The Liquid Lipstick With the Big Reputation

The Liquid Lipstick With the Big Reputation

If you are a makeup fan there is a big chance you love a good liquid lipstick and an even bigger chance that you have read all about the most popular ones online. Bloggers love a good liquid lipstick and every so often a new one seems to take centre stage as the big liquid lipstick of the moment, we have had everything Colorpop, Too Faced, NYX, Kylie Cosmetics and Kat Von D. Brands just love to please us with the ever growing list of liquid lipsticks available, but I don't like to jump in feet first when it comes to liquid lipsticks, they can be super tricky for me which is why it has taken me so long to talk about this one, the Kat Von D liquid lipstick and mine is in the shade Lolita. 

Kat Von D Beauty Brand blew up a while ago and I watched from a far, although I am a major beauty fan, I am also a horrible sceptic. If something is getting a lot of attention I tend not to be first to jump on the bandwagon, I like to wait for some reviews and then I take a shot if I feel it is worth it, but that can cause problems. When it came to the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks it did cause a few problems, there appeared to be just as many bad reviews online as there were good, but the good reviews were incredible while the bad reviews seemed tame. I have bought enough products from positive online reviews that turned out to be the total opposite to know I just had to try it for myself, but because of the mixture of reviews, of course, I just had to give my readers my honest thoughts on the liquid lipsticks that divided a nation of beauty bloggers. 

What attracts a lot of people to the KVD line is the packaging, unlike other makeup lines, KVD's packaging is dark, gothic and the total opposite to say Benefit's or The Balm's packaging. It matches Kat's own personal style which I really love, she has stayed true to herself, even with her makeup collection. Each and every item is designed by her with her own hand drawn designs and I am well and truly impressed because the design of the liquid lipsticks is stunning. They are unlike all other liquid lipstick I have tried, the packaging is very sleek, skinny and tall holding 6.6ml of product which is the average size of a non-drug store liquid lipstick, for example, Too Faced melted mattes come in at 7ml. Not only do these liquid lipsticks fit perfectly in a makeup bag, but they take up hardly any room, much less than the chunky NYX suedes or Too Faced melted mattes. 

The Liquid Lipstick With the Big Reputation

When it comes to the range, there are around 41 different shades available making it one of the larger collections in UK stores and within this, there is a wide range of shades available. Not only is there a large number of nudes, but KVD also has a bunch of unique shades, think aquatic blues and pastel purples, not the typical shades. Among the more pricey liquid lipsticks, KVD appears to stand out as trendsetters by releasing the more daring shades, the only competition being Kylie Cosmetics, but NYX do a whole load of dupes for this collection with their liquid suede range and they're much cheaper. This makes the range a little less appealing since the selling point is the unique shades which are easily duped by a much less pricey brand. The shade I purchased was Lolita, one of the most popular nude shades named after the book by Vladimir Nabokov which you should totally read, by the way, I have read my copy four times. 

The colour is a gorgeous warm pinky plum shade with a matte finish and it appears to be a colour that looks different on absolutely everyone and on top of different lip liner shades. On my bare lips, this shade is a deep shade while on other it looks a lot lighter, it is slightly darker than the nudes I usually wear, but definitely falls into the nude category, but with a darker lip liner could be perfect for autumn and winter as a much vamp-ier, plum shade. The lipstick takes under a minute to dry to completely matte, but it doesn't feel overly drying on the lips like say the Kylie Cosmetics line, but not quite as balmy and hydrated as the soft matte lip creams by NYX. They actually feel very similar to the Too Faced melted mattes and don't bleed at all which is definitely something you have to watch with liquid lipsticks specifically mattes ones. 

The Liquid Lipstick With the Big Reputation

I have worn this gorgeous lip shade many times with many different makeup looks, it is the perfect shade for adding some depth to a natural look and it also compliments a much more dramatic smokey eye too. Each time I have worn it, it has only lasted around four to six hours and it is more often than not my eating habits that leads to its demise. It doesn't really live up to its name sake as being an 'everlasting' liquid lipstick, but it definitely lasts long enough for me to want to buy some more. After some fading in the middle of my bottom lip, I decided to layer up on the lipstick which was rather successful. It didn't bleed or become cracked and cakey, it blended perfectly with the other layer and stayed just as hydrating as the first coat did. What I would recommend however is that you wear a thick coat of lip balm to bed the night after you have worn this liquid lipstick or any liquid lipstick for that matter, even the most hydrating ones can do some long lasting damage to your lips. 

I would definitely recommend these liquid lipsticks to anyone who is a fan of the Too Faced melted mattes, they have a very similar formula and wear to them and are just a few pounds less. I would recommend that you don't get wrapped up in the unique shades however as they are a little gimmicky to me personally, especially when NYX do most of the exact same shades for less than half the price. I don't think the lipsticks personally deserve the massive fuss that surrounds them as there really is nothing too special about them in my opinion. I will continue to buy them because I do like them, there are some gorgeous nude shades I cannot wait to pick up, but other than that they are pretty average. 

So what liquid lipsticks do you recommend? Are you a fan of the KVD ones? Which lipstick shades are your favourite? Tell me in the comments below. 

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