Do I Fit in on the Internet?

Do I Fit in on the Internet?

Like every blogger or social media fan I often find myself hopping from social media app to social media app and back again. It's like that bad habit I just can't shake, sometimes social media can leave me feeling self-conscious and unfulfilled, sometimes it makes me happy and excited and other times it just leaves me overthinking. Those thoughts are sometimes over-bearing, worrisome thoughts, but sometimes, like now, they're just plain thoughts, plain and simple. Like, do I fit in here? Where is my place on the internet? Which group of bloggers do I fit beside? Am I just floating here in a state of limbo between the paths, alone and awkward? 

These thoughts don't worry me, they don't make me happy either, they just fill me with a sense of curiosity. I try not to worry too often, I've been trying to leave that side of me back in 2017, where I would ask these questions and one way or another the answer would become "you don't fit, leave, delete your blog, delete your social media, delete your god damn life". I am trying to leave dramatic Robyn behind, she is still in 2017 panicking over whether that sore head is her body's way of telling her she is dying. Instead, I just find the whole idea of figuring out my path curious, maybe I don't fit, maybe I am alone, but would that be such a bad thing? To be completely unique? I guess I am not alone then because I'm not necessarily that unique from other bloggers out there. I'm not a big blogger so that takes that group away, of course, I'm not a new blogger, I'm not a blogger with a set niche, I don't just write lifestyle, beauty or fashion, so niche categories are out the window. Where do I fit in and am I happy to be there? 

Do I Fit in on the Internet?

I see bloggers with a wide group of blogger friends, they are always engaging with one another on social media, meeting up in real life and being overall supportive. They have their place, plush, comfortable and steady because they created their place, their friendship set the grounds for a new 'it' place on the internet. This is hard for me, I do a masters degree, I am trying to plan for a future after uni, I live so far away from most of the lovely people I know from the internet, it is hard for me to build friendships that blur the line between online and offline. I think of so many lovely girls online as my friends, but I am not in one of these blogger groups that match outfits and attend events together and give us all the 'girl power' goals we could ask for, so making a place on the internet it hard because I can't really do it alone. So where do I fit in?

This year, I decided heythererobyn needed a change, I was unhappy with my content across all my platforms, my blog, my Instagram, my Twitter, everything needed to change. I had grown out of where my blog was and I needed to reposition it in a way that it grew with me. I changed my layout, I changed the way I approach my blog and its content, I changed my photography style, I changed how I approached people on Twitter, I changed my entire Instagram up and hoped that my repositioning saw me being repositioned within the internet, but did it? Am I part of the crowd or am I alone? Am I just hanging in there or am I part of something bigger? 

Do I Fit in on the Internet?

Being a blogger can be difficult, especially when you are not from London or the surrounding areas, especially when you're socially awkward af and find it hard to make the first interaction. I feel both lost in the sea and like I am steering my own god damn ship at the same time. I feel like I am both fitting in and standing out. How can I be all of these things at once? Am I kidding myself? Do I fit in? Do I want to fit in? It has been something that has pestered me for a few weeks now, I don't know where I stand as a blogger, but I also don't think I ever will. I think we all feel a little lost at sea, but we just steer on and hope one day a clear pathway comes into view. 

Are you lost at sea or do you know exactly where you fit in on the internet? Do you think we have to fit in? Tell me in the comments below. 

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