Why I Won't be Doing Blogmas

Why I Won't be Doing Blogmas

I can't quite put into words how happy I have become with my blog in such a short space of time. I had a little bit of a rough time when it came to juggling my blog with my masters degree and throughout the months of August and September, I dipped in and out of blogging. Once I found where I wanted to be and I found my motivation for blogging it was easy to slide back into my three posts a week, especially because I have begun writing for me and focusing more on enjoying my blog than the numbers, although numbers will always be important to me. The only problem is juggling can be hard, it's tricky already when it's just university and blogging, but add in events, internships, life, family, social events and just all of the little things that come with daily life and things get very complicated.

I have always been someone who strives to be 'the girl who does it all' or the 'how does she do it?' girl. Y'know who I am talking about, that girl that manages to juggle all of the things in her life easily and somehow manages to also have a fabulous social life. That's the girl I always wanted to be, but being her isn't so easy. Don't get me wrong with my blog I am truly happy and with university, I am extremely happy, but sometimes I push myself too far. I try to do it all, I stay up to all hours of the morning then get back up 4 hours later to get to university, I don't take a day off and I'm not going to lie, I love it. One of my favourite things to do is to just spend a Saturday or a Sunday on my laptop from early morning into the evening, going between writing blog posts and doing university work and it is one of my favourite ways to spend my weekend, I know, you're probably thinking "what a saddo", but I wouldn't be juggling both if I wasn't completely invested in both.

I have been found to stress myself out, however, I find it hard to not be the 'girl who does it all' and because I just want to be able to juggle it all I often take on too much and it leads to a lot of stress. Just this week I somehow developed an ear infection which I am pretty sure has been stretched out because of how much I pushed myself to not let it get me down and stressing out about mundane things. I took yesterday off university after recommendation and it actually made me feel so much better, I still spent all day on uni work and blog work, but I was in my own home and comfortable. That's when I decided nope, I'm not going to do blogmas.

I've always wanted to try blogmas and maybe I will, but despite having masses of posts written up, I just don't think I need the added stress. I have found happiness with my blog, I post 3 posts a week and I've stopped feeling guilty if I miss one. I worry that with blogmas I'd push myself back into posting blog posts I'm not 100% happy with and I'd stress myself out about getting content out every single day and maybe it would result in me disliking my blog again and I don't want that. I have a lot going on with university and in life right now and so I think my best bet is to continue 3 posts a week throughout December despite my desperation for trying blogmas.

It is so important that I do things right by my blog and myself, I would hate to think doing blogmas would lead me to post content that I would otherwise never post or become even iller because I'd stress myself out. Sometimes I think it can feel like you're the only one not taking part in these trends and you worry people think differently of you for it, but it's better to post quality content and be proud of everything your blog embodies than be a trend follower. I actually spoke a little about this in another post that I will link here.

Are you taking part in blogmas? Why or why not? What do you think of juggling blogging with life? Tell me in the comments below. 

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