Why I Decided to do a Masters Degree

Why I Decided to do a Masters Degree

So today I start back university and it is the very first day of my masters degree. I graduated from my undergrad course in social sciences and media in July and I knew before I had even graduated that I wanted to return to university. Many reasons factored into my choice to go back to university and I tend to tell people those reasons a lot because I always get "Why would you do that?" and "Another year at university? Are you crazy?" So let me tell you why I decided to go back to university, stay in education for an extra year and do a masters degree. 

For a lot of people, education is something that is necessary and they cannot wait to get it over and done with, but for me, it is something I have always quite enjoyed. I never really enjoyed high school, but I loved college and university, I love learning and trying things I otherwise wouldn't I love to expand my horizons and so for me, education has always been enjoyable. There are tough times, times I cannot be bothered with essays or just don't want to do the work, but everyone has off days, most of the time I really enjoy university and I don't think it is going to change too much with my masters degree. This is another new learning opportunity where I can learn more about something I am passionate. 

When I was looking for graduate jobs I started to wonder why everyone seemed to be struggling, so few jobs are available for the hundreds of students who graduate each year, it got me thinking, how can I make sure I am the most employable? Be more educated and have more experience. Looking into it, there is a better chance of you getting a job you truly want and feel passionate about if you have a high level of education and a great deal of experience, so to me it was a no-brainer, I knew realistically I could go back and do a masters so why not do it and come out the other end feeling more confident and employable? 

I always knew I wanted to work in the creative industry for as long as I can remember, but I never knew which field I had my eye on, I recently narrow it down to PR. So PR was what I wanted to do, but then I began speaking to people in the marketing field and I realised. I loved the idea of working in marketing, it sounds exactly like the type of job I would be great at. The only problem was I had no experience in marketing and I didn't even nowhere to begin looking, so I searched for courses in marketing and I realised everything in the course is exactly what I want to be learning about and doing in my future career, I want to work in marketing so doing a degree in it makes complete sense, this way I can be properly qualified for the job role and not just slightly while learning on the job, I will be more confident in my abilities. 

Why I Decided to do a Masters Degree

Initially, I began to wonder, was I really making all these reasons up to talk myself into believing I needed to do another year at university simply because I am not ready to go into the big bad world yet? The thing is that I am only 21 so really I shouldn't be graduating until next year, but I left high school early and therefore are a year ahead, so I did have that extra year where I should still be in education, so it could be true. I know now that all my other reasons are valid, but maybe part of me is a little scared to leave education, after all, it has been my security blanket for the past 16 years so it would make sense, but I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing either. I am going at my own pace and not pushing myself to do something I may not be ready for. 

Okay, okay this one is probably the bottom of the list and incredibly narcissistic, but when I graduate next year I am going to be a master of science, which is incredibly cool, isn't it? I mean technically I could use that as a title (I think don't hold me to this) I am sure I could technically put 'MSc' behind my name, and that's awesome. I won't do it because it is quite pretentious, but having the opportunity to do so is quite cool to me. Plus a lot of people think you are more respected academically and professionally if you do a masters degree, which is never a bad thing. 

By taking the next year to do my masters degree I am also giving myself a year to adapt to the field before I jump in and this will benefit me a lot. I can do work experience, I can find places to do internships and I can network with people already in the field. By doing so I can get to know the field I want as a career much more deeply and I can figure out where I want to go, which companies I would like to work with, where I would avoid and it gives me time to plan for after graduation instead of jumping straight in. 

Why I Decided to do a Masters Degree

So there are the six main reasons I am continuing my education and opted to do a masters degree in international marketing. I am so excited to get back into education, into a routine and get to work on bettering my career prospects and learning new things. I have always loved the feeling of a new academic year and this one just feels special to me, maybe because I know it is definitely my last, but I want to share my experience over the next year with you, so I hope you enjoy my university based posts.


Have you done a masters degree? Would you ever do one? Tell me what your favourite thing about education is in the comments below. 

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