooden, it was unpassionate and most of all I hated everything about it. 

I Got Over My Blogger Block, Let Me Tell You How

Forcing content when you are having a bit of a brain fart, or as the academics call it writer's block, is the worst thing you can do. I tried it and I actually fell out of love with blogging, it made me hate blogging because my content wasn't good, in fact, I hated the posts I was putting live. I knew I felt it, so I knew anyone reading it could feel it too, but some part of me thought it was better to get content out even if it's disengaging than to not post at all, no, wrong, bad idea. My content wasn't  just disengaging for me, it wasn't engaging to readers, it was clunky, it was boring and it didn't feel genuine. If I had just taken some time off, got myself some rest, hydrated and came back to my blog a week maybe even two later I would be ready to get back into it, I would have found my mojo again, but I didn't see it that way. I would be up at 2am doing university work then stay up until 4am forcing content that I'd push myself to put live the next day. I didn't give myself time, I didn't give my blog space. 

If things aren't working out, take a step back, when I finally convinced myself to do this it was winter break, my mojo still wasn't back and I felt like a phoney, I didn't love blogging or love my blog anymore. I decided enough was enough, I had done this to myself, I needed a break. I posted across social media that heythererobyn.com would not be updated until the new year, I logged out my emails and I unbookmarked any websites I would usually access on the daily from my phone. I took Christmas off and after two or three days I began thinking of content, of a new layout, I began to list new ideas in my head, I could visualise a future for heythererobyn, I could see a future where I still loved blogging and blogging still loved me. All I needed was a few days of not thinking about my blog and suddenly my mojo came back, it's true what they say distance does make the heart grow fonder. 

I Got Over My Blogger Block, Let Me Tell You How

I wrote up a list, guidelines I guess you could call them for what I wanted to do on my blog, what I wanted my corner of the internet to look like, to signify. The first guideline was that the content of my blog was posts I loved, that I connected with and was 100% proud of. I made a mental promise to myself to give up forcing things just for views or to make sure I was sticking to my timetable, I would only post blog posts that I felt were true to who I was and that I held a true connection with. This includes everything from subjects to the writing within my posts to the photography I use to accompany my blog posts. Doing this has made blogging feel so much more authentic, my views have gone up, interactions have increased and my followers are growing steadily across all of my social media channels, it is clear that content I work hard on and love is also the content that other people prefer. 

One of the hardest factors for me to deal with is that I cannot please everyone, the content I am proud of and take pride in may be different from the content some people liked to see me write, that's life. I lose followers every now and then, but I gain more. Losing followers is hard, realising some people don't like your content, but you cannot please everyone, trying to do this lead me to my bump in the road in the first place. I write my content for me and for my readers, I write what feels right to me, but I like to write content that is hopefully beneficial to other people too. Trying to please everyone leads to a lot of disappointment, accepting that you can't, has given me a sense of calmness surrounding losing followers. 

Did you start a blog to gain a following? Did you start to blog because you thought it would make you lots of money? Probably not, if you did, you probably shouldn't be blogging. Chances are you didn't, so why do you put so much attention on those factors now? I began blogging to get into university, but it had been something I wanted to do for a long time before that. I love to write, I am very creative and I thought if I had somewhere to channel that then I would have the worlds best hobby. When I remind myself that I blog because I like to write and share, because I like to help others and get my creative juices flowing, suddenly all these other reasons seem silly. Reminding myself the reason I blog is exactly why I came back on January 1st with a determination to make this my best blogging year ever, because that girl who opened up her laptop and bought the 'heythererobyn.com' domain all those years ago deserves to finally shine through, and that one obsessed with followers and likes, she deserves to get kicked to the curb. 

Nothing motivates me quite like a new outfit or a new hairstyle or some new makeup. Any way I can upgrade my look motivates me to go out there and make the world my oyster, so what makes blogging any different? I didn't need a new outfit or some new makeup pieces to sit at my desk and write up content, but what I could use was a makeover for my blog. My blog is what I project onto the internet world and I want it to look just as presentable as I'd hope to think I look, so I was need of a new look, an update, to get my motivation on. I upgraded my layout to one that I truly adore more than anything and now that I am happy with the aesthetic of my blog, all I want to do is continue to love everything about my blog. 

How do you get through a blogger block or a creative rut? Share your tips in the comments below! 

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