Life Update: A Blogging Comeback?!

Life Update: A Blogging Comeback?!

Oh wow, it feels like forever ago I was last on here typing away and chatting. My last post went live just a week ago, but it has been well over two weeks since I have actually written one. I have been super busy and life has been incredibly hectic, but I really do plan on making a return to the blogosphere this week, I have made a promise to myself and I really have to keep it this time. I started my masters degree just three weeks ago and let me tell you, it is not like an undergrad at all, oh no, postgrad life crazy and just the fact I am even getting through it is a shock to me. 

I have always been someone who can deal with stress and can stay on top of things relatively easily, but this time it has taken me a while to get on my feet and figure out just how to work around everything in my life. I am at university four days a week and most weekends I am spending sat at home getting all my work done and ready for the next week, thus I have no social life and definitely no blogging life. I have put my sanity and my education above everything else on the agenda and am eating, studying, sleeping and repeating at the moment, which has also made me miss many other aspects of my life; blogging most of all (sorry social life). 

Life Update: A Blogging Comeback?!Don't get me wrong, I am totally loving the degree, it is exactly what I want to do with my life and I am learning everything I need to for when I step into the industry, but jeez is it hectic. I go to university Monday to Thursday and when I get home I spend half my time continuing uni work and the other half procrastinating and talking myself out of a nap. I have been completely run off my feet and have not been blogging, tweeting or Instagramming a lot which in turn has made me feel bad and lose followers. The thing is, I love to blog, I love to chat on social media and I adore Instagram, so not being able to do things I love is making me extra annoyed at myself which has lead to this, my comeback (as if I matter enough to have a comeback, alright Beyonce). 

I have spent some time this weekend writing some posts up, getting some photography done and scheduling some tweets so I am hoping it does me well and I am able to get back on top of my internet life. I want to go back to blogging three days a week, which I am hoping will flow easily from this week, but I may still have hiccups here and there after all I am still putting my education at the top of my priorities. Bare with me guys I am trying, I am also going to try to post more on Instagram, which I hope in turn pushes me to do more with my life than sitting at my laptop studying because I will want to post decent content of course. 

After such a productive weekend I am feeling so motivated to get back on the ball with blogging and just go for it. I don't want to compare my blog to others and make myself feel bad anymore, I don't want to force myself to stop doing something I love and I want to be able to fit blogging into my life without having to put less of a focus on my education.

Now I am off to do some more university work, I have to, along with a group of other girls, create a brand in six weeks and we are on week three, it is probably what takes up most of my time, I am not going to lie to you. 

My survey is also still live if you want to help me improve my blog content, click here. 

So what is going on in your life? Are you someone who finds it easy to juggle different projects or are you more of a 'focus on one thing at a time' kind of gal/guy?

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