Succeeding as an 'Untrendy' Beauty Blogger

Succeeding as a 'Not on Trend' Beauty Blogger

Being a beauty blogger comes with many problems and to be a beauty blogger you have to be pretty good at problem-solving while having a creative edge. For a while beauty blogging mainly consisted of reviews; single product reviews and brand reviews being the most popular of all. This was a pretty straight forward method, you would buy some products, test them out and share your honest opinion online for everyone to see. As time has gone on the blogging world has evolved. Thus it has become a lot more complex to be a beauty blogger, not only do you do product reviews and share your thoughts on products for your readers, but you have to be more creative and find new ways to talk about the products you use without doing the typical product or brand review. You have to be more creative, people aren't always up for reading a blog consisting of just product reviews, you have to do tutorials, favourites, wish lists, what's in my makeup bags and much more, trying to create more unique and interesting content for your readers. So, what does this change mean for the blogging world?

Well, when it comes to beauty blogging I always want to write content I connect with, I don't want to write a post just for the sake of getting content out or just so I can mention a certain product. I don't want to bore my readers with the same styled reviews every day just changing the product it is based on. I like coming up with creative and helpful posts that also allow me to share some insight with my readers, but that is not always feasible. Sometimes it can seem like no matter how hard I try to create creative and unique beauty content it just seems to fade into the background because I am not constantly talking up the next big item that's popular or just released this month. Sometimes I just don't have an interest in the big items of the moment, other times I can't get my hands on it and mostly I like to stay back and wait for the hype to move past so I can figure out if the product is actually worth it. Apparently, the way I approach makeup, however, can leave me in the dark because my blog posts aren't as interesting as all the reviews of the new Urban Decay palette or the posts centred around the cool new skin care brand on the scene. So, do beauty bloggers have to be on trend to succeed in the blogging world? 

Well, I don't actually think so, although it can be frustrating when I see that the views on a post reviewing the new Too Faced palette are triple the views of any other post by that blogger, and I think to myself, why don't I just buy the palette and review it? My views would go up, my following would rise and for once I would actually be on trend, but is it really worth it to sell out? I mean the way I have approached beauty and makeup has always been the same, I like to pick things up because I want them not because everyone is telling me I want them and I like to try out the product for weeks before a review goes up, so either way I would probably not have my post up on time for it to blow up and make me incredibly successful before the hype dies down. I have done quite okay with my little blog despite my lack of trend following and I enjoy what I do, so isn't that a success in itself? So I wanted to discuss this with my readers, are we only successful when we are super on trend beauty bloggers or can a beauty blogger who doesn't follow all the trends become successful in their own right? Well, whether you are like me and follow your own makeup rules or if you can't afford to follow every trend or if you are just starting to blog here is some of my top tips on being a successful beauty blogger despite not being on trend. Please note that I am not saying I am successful in the conventional definition of the word, but rather I am successful because I enjoy what I do and I have got a following, no matter how tiny and to me that is successful.

Succeeding as a 'Not on Trend' Beauty Blogger

When you are enjoying what you are doing everyone can tell, it becomes so obvious that you have a clear passion for what you are putting out into the world through your blog. When I can tell a blogger has a passion for their content and that their content is coming from a place of love and respect for their own blog I want to follow them and read their posts. I want to support their passion and enjoy their content just as much as they do. If someone is writing content they don't feel enthusiastic about or content which they don't enjoy it becomes incredibly obvious to the readers and can be so off putting so it is best to only post content you enjoy writing and are passionate about. 

The most important way for any blogger to approach their blog is with honesty, without honesty your blog does not stand a chance at being successful. When everything you say is recorded on the internet then it is so easy to trip over your own lies and contradict previous statements, this is off putting. Why would you take recommendations from a blogger that is known to lie? It is obvious that you wouldn't so don't expect it to be any different for yourself. 

When writing and reading blogs I like to look at how the content benefits the reader. Why should readers tune into your blog over the blog reviewing the new cult beauty product? Are you educating them on skincare? Are you sharing your expertise about best before dates on beauty products? Are you sharing something with them which can benefit them in a way that's better than knowing how pigmented the new Naked palette is? The best blog posts are the ones that inform us of things we wouldn't otherwise know, so my tip is to inform your fellow beauty fans about all your beauty knowledge, sharing is caring after all, even by doing reviews you are informing your readers. 

Instead of looking at your lack of being on trend as a negative thing, why not turn it around and make it a positive thing? Make it your unique selling point, the reason why people should tune into your blog. If you are reviewing the new cult favourite then clearly it must be spectacular because you don't do that, you don't follow the trend. I mean, don't be a pompous tool and think you're better than everyone because you're 'too cool to follow trends', but use it to your advantage. Allow your blog to replicate you and use it to your advantage. 

Even if you're not buying every new release by keeping up-to-date with the new beauty releases you are giving yourself an edge, you're knowing the next big trend before it hits, you can plan content around this too. For instance, you didn't like the look of the Naked Heat, by knowing it will be all over the blogosphere in advance you can have a post ready all about the products you would much rather use or that work as dupes or your reasoning for not hopping on the next trend. You can write about the big trend products even if it isn't a review, after all, the new age of beauty blogging isn't all about review after review, we like to mix things up.


So what about you? Do you like to stay on trend or are you more laid back about trends? Tell me below and comment your tips on succeeding as someone beauty blogger who is not on trend. 

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