Who am I as a blogger?

Who am I as a blogger?

I was talking to my friend a few days ago about blogging and my new motivation for putting out content I love and how I have found a real happiness with my blog right now. She spoke about the doubts she had for her blog and I told her the doubts I have for mine, and it really got me thinking about who I am as a blogger, where I stand and where I could one day potentially be. I told her that I have found a happiness with my blog purely through producing content that I want to share on topics that I want to write about. She intercepted that maybe my lack of a niche is what hinders my blog's growth and I panicked, maybe my lack of a niche is stopping me from growing? Maybe my lack of a niche is why I don't get to work with as many exciting companies as other bloggers? But, if I were to give myself one genre to write about, if I were to focus purely on beauty or purely on lifestyle then I would be hindering myself and my creative flow and that is the last thing I want to do. 

I enjoy writing about a range of subjects from beauty to fashion to university and lifestyle posts, I like that I have somewhere online where I can share my thoughts and feelings on a whole range of topics. I don't know if I've written about this on here but at one point I debated a career in journalism, yeah journalism. It became clear to me that I could never be a journalist because of the control that a company has over their journalists, they have to write about whatever they are told to write about, whenever they are told to write about with a certain point-of-view which they might not even agree with. For me, my blog was my way to bust out of that, I am my own little boss on here, I write what I want when I want and I get to share my real thoughts, feelings and experiences. For me, having that creative freedom is what makes blogging so special, being able to just write from the heart and not have to worry that a boss is going to be upset by the point-of-view you have is why blogging is so freeing. 

I know I am a tiny blogger, I don't even like to write on here about "my readers" because even though my analytics show quite a lot of regulars come on here, I can't quite believe that people regularly come on here to read what I have to say. I know the chances of me being as big a blogger as those I look up to in the community; Victoria from inthefrow, Em from EmTalks and Lydia from LydiaEliseMillen, are slim to none, but I would like to think that I still have a little wiggle room to grow my little blog over here. I have been blogging for about two and a half years now and I have stayed pretty small, but we all grow at our own individual paces, which I wrote about here and you should totally read it. I like to think that my blog will continue to grow, but of course, I have doubts, everyone has doubts. I sometimes wonder if I am off-putting, I stress about the content I publish and try to publish content I think people would like, but I also like to only publish content I enjoy writing, so I worry that I should be writing content I don't like to write because maybe that's popular? In short, I stress about a lot of things when it comes to my blog, but I guess we all do. 

Who am I as a blogger?

I recently took a step back from my blog and thought about who I am as a blogger and whether who I am correlates with who I want to be. I decided to take action to become the blogger I want to be, but I also wanted to stay true to myself, after all, that is what makes me, well me. So when I think of who I am as a blogger I think; small, honest, passionate and when I think of who I want to be I think popular, trustworthy, memorable and innovative. For now, I don't think I am very memorable as a blogger, I haven't really found my unique selling point as a blogger and maybe that is what my next move has to be, maybe I have to find that one thing that makes me stand out from all my fellow bloggers. When it comes to blogging, however, it is quite difficult to find your USP, after all, different people view us in different ways and what I think my USP is you might not, there are so many bloggers out there it is hard to actually stand out, but it is also amazing because no two bloggers are the same, so maybe in a way we all have USPs, we just don't realise because we are too busy trying to make ourselves different? Our USPs are just that our blog is writing by us? 

Who I am as a blogger is someone who is willing to work hard, someone who has a passion for every piece of content I put out. I am someone who only puts out content I love and that I want to share. I don't give in to every single trend, I do what works for me. I research for many of my blog posts so I know I am giving those reading it the truth and the most up-to-date information. My blog has become a personification of me and in a way, people reading my blog get to know me a lot better than they probably ever wanted to. One day I will have double the views I get now, have double the following I have now, but for now, I just want to work hard and write content and be true to myself here on this little corner of the internet. I may not be fully aware of who I am as a blogger, but I know damn well who I want to be and I am willing to work hard to get there. So maybe, what makes me unique is that the passion, ambition, creativeness and willingness to help that I embody shines through in my blog, maybe my blog is just a personification of all of my best qualities and maybe that is all I need to make me stand out. 

So, who are you as a blogger? Do you think our USPs as bloggers are just our own personalities? Do you think you have a distinctive USP? Tell me below in the comments. 

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