2018 Goals: Life, Blog and Beyond

2018 Goals: Life, Blog and Beyond

I have a certain love for new years, not necessarily the celebration or the new years eve events, but the entire concept of a new page, a new chapter, a whole new book. I have been someone who wants to be better, do better, I am a goal setter, I am someone who is never happy with where I am or what I am doing. It isn't because I'm unhappy in life, I just always want to do better, be better and improve upon something, anything. I don't believe that you can ever stop improving upon yourself whether you're learning new things, improving upon skills, becoming a better person, there is always an area that can be improved, no one is perfect. I love that, I love to set goals and since today is the beginning of a new year, on a Monday no less, I wanted to start this year by putting in place some goals for myself. By sharing these goals maybe I can motivate myself to do better in the year ahead. 

So in November of this year, I will graduate from university once again, this time I will be graduating with a masters degree and I am more than excited about it. So far my masters degree has gone pretty well, I am getting incredible grades, I am enjoying the work and I truly believe I have found the career path that is right for me. I would absolutely love to graduate with a masters of science in international marketing with distinction which is where I am heading at the moment, but I also wouldn't be mad if I got merit instead of distinction, at the end of the day I know that I have every reason to be proud of myself and my family will be proud of me too and really that is all that matters. I just want to graduate with the best grade I could possibly receive by creating work to the very best of my ability and that is what I have been doing so far and it has served me well. 

This one is what I will be stressing out over in a few months from now when I start the hunt for getting that job when my degree comes to an end. I would love to be in a graduate job come December of this year, a job within the marketing sector that I enjoy and that I don't mind getting up in the morning for. The idea of working in a job that doesn't bring me joy stresses me out to no end, I know I will have to go through periods of working when I'm not enjoying it or where I don't like getting up in the morning for the job, but if it is in the marketing sector then I am sure I will enjoy it either way as I adore marketing. To even just be working in a job that maybe I am not enjoying but that can help me get to one I will is enough for me. 

The blog slipped onto the back burner for most of 2017, I didn't blog quite as much as I wanted to, I didn't post as high-quality posts as I would have, I found myself hating my blog for most of the year, I wasn't as good at blogging in 2017 but I want this to change for 2018. I want to be a better blogger in 2018, I would love to post content I am proud of, with photography I am happy to share, I want to look back this team next year and be able to see my content evolve and grow; better, bigger, more enjoyable. I look to so many bloggers who have incredible content, content that I could only dream of creating myself, but this year I don't want it to be a dream, I want to be the blogger I always dreamed I would be. 

2018 Goals: Life, Blog and Beyond

I am someone who can always admit to my downfalls and I definitely think a downfall for myself when it comes to my corner of the internet is my photography. I don't enjoy how my photography looks, I have already started trying to improve my Instagram and I want to do the same for my blog, I want the photos on here to be beautiful, high-quality pictures that I am proud to share. I want to look back a year from now and compare two photos and think "Woah! look at the difference!"

I started last year reading a book a week for the first 4 months but then it came time to hand in my dissertation and I stopped reading as much and before long I stopped reading altogether. I love to read and I miss it so this year I want to read more, I want to find more time to sit with a book and get lost in it. Fiction books, non-fiction books, everything I want to read as many books as I possibly can this year. So get recommending books to me, please!!

I need to focus less on the opinions of others, I found myself not posting blog content because I am worried about what people will think of me, I have found myself worrying about what I say, what I wear, how I express myself because of the opinions of others. This year I want to spend less time focusing on the opinions of others and more time feeling completely comfortable and happy in who I am and how I will act, dress, think, feel and so on. Afterall, as the insightful Ru Paul once said; what other people think of me is none of my business. 

I find it easiest to compare numbers, so let's put my goals into numbers so I can compare how well I did a year from now; 
Graduations: 1, 
Jobs: 1/2, 
Books read: 30,
Twitter followers: 5,000,
Instagram followers: 2,000,
Bloglovin followers: 1,500,
Facebook likes: 500, 
Collaborations: 25,
Lessons learned: countless.

What goals would you like to achieve in 2018? Also if you have any book recommendations you can comment below or message me on any of my social media accounts: 

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