The Highlight that's overtaken Mary Lou

The Highlight that's overtaken Mary Lou

If you ever read here, you will most likely know that The Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer is one of my all-time favourite highlights. I bought it for the first time about a year and a half ago and absolutely fell in love. For me, it was the perfect dewy look I was after with no chunky glitter or fall out, I would wear it every single day I wore makeup and loved that you could build upon the impact to create a much more glazed doughnut look or you could lighten your hand when applying and give off a much more natural finish. That being said, Mary Lou has officially been overtaken in my highlighter ranking and I have a new every day, wearable highlight I know you'll love too!

I remember when Kat Von D made an appearance on the shelves of Debenhams earlier this year, everyone went crazy, myself included. We had been waiting so long for the brand to come to the UK that we knew every product inside out from our lustful research missions, or was that just me? I must have spoken to the counter worker for a good twenty-five minute about all the products before she introduced me to the product of my dream; Thunderstruck. Thunderstruck is technically a single eyeshadow within the KVD makeup collection, but it is the perfect highlight shade and I have never found much use for it as an eyeshadow. The woman at the counter told me how many girls use the shadow as a highlight, so much so Kat began marketing it as a duo product. I gave the product a swatch and I just had to have it, right there and then.

The Highlight that's overtaken Mary Lou

Thunderstruck isn't quite the highlight product I would usually find myself buying, it has much more of a white finish to it than I usually go for, I prefer champagne shades like Mary-Lou, but let me tell you, this product does not leave you looking white at all. Once applied to the skin, this product applies the most gorgeous, dewy finish to your skin leaving you looking like a dewy, glazed doughnut goddess. With the product, it is easy to achieve a gorgeous wet look glazed finish, you just use a fan brush and swipe it along your cheekbone and voila! I love how natural a look it gives off even though it is much more of a wet look than I would usually go for, I have found myself reaching for this product daily. 

This product is so effortless, one little swipe to highlight your cheekbones and you are good to go, I use a smaller brush to apply under my brow bone, to my nose and the inner corners of my eyes and it works without a single issue. It is easy to blend down, it can be built upon, although it usually isn't needed and you can loosen your grip of your brush to apply a much more muted look. I haven't found the product to have much fallout and even after 12 hour days at university my cheekbones are still glistening and blinding people proving the staying power is above all others I have ever tried before. 

The Highlight that's overtaken Mary Lou
Top: Mary Lou and bottom: Thunderstruck. 

The reason I have found myself reaching for it more than Mary Lou is down to the finish I have found myself preferring lately. I have fallen in love with the wet look finish that I once didn't really like and so Mary Lou being a more muted highlight just doesn't give me that finish. I have been using Thunderstruck for about two months now and I have barely scratched the surface so I am sure this little tiny pot is going to be lasting me a long time.

What is your favourite highlight? Do you prefer a natural dewy finish or a much more dramatic wet look? 

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