An Ode to Autumn

An Ode to Autumn

I have been talking about autumn for ages now, I mean we are only at the beginning of the season, but I feel like I have been speaking about it on here for months. It is one of my favourite seasons and I can't quite explain to you why I love it in a sentence, so instead, I have written a blog post all about my love of autumn. I know most bloggers have a soft spot for autumn, but my love of autumn began way before I could fill my Instagram theme with orange hues and piles of leaves, I've always enjoyed the colder months, even as a kid. I think it's because the colder months settle better with me, I feel at home when it's cold outside and the air is crisp, it's comforting for me, so maybe that's where it all stems from.

I've always been a bit of a visual person I guess, I love to look at things. I have an eye for small details and I adore finding beautiful scenery, so for me, autumn is perfect because it is always so beautiful. The golden, crisp tones of the leaves that fall, the hue the sky takes each night at sunset, even the grey cold and bitter atmosphere of a rainy Monday morning can be beautiful. I find that autumn is very picturesque which is kind of a hard term for me to get used to. I find it hard to be someone who lives through a lens which is why I guess I find Instagram hard and why my blog photography isn't quite up to scratch, but autumn is so picturesque that even I can't deny it. I have always had a weak spot for orange and red tones so the leaves falling is one of my favourite parts of the year as I get to see my favourite colours in nature.

Now I do enjoy most of the trends year round, but there is just something about autumn fashion that is just so perfect to me. I think it's because you can later during autumn, you can experiment and no one really takes much notice whereas wearing a jumper over a dress might be strange during summer. I love the big woolly knits, I have a weakness for coats and an even bigger one for ankle boots. I always think I dress better during the colder months and I think others do too. Plus a hat can really make an outfit and what better reason to wear one than to keep your ears warm like it was created to? Autumn is that period of time between being too warm to care how you look and being too cold to again, care how you look, it's the middle ground where you can truly show off your inner diva and pull of that look you've been wanting to try for months. 

Oh yes, you got that right, the blogger cliche, the berry lips had to be in this post. The makeup trends for autumn are always the best, whether you love to go for a dark eye look or a dark lip look or both you can pull it off and all because it's autumn. I always think a berry or red lip look so on trend in the colder months and it really shows personality that your typical nude lip can't portray. When you put on that berry lipstick your confidence levels rise, you feel like you have become your daddy alter ego who is ready to take over the world and don't need no man, it's wonderful and autumn is the just the time to do it. Plus in autumn you can pull out that Naked Heat palette and do a burnt orange smokey eye and no one will say anything but compliments, whereas you wear that kind of look in summer and you will definitely be getting some funny looks. Autumn is all about experimenting with your look.

Now I don't really need a reason to pop into Starbucks on the daily and get my soy vanilla latte, but others do and autumn is the perfect reasoning. Picture this, you wake up for work, it's cold, it's dark and you've been up until the early hours of the morning catching up on the newest The Walking Dead episode, you need a coffee. Because it is cold outside and the mornings are much darker people are less likely to judge you for picking yourself up a coffee every morning, instead they'll be jealous. You get to wake yourself up, keep yourself warm and drink someone delicious, you win! 

Something I'm majorly going to miss after I leave university this year is the feeling of a new beginning come the end of summer. In school and uni you would finish up and move to a new class, start a clean academic slate and you could begin new goals each year. It is something I have enjoyed since I was young and in primary school, I loved making goals for myself in what I would achieve over the following academic year and I'd put myself up to tasks that I'd want to start doing each night or I'd decide I wanted to be better at A, B and C. I love the new beginning feel that comes with autumn and hopefully it sticks with me even when I have left education forever.

No, not that kind of Netflix and chill, I mean the kind where it's 5pm, you just got home, it's a Friday but you're going to chuck on pyjama, order a pizza and watch tv in bed alone instead of heading out with friends. I love that this becomes acceptable during the autumn months because people understand you don't want to go out in the cold or head back out in the rain after you just got home. It is much more desirable to be cuddled up in bed, warm, relaxed and sipping on a hot chocolate than out wearing something uncomfortable, spending way too much money and ending up with a cold for the next week. 

What is your favourite part of autumn? Did I get any of yours down too? Tell me in the comments below. 

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