What's Going On? | Update

What's Going On? | Update

So, I took last week of blogging, I needed a breather, a little time away from my blog and some time to recharge. I found myself in this never-ending war with myself over whether I should write up content and post it just to meet the guidelines I had laid out for myself and feeling like a sell out because I only want to post content I am passionate about and happy to share with the world. Thus I decided to just take a week off and allow myself some time away from my blog hoping it would bring with it a fresh mindset and a never-ending list of ideas for future blog posts. Now I am back and I don't just have ideas for future blog posts, I want to completely revamp my blog for the one millionth time. I feel like I have grown out of the theme, grown out of the content and my blog just has to evolve with me, so I have a whole new list of aspirations in mind for my blog's future.

I found that my lack of confidence when it came to my blog was coming from comparing my blog to others which is so unhealthy, after all, I am a fairly new blogger and I don't quite think I should be comparing myself to those who have been blogging for 5 and 6 years. Taking even just a week out put into perspective just how much my blog means to me, it isn't just a little side gig I have going on while I am at university, it is a main passion for my and my main creative outlet. I don't want to stop blogging over some silly comparisons or because I don't have a lot of readers compared to the girl with 11k followers, I have time to grow and besides it's all about quality, not quantity right now. I want to have a high-quality blog where I post high-quality content that I feel proud to share with the world if it leads to more followers and a higher readership then that will just be the cherry on top of the cake. 

I don't have a terribly low readership, the numbers are just less than I hoped they would be, but I'm not going to let it get me down, my blog means far too much to me to give up on. I am dedicated to making this blog bigger and better and one day I hope to look back at this post and think "that was when it all changed" because I truly feel like my mindset has changed when it comes to heythererobyn.com. I no longer want to post content in the hopes of growing, I don't want to be one of those bloggers who posts content in the hopes to gain campaigns with companies, I want to be that hard-working blogger who posts content that people can tell I love and that they love equally as much. This could lead to less frequent posts, it could lead to a slight change in genre, but what it won't change is the fact I will always love my little part of the internet. I am tired of comparing, I am tired of trying to be more like this blogger or that blogger, I just want my blog to be the place I can be creative, where I can share content and if I grow from being my true self then I couldn't ask for more. 

In other news, I return to university soon to undertake my masters degree in international marketing and I am super excited to learn all about a field I have so much interest in. I will be complaining about the essays and be rolling my eyes at that 6am wakeup call in no time, but right now I just can't wait to learn more about the field I hope to work in one day. Is that totally weird? To be excited about going back to university? I have always loved to learn, in fact, I am super tempted to complete knowledge in French and become fluent just because of my adoration for learning and my love of France too, of course. 

So how have you been? Are you ready for a blog revamp yourself? How often do you like to revamp your website? 

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