Why Magnitone Bare Faced is the Best Cleansing Brush on the Market

Why Magnitone Bare Faced is the Best Cleansing Brush on the Market

I love skincare, I have always believed that there is absolutely no use in spending loads of money on expensive makeup if you do not take care of your skin. Afterall your makeup is only as good as the base you put it on, for me, it is a no brainer which I would rather spend more money on giving an ultimatum; makeup or skincare, of course, it would be skincare. Your skin is yours for life, you should treat it right and it will reward you by continuing to look youthful, radiant and hydrated throughout the remainder of your life. I have explored a lot of different skincare hypes from oil cleansers to peel off face masks and overnight masks, but today I want to talk about one that is currently taking over our social media feeds at the moment; cleansing brushes.

You've got your Clarisonic, your Foreo Luna, Shiseido has one and my all time favourite Magnitone brought out their life changing Bare Faced brushes. Cleansing brushes are all over the place, even Clinique brought out their own version of the cleansing brush, but with such a huge hype surrounding the products it brings forth two questions; 1. Do I really need one? and 2. Which one should I buy? Well, lucky for you, I have the answers to both these questions. Yes, you really do need one and you should buy the Magnitone Bare Faced because it is the best cleansing brush on the market, and I am going to tell you why. 

I first started using a Magnitone Bare Faced in June of 2015 and have only ever gone 2 months in those two years without using the cleansing brush on a daily basis and that was from May until the end of last month. I wanted to stop using the brush as a test, I know it sounds incredibly silly, but after almost two years of using the brush religiously, I began to wonder how much of a difference it was making to my skin. I decided that I would continue with my skincare regime as normal, but I would cut out the brush, I gave myself two months exactly of no cleansing brush, I still cleansed, but not using the brush and a lot of things changed. My skin was definitely affected by the change I made and the longer I continues to go without the brush the more problems my skin started to have. 

On the first day without using the brush I found my skin didn't feel as clean, I know that sounds silly, but I just didn't trust my cleanser at all. It didn't seem to leave me with the same clean, supple, soft and plump skin that it did when partnered with the bare faced brush. As the first week rolled around and I still hadn't touched my poor, little lonely Bare Faced I found my pore looked enlarged, something that doesn't usually happen to me, I have always had tiny, almost invisible pores, but they were very visible, at least to me. As another week rolled around my skin began to feel much more texturized and by the end of the two month period I had counted at the least 11 spots had appeared on my face throughout the two months, when normally I get as little as one or two spots a month which usually pop out due to my time of the month. My hypothesis was correct, I did need my Magnitone Bare Faced in my daily routine, it benefited my skin a lot more than I had ever realised over those two years of consistently using it. 

I have begun using my Bare Faced daily once again, upon waking up in the morning I have my coffee, eat some breakfast, brush my teeth and use my Magnitone for a deep cleanse to clean my skin and this has become my go-to routine once again. Upon adding it back into my regime my face feels instantly clean, hydrated and plump each morning and continues to feel that way through the day. On the very first week of adding it back into my routine I got three spots, one on my chin, and two on my forehead, this was due to the Bare Faced but is not a bad thing. I have an extremely oily chin and my t-zone is quite oily, especially in between seasons, so these spots were already lying under the surface and it just took a deep cleanse to bring them to the surface. They disappeared within the week and now I know my pores are clean and no spots are waiting to erupt. On top of this, my skin has begun to feel smooth once again with the added texture fading rapidly and by using the pore perfection head I can see a small change in my pore size, but it is taking a little longer than I had hoped. 

Why Magnitone Bare Faced is the Best Cleansing Brush on the Market

I haven't tested out any of the other cleansing brushes myself so I can't compare them, although that would make a good blog post, wouldn't it? The reason I love my Bare Faced so much isn't just because of the reasons I wrote above, it is what is offered by the Bare Faced. First of all the brush itself is beautiful, incredibly aesthetically pleasing and Magnitone continue to make them even more gorgeous with limited edition versions every so often. The Bare Faced comes in three gorgeous shades; a pastel pink, a mint green and a sunshine yellow. I gave my sister the yellow and it is such a gorgeous shade, so bright and unique, I also own the mint green (pictured above) and love the shade, it is so pretty and will fit into any flatlay making it look even more gorgeous. I haven't ever seen the pink in real life so cannot comment, but from pictures, it looks stunning, very girly. I also own one of the Christmas limited edition brushes from last year in gold and I love it, it looks gorgeous sat out among my favourite skin care pieces and looks stunning in flatlays and Instagram pictures, I am often asked about it.

Adding to the look of the brushes, they also have different settings which allow you to pick and choose how you use the brush and which way it will work for your skin. It has a normal setting and then a more pulsing setting for toning your face. I use the normal setting Monday to Friday and the pulsing setting on Saturdays and Sundays as I do have youthful skin at the moment I don't need to use it daily. The brush is also waterproof so I regularly use it in the shower and have never had any mechanical issues meaning you don't have to worry about breaking it by getting too much water on it or dropping it in the bath. I took the brush with me earlier this year when I travelled as it charges through USB which makes it easy to charge it anywhere using a computer or Apple plug socket. It also doesn't take up much room in a toiletry bag and is travel-friendly with caps to cover the head of the brush to prevent breakages. 

Why Magnitone Bare Faced is the Best Cleansing Brush on the Market
Top left: Pore Perfection. Top right: The Stimulator. Bottom left: Soft and Gentle. Bottom right: Daily Active Cleanse.

Although I have never used any other cleansing brush I don't think any of them come with as many replacement heads as the Magnitone Bare Faced does. Along with the daily use brush head, there are also the soft and gentle ones, the silk bliss ones, pore perfection and the stimulator. I own all but the silk bliss replacement heads and use them all regularly. At the moment I am using pore perfection daily in order to attempt to shrink my pores back down into their normal size. Once my pores have shrunk back down I will be using pore perfection two days a week probably at the weekend and will be using the daily active cleanse head every other day. When my skin becomes dry or sensitive or I perhaps use a product which doesn't settle with me I switch to the soft and gentle and at least twice a month I like to exfoliate with the almighty stimulator. By having so many options you are able to tailor a routine which works perfectly for you which I absolutely adore and I don't think you can get with any other cleansing brush. 

When it comes to Magnitone they go above and beyond to create products that work perfectly with any skin type. From sensitive skin to dry skin to oily skin, they enable anyone a chance to use a cleansing brush. Even if your skin type isn't just one of these you are able to purchase different replacement heads to use when and as you see fit. I don't know another brand which allows you to tailor make your own facial brush to suit your skin type to a tee. That is what makes the Bare Faced the best cleansing brush on the market and you can purchase it here

Have you ever tried the Bare Faced? Do you agree? Tell me in the comments below. 

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