The Mon Guerlain Collection

The Mon Guerlain Collection

Scent has always been a funny one for me. I can tell you straight away if I like or dislike a scent, I can smell things a good 5 minutes before anyone else in the room can, but ask me what something smells like and I go blank. I suck at describing scents, which is why I don't tend to talk about them a lot on here; perfumes, candles and such, it is hard for me to describe why I like different scents. That all changes today because I am absolutely obsessed with this one perfume and you all need to know about it. This will probably be the least descriptive perfume review you will ever come across on the inter web, but I am obsessed with this perfume and the range of items that are paired with it. 

That perfume is Mon Guerlain. This scent has fast become one of my all-time favourite summer scents. The scent inspired by Angelina Jolie is stunning with hints of lavender and jasmine the scent has some strong floral, feminine undertones, but that's not all there is to it. It is a bold, sensual and powerful scent created as a tribute to today's femininity. The pink toned perfume is the perfect summer scent, a fresh, floral and beautiful perfume, but it can totally be taken into autumn too. It is a very strong feminine scent, perfect for the girl bosses out there. Although it has some floral undertones with the Sambac jasmine and Carla Lavender, it is not an overpowering scent that sticks in your nose for hours or reminds you of the childish perfumes you bought from Claire's as a pre-teen, it is a mature and empowering scent.

The bottle first off is absolutely stunning, it looks perfectly luxurious and feminine and I like to have mine sat out on my shelf in view for everyone to see and the bottle is just as complimented as the perfume it holds. I own the 50ml bottle and it is the perfect size for popping into your handbag, although with the bottle being glass you, of course, don't want to be throwing your bag around anytime soon. I have had my bottle for months now and even though I use it daily it continues to look almost full and that is with me spraying it once or twice a day. I usually have to top up around 3-4 hours after applying as the scent does begin to fade after a few hours but I would still say it lasts much longer than most of my other perfumes.  

The Mon Guerlain Collection

When I wear Mon Guerlain I feel like a boss, I feel empowered, I feel confident and I feel feminine. It's the perfect perfume to wear as you head back to university or if you're going to the office, it isn't overpowering, but it lingers for hours and each time you turn you get a whiff of the beautiful scent. I have been asked in a Starbucks queue which perfume I am wearing, I have been asked in Topshop which perfume I am wearing and I have been asked by countless family members if they can have a spray, it's a scent for every woman. When applying it I spray some on my neck and rub my wrist against this spot as a lot of product comes from each spray and I have felt slightly overdone if I use more than one spray. This perfume has become my signature summer scent and I know that autumn won't be very much different. 

They also do a body lotion and a shower gel, the body lotion is used by me almost every day and my family have joked that the fragrance is slowly becoming my signature scent. Although I use it almost daily the 200ml bottle doesn't seem to be going quickly, a small amount of the lotion goes a long way and it definitely has a luxurious feeling to it. Lathering on a thick but smooth coat after each shower and each morning when I wake up has left me with smooth, supple and hydrated skin and has seen the demise of any dry or rough patches of skin. The scent of the lotion is not overwhelming so you can definitely lather thick layers on without worrying you will smell too strongly and once the lotion dries into the skin it just leaves a lingering smell just like the perfume does. Applying this lotion daily can leave people with the impression that your natural scent is that of the gorgeous Mon Guerlain perfume. I have yet to pick up the shower gel, but I am sure I will be picking it up asap.

I also have a lovely little Mon Guerlain candle which smells exactly like the perfume and leaves a lingering scent for hours, again it is not an overpowering burst of scent, instead it is very tame and just sitting in the air. The candle isn't too large so it will definitely only last one or two turns, but the little glass jar can definitely be used at your vanity unit for anything from makeup brushes to bobby pins. I have only lit my candle once and it took it to about halfway down the jar over the space of a few hours. I think it is the perfect scent for those nights when you are feeling overworked and tired, sitting watching a movie with a big tub of ice cream this candle will relax you and make you feel energised and empowered no matter how sleepy you are feeling.


So what is your favourite scent of the moment? Have you tried this gorgeous perfume? What do you recommend from Guerlain? Tell me below in the comments. 

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