The Blogging Goals of 2018

The Blogging Goals of 2018

I have been blogging for a while now, it will be 3 years next year from when I began to take my blog seriously, but it has been a bit of a rough year which has taken its toll on my blog. I mean, I have reached all of my blogging goals from last year, but I just don't feel like I love my blog quite yet, but maybe, just maybe 2018 will be the year that all changes. I would like to think that as of 2018 I will finally fall in love with my blog, after all, I have been in love with blogging all this time, it would be lovely to finally fall for my own blog. I have taken a week off blogging this past week because a) I felt myself forcing content and I don't want to be that person, b) I had a crap tonne of uni work to get ahead of and c) I was/am ill and fighting what may as well be the bloody plague. In this week off I have planned and strategised and researched and I am back with a whole load of motivation that I have been lacking. I want to change heythererobyn for 2018. 

Little Mix - Hair came into my head as I thought about this one. I have broken up with the heythereobyn.com of the past and now I am getting a new haircut to prove I am over him and by a new haircut I mean a new layout. I am not 100% sure what I want yet, it is going to be hard to part with my current one as I do adore it and I put a lot of work into it to get it to where it is and a place that makes me happy, but it has to go, I want a fresh start. I want a more professional layout, I want to maybe add a splash of colour? I am not sure yet, but I definitely need to just have a blog makeover and create a space I am truly and utterly obsessed with the way I am with all my favourite bloggers' blogs. 

I don't think I will be changing my content a whole lot, my content is something I am very happy with, I like not fitting into a box of being 'just a beauty blogger' or 'just a lifestyle blogger' I cover a whole range of topics and I am happy with that. What I do want however is to publish better content, more engaging content, content that makes me happy while being engaging, entertaining and worthwhile. There is a load of posts on this website that I am proud of, but there is a load that makes me want to pull the covers over my head and hide because I hate them so much, I don't want a single post of 2018 to make me feel that way.

This one is kind of self-explanatory, I feel like I really slipped when it came to photography this past year. I don't think my photography has been as good as it could be and I feel like my lack of motivation for it is the cause. I have slim to none confidence in my photography skills therein I don't like to take photos, but I want to change that this coming year. 

This one is something I think we all struggle with and could do with less of in 2018, comparing ourselves to other bloggers out there. Why am I not on the same PR lists as her? Why has she got more followers than me? How come he gets more comments than I do? I want to stop this, I am tired of letting other people's success spark envy within me, it is something I don't really do in any other aspect of my life. I grew up with three older sisters and being the youngest I always hated how they would compete in grades, attention, looks etc so I have grown to compete with only my past self, except when it comes to blogging. When blogging I compare myself far too much and it truly does effect my self-esteem. 

This year has been a bit of a hectic one from beginning to end and along the way I have lost touch with the blogging community, I hardly talk to anyone, I never take part in chats, I don't comment on blog posts as much as I'd like to, heck I don't even read blogs as much as I would like to. I want that to change, in 2018 I want to communicate with fellow bloggers more, I want to post my favourite blogs on my Instagram stories or my favourite Instagram accounts, I want to take part on blogosphere chats, I want to be friends with people from within the community. 

Okay, so here is the number goals, the following numbers I want to reach across my social media platforms and so on, because of course one of my goals is to grow. All bloggers want to grow and numbers do matter, although not the most important factor. So here are the figures I want to reach by 31st of December 2018 23:59;
Twitter - 5,000 followers.
Instagrams - 2,000 followers (1,500 if they don't fix their bloody algorithm).
Facebook - 500 likes (I need to focus on this more in the new year, I have abandoned it).
Bloglovin - 1,000 followers.
I would like to double my unique monthly viewing figure and I would like to be happy in blogging and ready to set my goals for 2019. 

So what are your goals for this year? Do you have any blog based ones? What is your biggest blogging achievement of 2017? Tell me in the comments below.

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