50 Beauty and Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

50 Beauty and Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

So I am back to blogging regularly, this post will be my third one this week and I am so excited, happy and motivated to be back at it. I have a bunch of blog post which I can't wait to share with you all and I am even planning my schedule way into December. Since I am so motivated and have so many ideas buzzing around my head, I wanted to share them with you all, so here are some blog posts ideas for anyone lacking in motivation, finding it difficult to come up with content or just looking for an interesting new blog post to write up. 

If you are a beauty blogger or you want to try to incorporate some more beauty posts into your blog schedule then here are a bunch of ideas you could try out. 

1. Products that weren't worth the hype,
2. Comparing two of your favourite mascaras/foundations/lipsticks, 
3. Makeup collection,
4. Trying the products you loved as a teenager,
5. Trying Instagram tutorials at home i.e. extreme contouring, 
6. Testing a brand you've never tried before, 
7. Beauty Advent calendars you like the look of, 
8. Your pamper night must-haves,
9. Updating your winter skincare routine, 
10. How to deal with a spending ban, 
11. Small ways you can incorporate vegan products into your everyday routine, 
12. Beauty wishlist, 
13. Anti-wishlist - products/brand you don't want and why, 
14. The story of how you became interested in makeup, 
15. FInding the perfect primer for you, 
16. Your top 5 beauty hacks, 
17. How to save room in your makeup bag, 
18. Your top 10 favourite beauty bloggers/vloggers, 
19. Your beauty evolution, 
20. Your top 5 beauty tools, 
21. Swapping your everyday products for drugstore alternatives, 
22. The best fragrances for autumn/winter,
23. Trying other people's makeup hacks, 
24. How to save for beauty splurges,
25. Beauty trends you don't want to keep up with. 

50 Beauty and Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Are you a lifestyle blogger or do you want to try to add some lifestyle posts to your blogs? Here are a bunch of ideas to get you started. 

1. How you juggle blogging with uni/work/kids,
2. What you've learned since you became a blogger,
3. Book recommendations,
4. What tv shows you have been watching, 
5. A day in the life of you,
6. Transferable blogging skills you can add to your CV,
7. Your goals for the rest of the year,
8. How to grow your social media accounts, 
9. The importance of self-care,
10. How you round off a stressful week, 
11. Why it is okay to love who you are,
12. Write a letter to your younger self,
13. Write a letter to your future self,
14. 50 things you are grateful for, 
15. Why you are looking forward to winter, 
16. Your fitness routine, 
17. Travel diaries, 
18. 5 places you would love to visit, 
19. 25 items from your bucket list,
20. Movies everyone has to watch before they die, 
21. Your blogging experience and the problems you have run into as a blogger, 
22. Why it is important to love what you do, 
23. Your tips for anyone who is struggling, 
24. Homeware haul/wishlist, 
25. Bloggers/women/men who inspire you. 

Which ideas are your favourite? Will you be using any of these? Let me know in the comments below. 
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