The Perfect Lip Shades for Autumn

The Perfect Lip Shades for Autumn

With autumn coming along quickly I love to have a look though my makeup collection and start to think of how I can adjust my everyday look for those autumnal vibes. This year just like every other year I have decided to change up my look back adding some more autumnal lip shades to my collection. My favourite lip shades for autumn are berries, browns and burgundies, but finding the perfect lipstick in the perfect shade can be hard. From drying to bleeding lipsticks, it seems like finding the perfect lipstick formula can be super tricky especially when it comes to the deeper lipsticks that are so perfect for this time of year. 

When you wear a deeper lipstick it magnifies, this can be amazing; your lips look bigger, more plump and they make your teeth appear much whiter, the downside to this is that every mistake is so much more visible, as is every smudge and line on your lips. This means that a dry, bleeding lipstick is just not workable in a deeper shade so it is important to find a hydrating yet pigmented lipstick when you are picking out your autumnal shades. 

The Perfect Lip Shades for Autumn

Berry shades are so beautiful at this time of year, whether you go for a blue toned berry, a pink toned berry or an orange toned berry. The best way to decide which shade will suit you is to judge by your skin's undertones. If your skin's undertones are pink then go for the opposite side of the spectrum for your berry lipsticks and get a blue toned lipstick, if your undertones are blue then go for a pink berry shade and if you have yellow or neutral undertones then all of the above are suitable, as are orange toned berry shades. 

I have yellow-y neutral undertones, but I prefer the blue toned berry shades personally. One of my absolute favourites is MAC's Dark Side, back when MAC was one of my biggest obsessions Dark Side was one of the first lipsticks I bought from MAC and I still love it all these years later. It is a gorgeous blue toned berry shade with an amplified finish. This means that it doesn't dry matte, but doesn't stay as shiny as a gloss would, it just has a slight gleam to it. This is great because it doesn't dry out your lips, bleed or leave you with dry, cracked lips, instead it is super hydrating and comfortable to wear. It is perfect for everyday wear and can last up to four hours without having to be reapplied which is great. 

The Perfect Lip Shades for Autumn

Burgundy shades are my favourite for this time of year, they always remind me of autumn with the dark red tones. Burgundy shades are perfect for evenings; events, nights out with friends and parties are the perfect excuse to whip them out. Although burgundy is a distinctive shade in itself there are a lot of different shades of burgundy too. Some shades of burgundy are more red, others are more brown and of course most are more purple. I like the purple-y burgundy shades as they tend to be extremely vivid and very autumnal. 

My favourite burgundy shades from my collection are MAC's Diva, a gorgeous burgundy on the lighter side of the spectrum and a little more pink than purple, but it is absolutely gorgeous. It has a matte finish but it isn't as drying as some matte lipsticks can be. It dries completely matte with absolutely no sheen, but is still hydrating and doesn't bleed like most matte lipsticks do. My other favourite from my collection is NYX liquid Suede Cherry Skies which is a gorgeous, deep, purple toned burgundy that dries completely matte, but again isn't as drying as most mattes are, especially for a liquid lipstick. It does bleed a little, but it isn't too noticeable and can be worked with. I recently wrote a full review on the NYX Liquid Suedes and you can read that here. 

The Perfect Lip Shades for Autumn

Brown lipsticks in Autumn are iconic and most people find the perfect brown to suit them and with brown you can definitely go for a more tame look, or you can go full out with the look. I love a brown nude lipstick throughout the entire year, but a lot of people prefer to stick to brown lips only during the autumn months, so will only bring their brown nudes to the front of their collection now. I love that brown lipsticks can work for day or night depending on how dark the shade is you opt for and I definitely think everyone has a brown lipstick that suits them perfectly. 

Just like with berries you can use your undertones to find your perfect brown shade by going for a shade with the opposite undertones as your skin, or you can mix and match to just find a shade you thinks works for you. With browns I don't think you can ever really go wrong, so I wouldn't worry about undertones with these ones. I have a few in my collection that I absolutely adore, but for a more day time friendly look I love MAC's Spirit, it is a brown toned nude that can definitely be work friendly, but you can build on it to create a higher pigmented shade. It is a satin finish which means that it has a smooth, hydrated finish with a slight glimmer to it. The shade has the ability to blur out the lines on your lips which means absolutely no bleeding with this one. 

For a more intense look I have been loving Kat Von D's Lolita. Again, this one can definitely work for the daytime as it has a slightly pink finish to it, but definitely fits into the brown category too. I love this lipstick so much because it finishes completely matte and is not easy to smudge at all. It does show the lines on your lips more than Spirit, but doesn't bleed as badly as darker lipsticks tend to and this is due to the hydration. Despite it's ultra matte finish this lipstick doesn't feel drying on the lips and feels quite smooth and hydrated. Click here for my review of Kat Von D Lolita. 

Another favourite is NYX's Lip Lingerie in Honeymoon, a super intense teddy bear brown. This one is super similar to MAC's stone with it's cool undertones and deep brown shade, it is definitely not one for the office, but is super wearable for most skin tones. The colour is super intense and dries completely matte, but is a lot more drying than all the lipsticks I have mentioned previously, but it is still super wearable. With it's ultra matte finish this one does bleed a little more than all the others previously mentioned, but I think applying a lip balm underneath can definitely stop this from happening and stop the lipstick from drying out your lips.


So what are your favourite lips shades for autumn time? Do you recommend and specific products? Tell me in the comments below. 

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