Help Me Improve My Blog

Help Me Improve My Blog

How I feel about my blog is affected by how I feel about my life and what things are going on in my life. Thus my relationship with my blog can be kind of rocky from time to time. I go through stages where I literally tell everyone who will listen "I am done, I am quitting!" Then the next week I am filled with ideas, I am planning content for the next month and I am talking about how proud I am of my content. You're probably either reading this like "She crazy!" or nodding your head in agreement with everything I have just said. I have always put this down to my perfectionist nature if I can't focus on my content and give it my full attention or it doesn't turn out as perfectly as I thought it would, I hate it, not just dislike it, I despise it. So when my mind isn't into writing content and I am disconnected it is hard for me to find pride in what I am putting out there. 

So for a little while now I have been disconnected to my writing, I will admit wholeheartedly that there are some posts I have written over the past few months where I have been passionate and connected and in love with my content, like this one and this one, oh and this one. However, for the most part, I haven't been feeling the sense of joy I usually feel everytime I write a post, take photography or publish my blog posts and it is down to my disconnection with my content. I wondered if maybe my disconnection was proof I should step back and leave the blogging world behind, I wondered if maybe I just wasn't cut out for blogging and I debated whether anyone would even notice if I stopped publishing posts, but then I noticed, I would. Even if most of my blog posts lately aren't filled with passion and joy, I know that they usually are and without my blog, I wouldn't be able to be creative in a way that brings me so much happiness. I don't want my personal feelings and things going on in my personal life to affect how I feel about blogging anymore. 

Things haven't been easy these past few months, but I shouldn't take that out on something I love and hold so dearly. I feel terrible for abandoning my blog and letting my content slide because creating content that people interact with and that I love is what is most important to me when it comes to blogging. So, to my blog and to any readers who like to read here regularly, I want to apologise for allowing my content to go downhill and allowing myself to post even when I am not connecting with the post. From now on I want to feel inspired and passionate about my blog and I am not going to let anything stand in the way of that. 

I start back university, doing my masters, I am getting to attend the first teaching week of the university instead of having to take part in a jury and things are starting to look up and I want it to stay that way. My blog is something I have always been so passionate about and I never want to feel like that passion has fade ever again. I look up to so many bloggers and the way they approach their content and their blogs are inspiring me to find my love all over again.  So here's to a new era for heythererobyn.com. 

Oh, also if you would like to help me with this new era I have created a very short survey for readers to participate in and help me improve my content. You can click here to answer just 5 questions anonymously and leave any comments you wish. 

So what has been going on with you? Tell me five good things which have happened to you within the past few weeks in the comments below. 

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