Battle of the Mascaras

Battle of the Mascaras

So Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara has been my go-to mascara for well over a year now. I always struggled to find that holy grail mascara so when I found one that I liked as much as I did Better Than Sex I wasn't letting it out of my sights, literally. So it came as a shock to me when L'Oreal released their Paradise mascara and I actually wanted to try it out without any persuasion, I'm not entirely sure what made me want to try it out so much, but I did and I was more than pleasantly surprised. I fell in love with this mascara to the point where I may actually prefer it to Better Than Sex!

So, I am not entirely sure if this product set out to be a dupe for Better Than Sex, but it is no coincidence that the packaging is extremely similar, BTS has their metallic pink tube and the Paradise mascara is in a very similar yet smaller and lighter tube in a golden copper tone with a rose gold lid. Both brushes are very similar with lots of tiny bristles to make sure each and every lash gets the mascara coverage it needs, the only difference is that Better than Sex's brush bends in towards the middle almost giving it that hourglass figure look. When it comes to the packaging BTS beats the Paradise mascara with how gorgeous and girly it looks, but the paradise mascara is much more petite, practical and travel-friendly which evens out the score. 

Battle of the Mascaras

What I love about both these mascaras is how much they lengthen my lashes and they are jet black making my lashes so bold and giving me the illusion of much larger eyes than I actually do. I have to use my eyelash curler pre-using both of these products as I have very straight lashes that need a little help to look luxuriously curly. I have a little bit of a hack for anyone with Benefit's Roller Lash, however. Apply your first coat of either of these mascaras by dipping the Roller Lash brush into the tube and it helps curl your lashes, not as much as an eyelash curler but for a much more natural curl, it looks great. 

I usually need about 2 coats of both of these mascaras for that bold, black and beautiful look, but with Better Than Sex you can build it up with a couple more coats without it looking clumpy, sticky and messy. With Paradise this isn't possible, I'd say if you wanted to keep layering I wouldn't go any further than maybe 3, 4 layers at a push without it looking clumpy, messy and like spider legs. So it is good that 2 coats of the mascara actually leaves you with incredible eyelashes as you don't have to keep building upon it so you never have to worry about clumpy lashes. 

Battle of the Mascaras
Top: Better than Sex. Bottom: Paradise.

Both mascaras last all day without any issues, my curls stay intact while wearing it, it doesn't smudge throughout the day or transfer to the lid and they both come off easily using micellar water and a cotton bad. BTS also comes in a waterproof form which I have not yet picked up, but Paradise does not, but I imagine L'Oreal will bring one out soon judging by how popular the original version is. I will continue to purchase both mascaras as I am a makeup hoarder but if I were to pick one over the other I would go for paradise Extatic as it is basically the exact same product but at a cheaper price and packaged in a more practical manner.  

I have been using the L'Oreal Paradise mascara daily for over a week now and have found it to be exactly what I am looking for but at a much cheaper price tag, however, I do know that some people have had problems with this mascara which I have not run into as of yet. A few girls found theirs dried out incredibly quickly, others found it went the opposite way and turned watery and gloopy. So far I have not run into either of these issues so perhaps there has been a bad batch somewhere, but I will definitely keep you updated if my feelings change regarding my new found love for this mascara. 

Have you tried either of these mascaras? Which is your favourite? What other mascara do I have to try out? Tell me in the comments below. 

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