Walking in a Winter Wonderland at St Enoch Centre

Walking in a Winter Wonderland at St Enoch Centre

Have you ever walked in to somewhere during the month of December and you just automatically sing Winter Wonderland in your head? That is definitely how I felt last Tuesday when I was invited over to St Enoch Centre in Glasgow for their Christmas event. There was Santa, there was an elf, there were Christmas trees, tinsel, reindeers, presents and of course a bunch of gorgeous clothing items and beautiful beauty pieces. I spent most of my time walking around taking photos of everything, from the decorations to the clothing and beauty pieces, everything was just so photogenic and perfect. 

So if you're not aware, St Enoch is one of the big shopping centres in Glasgow city centre and for me, it may just be one of my favourites. It is home to Debenhams, Boots, Starbucks, Disney, Topshop and so much more. There is such a massive variety of shops and then even just popped in a cinema, adding in the amazing food court upstairs and you have a full days activity ready to go. I think that is why I love it so much, everything is just so easy. Especially at this time of year where you want to be inside as much as possible, being able to shop then go for food is so easy when you can stay under the one roof and not have to deal with the wind messing up your hair or dealing with an umbrella blowing inside out.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland at St Enoch CentreWalking in a Winter Wonderland at St Enoch Centre

Thankfully there was no messy hair or broken umbrellas on the night of the Christmas event. Upon arrival we were able to get our massive winter coats off and handed a drink, we had a choice of prosecco or orange juice. We then proceeded to have a look around, talking to the lovely workers both of the shops within the centre and workers from the PR agency and having a snoop at the pieces they had on show for the night. Within minutes of being in the event space I fell deeply in love with a faux fur coat from Topshop, I have actually linked in below in a collection of things I spotted at the event that I need in my life this Christmas. We then went over to the Guerlain section where we chatted to the lovely Harriet and Megan for a while discussing exciting new releases which are coming up soon, discussing my love for Mon Guerlain and how I was trying to get my hands on some for my mum's Christmas because she keeps stealing mine. 

Guerlain have so many amazing releases coming up and it was amazing to get to hear about them all, I definitely found myself getting more excited than I probably should have, but Guerlain has slowly become one of my favourite brands. They actually have a Christmas gold palette that I have also linked before in the goodies I want from the event, it looks absolutely stunning and has the most amazing neutral shimmer shades, perfect for anyone who likes a subtle yet glamorous look. 

Walking in a Winter Wonderland at St Enoch Centre

After Guerlain we had a chat with Olivia from The Body Shop, TBS is one of my all-time favourite places for skincare, in fact, a good 80% of my skincare is from TBS. I just adore their products and the morals behind them, I know when I shop with The Body Shop that the products have not been tested on animals, that they are natural and they work with my skin. We got to have a peek at the three Christmas scents, just like last year there is frosted berries and vanilla chai but this year spiced apple has been replaced by frosted plum. I adore the berry and plum scents but the vanilla chai is not for me, mostly because the smell of vanilla gives me a headache, even though it's the only syrup I'll take in a latte. Olivia was so incredibly lovely and bubbly chatting with us about her favourite products, telling us all about the advent calendar and doing short demonstrations on us. I may also have TBS products on my short wishlist below. 

Next up was Bobbi Brown, I adore Bobbi Brown and love so many of their products and it turns out there is now a gorgeous, massive counter in Debenhams inside St Enochs making it even easier to access, swatch and lust over the gorgeous products Bobbi Brown have to offer. If you recently read my wishlist you would know I included the gorgeous Christmas palette by BB and I got to swatch it all over my arm once again this Tuesday. BB eyeshadows are just so creamy and pigmented, I feel deeply in love with a gold single shadow that was on display and can definitely see myself picking it up after Christmas, it is just too good to miss out on. 

Walking in a Winter Wonderland at St Enoch Centre

To end the night we decided to have a little nibble at the vol-au-vent that was available prepared by the wonderful people at Kimble's. I am now obsessed and if Kimble's could just make me a dozen of each to go that would be great. I tried the roast chicken and stuffing which was absolutely stunning, even though I am not a huge cranberry sauce, I did, however, prefer the Turkey, sage and cream cheese because I am the biggest cheese fan to ever walk the Earth. Cheese is my one true love and I won't lie about that. I absolutely adored both of them and if I could have, I would have taken 12 of each home with me just for a little midnight snack. I need to get over to Kimble's for some tea and try to talk them into making me these gorgeous nibbles. 

So, I know what you're thinking, it's me, of course, I went into this event thinking "I don't need anything, I have control over my spending habits, I won't walk out of here with a wishlist the size of my forearm" but, it's me, of course, that didn't happen. I have a massive wishlist just from attending the event and here are my top six items of the night that I just have to pick up and get myself;

What is your favourite thing about Christmas? What is at the top of your Christmas wishlist? Tell me in the comments below. 

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