A Vibrating Makeup Brush?

A Vibrating Makeup Brush?

If you read here at all you would know that I absolutely adore Magnitone, so much so that I am actually a Magnitone ambassador at the moment. A massive perk of this role is that I get to try out Magnitone's new and exciting products before they are released, this is also a perk for anyone who reads on here because you get my unbiased review days after the release or in this case, the day after the release. Magnitone just expanded their product range to include makeup brushes, particularly vibra-sonic makeup brushes that rotate and vibrate as you use them and I am telling you, you need to jump on this bandwagon, this brush has changed the way I apply foundation forevermore. 

So first thing's first let's chat about how the brush looks, feels and your options. The brush comes in either black or white with a rose gold section which keeps all the bristles of the head intact. At the front of the handle there is a single round button and a circular line directly above this button which lights up white when on, red when the battery is low and flashes when it is charging. At the base of the brush there is a charging port which is super simple and easy to use. 

The brush is definitely larger than your normal day-to-day brush measuring at around 18.5cm from base to the tip of the bristles. This means it isn't your typical brush and it definitely won't fit in your everyday makeup bag nor be a brush you carry with you on a daily basis. This brush is one you use to apply your foundation during the day and sit on your vanity beside your makeup brush collection. 

A Vibrating Makeup Brush?

It comes with the smoothBLEND head which is a typical flat-topped makeup brush, but the heads are interchangeable. There are three available heads for the brush; the smoothBLEND, FeatherBLEND and the BuffBLEND. To remove the heads all you have to do is give them a gentle pull and then you can click another on just as easily. Alongside the smoothBLEND head, you also get a USB charger cable, a Magnitone warranty card and an instructions menu. 

I use the brush by applying a single pump of foundation onto the flat head of the brush before I turn it on and use circular motions to buff the foundation into my skin. A single pump usually covers a full half of my face from the tip of my head to my chin and I then use another pump to buff foundation into the other half of my face before going back over my face and just blending everything together evenly with any excess product still on the brush. I have used this brush with both liquid foundation and powder foundation and it blends both out perfectly, I do prefer the finish it leaves with liquid foundation, however. 

I adore this brush, it leaves my skin looking airbrushed, feeling smooth and it takes about a minute all in to do a full face of foundation. Moving from my beauty blender to this brush was a bit of a big move, firstly, the brush needs much less foundation than a beauty blender does, so be sure to only do one little pump at a time, overwise you can look super cakey. When I moved from foundation brush to beauty blender I decided to do so because I hated the brush lines that would be visible on my face after application, but due to the vibrating motion of this brush, these lines don't happen, which makes it so much better than an ordinary foundation brush. I used my Garnier Micellar Gel to clean the head of this brush and it worked perfectly just as it does with any other makeup brush I clean this way. I just dissembled the head and cleaned it easily within minutes. 

Well, I love my beauty blender so I decided to test which one really is the best, so I used my beauty blender on one side of my face and this amazing brush on the other. The results shocked me, I always thought that my beauty blender gave me incredible, smooth and flawless coverage, but compared to this brush the coverage kind of sucks. Below I have popped in photos of each side of my face, the first one, i.e. the right-hand side is applied using the Blend Up brush by Magnitone and the second photo, my left-hand side is applied using my beauty blender, the evidence speaks for itself. Each side only used one pump of foundation and I used the techniques I normally do apply my everyday foundation; L'Oreal's True Match in 3.5N.

A Vibrating Makeup Brush?

For £70 this brush is definitely worth every penny and you can buy it here using my affiliate link or if you'd rather not then you can head on over to the Magnitone website and buy it there using no affiliate links. 

So, what do you think of this brush? Would you buy it? Tell me in the comments below. 

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