The Perfect Way to Spend Your Day

The Perfect Way to Spend Your Day

If you know me at all or read here... ever, you may be aware that I LOVE food and if you follow me on Twitter you probably know I love movies. I seem to always be watching and rewatching movies to the point that I actually download movie soundtracks onto my phone very often and listen to them so much I end up hating a good 4 of the songs featured. So combining the two loves of my life together sounds just about perfect, therein spending my Friday night hanging out with my best friend pigging out at one of our favourite restaurants before heading to see a newly released movie is really how I want to spend all my Friday nights from now until forever. Lucky for us, we have just the place to do this up here in Glasgow; The Glasgow Fort so we spent last Friday night there; shopping, getting coffee, pigging out and watching the new Kingsman movie. 

At the Glasgow Fort there are loads of shops from Topshop to H&M, M&S, Boots and The Body Shop, click here to check if your favourite shop has a branch there. There are even more food places from the coffee shops of Costa, Pret and Starbucks to restaurants like Chiquito, Frankie and Benny's and my all time favourite Tony Macaroni. They also have a Vue cinema, so it is definitely the place to spend your days off if you live in the area, there is a shop to suit everyone and a restaurant to serve to every mood. As I am a true Italian cuisine fanatic, of course, I have to say Tony Macs is my absolute favourite and the one in the Glasgow Fort never fails to make me smile from ear to ear. 

Since we both just started back university we needed a little night off to chill, chat, gossip and maybe a little retail therapy while we are at it. So we took a drive to Glasgow Fort where we spent a good two hours schmoozing around the wide array of shops they have. I was super excited to eye up the new Waterstones they just put in place over the summer as I am a huge book fan and couldn't wait to search the books they have on offer. Although the Waterstones is much smaller than either of the two in Glasgow City Centre it seems to hold a large capacity of books which I loved to snoop at. Boots in the fort is also a favourite, it is massive and has everything from L'Oreal to Bare Minerals to Dior. My personal favourite is the humungous NYX Professional Cosmetics stand where we always run into the lovely Alison, who works there and is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. 

After some shopping, we popped into Starbucks for a coffee, my absolutely favourite coffee chain. The Starbucks in the fort is gigantic and always has the most amazing staff on, I tend to always chat away to the baristas in this Starbucks, they can be much more approachable than others I have encountered. After a gossip over my first signature hot chocolate of the season, we did some more shopping aka got lost in Hobby Craft for an hour and then it was time to walk along to our reservation at Tony Macs.

The Perfect Way to Spend Your Day

Tony Macaroni is a Scottish based Italian chain which I adore and it is situated towards the right-hand side of the fort, a few doors down from the Vue and close to the new multi-storey car park complex. We were a good 10 minutes early for our reservation but we were still seated straight away by the manager on duty who was so friendly and lovely. What I love almost as much as the food from Tony Macs is the relationship the workers always seem to have. Not only are they always very warm and friendly to each and every customer but when you watch them interact with one another it is as if they are one huge family. Maybe I just watch too much Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen and am making comparisons to what he usually deals with, but I always love that about restaurants. 
As we were seated we were given menus and our drink orders were made and delivered within minutes. Although I am a complete and utter sucker for the Tony Macs carbonara I decided that this time I wanted something else, I had to have something else. I opted for the Penne Arrabiata, another favourite pasta of mine with a side of sweet potato fries and I may have stolen a piece of Ashley's garlic bread... I love garlic bread. When in Tony Macs they offer to sprinkle grated parmesan over most pasta dishes and the waiter was so lovely when I asked for two spoonfuls, even offering me a third, which I declined, mostly because I felt cheeky asking for three helpings, let's be honest though, I would have taken it. The arrabiata was absolutely delicious, the spicy tomato sauce was the perfect middle ground of not being overly spiced, but not being too mild and the parmesan was lovely at taking a little bit of the kick from the spice. The sweet potato fries were deliciously crisp but fluffy, just how I love my sweet potato fries and I actually really enjoyed dipping them into the sauce from my arrabiata. The garlic bread was really crisp and toasted, but had so much flavour, of course, I absolutely adored it because I adore garlic bread. 

For dessert instead of going for one of the Tony Mac sundaes which I have posted on my Instagram about 7000 times, I opted for the lemon sorbet. I think all the carbs just filled me up too much for a sundae and now looking back I regret not getting one, not because the sorbet was bad, but because the sundaes are so bloody good. The sorbet was in fact absolutely delicious, very tangy and sweet, it was super smooth and soft, easy to eat opposed to other sorbets I have had elsewhere which has been rock solid. Overall, like all my visits to Tony Macs, I absolutely adored this visit and will definitely be returning to the Glasgow Fort branch in the future as the service is so good and I just adore the atmosphere and the staff were so fun and inviting. 

The Perfect Way to Spend Your Day

After dinner, we made our way over to the Vue to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle. This was my first ever time in a Vue cinema and it was really pleasant, I would definitely love to return in the future. It is a very small cinema when you compare it to the multi-storey Cineworld complex in the city centre, it is just one floor so the concessions stand queues were pretty lengthy but it went down incredibly fast. We got some ice blasts, which we got in the coolest plastic reusable cups, which I gifted to my niece and we went straight in to see the movie. We were in VIP seating which is situated as a couple of rows in the very centre of the theatre. The theatre it self, was much smaller than any other I have been in, which is nice as it is a much more intimate viewing. 

The VIP seats were leather and very comfortable, we had little brown wooden tables between out seats and sturdier cup holders for our drinks. We also got the best viewing of the screen. I have never been in a cinema quite like it before, but I loved the experience. When the screen turned on for the previews I quickly noticed how loud it was compared to other cinemas I have been in before, this is good because you don't have to miss parts of the movie when other people talk or rustle crisp packets. The movie was absolutely amazing, I love a good action packed movie and getting to watch Taron Egerton in a suit for 90% of the movie made for very easy viewing. I don't want to ruin it for anyone who may be looking forward to watching it but I truly recommend it. It did have me emotional at parts, which is always good if you are that emotionally invested in a character that they make you cry the crew and cast have done a superb job. Leaving the theatre my ears were well and truly ringing from how loud the cinema was, but it did make the experience much more exciting because it allowed you to feel like you were in the movie with the cast. 

It was one of the best days out I have had in a long time and I cannot wait to do it again, I never really noticed how handy it is to have a place that feeds all of my little obsessions the way Glasgow Fort does. 

What would be your perfect day out? Do you love movies? What has been the best movie you have seen recently? Tell me in the comments below. 

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